Thursday, 10 May 2012


Hi everyone! Now if you read my previous posts you've know that I stayed to vegetarian diet for around a week. But I kinda broke it because of my busy lifestyle the past month. Simply do not have the time to spend hours a day cooking all the 3 meals. But here are some updated dishes! 

I'm not sure if I want to type down the recipe just because I don't know who'd be interested, and most of the time I just cook by my instincts so I don't really remember my steps. But I though I'd just write down the main vegetables used, some useful tips and whether a not the dish a vegan! Hopefully this gives you an idea of how beautiful vegetarian dishes could look! And of course, if you're interested in the taste, try cooking! Or find me. :)

This dish is vegan.
Main ingredients: 1 Egg plant, 1 tomato, 1 small chilli, half zucchini, some garlic
Tip: Egg plant adsorbs oil really well, and it taste better when you fry it first. That is why a lot of cooks actually just deep fry eggplants. You don't see much boiled egg plants right? Garlic and tomatoes also brings out the taste of eggplants really well. So I like them to go together. I just chop my eggplant into 2 halves, pour some oil, heat the pan, face the eggplants down for a while, and turn it over. Don't be afraid to burn it because the eggplant skin isn't scare of the burn so even if the skin is burnt, it wouldn't really affect the taste of the dish. I don't want the dish to be oily, so to cook the egg plant fully, I added some water, and just cover it up, let it cook. While its cooking, just chop chilli, tomato, garlic n fry! Then finish off by topping it. Oh zucchini is pan fried too.

note: I did an additional step to the eggplants by slicing in between the 2 halves meat, and squeezed slices of tomatoes in between.

If you love meat, just add some chopped meat and fry it together with the chiili and stuff! :)
My boyfriend loves this!

As for this soup, I just added onions, tomatoes, basically any vegetables that you find in the fridge. It'd taste great. I cracked an egg into this dish, so this is not vegan, its just vegetarian.

I'm going to be really busy from tomorrow again! My uncle had an major operation in removing parts of his large intestine and rectum due to some ulcer growth. I'm just hoping to visit him as often as I could, and hopefully he recovers soon. Health is really important, and seeing how he suffer after the operation, I could only say, heart pain. He couldn't even eat these few days. Friends, please have healthy diets as far as possible. I'm also trying my best to eat home cooked food when I have the time for it! Outside food is just really fattening and it could never be as healthy.

Take care!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Giant Rabbit

Hello everyone! Life's been really busy but I'd like to hop on here and say hi and introduce some lame shit. hahaha.

Ok now everyone knows I've been a devoted rabbit lover. Recently, I saw this photo that almost turned me crazy! (In excitment)

GIGANTIC RABBIT!. Now is this real? Or photoshopped.

Because the biggest rabbit I know definitely exists is:

Which my friend already think its photoshopped.

Well its real though, see the youtube video!

Now everybody got to believe me! :D