Saturday, 12 January 2013

Beauty Trends - 2013 (Makeup & Hair)

I try to update a little on beauty trends each year. But I'd repeat this... beauty trends yearly are kind of a bullshit -- since things like glowing skin, full brows, effortless beauty etc have been in the list for many years. Each season, without fail.

Nevertheless, there are always some new things cosmetic companies try to come out with yearly. We all appreciate these don't we. What's our new shopping spree if there isn't anything new in 'trend'?

 #1: flawless skin - Alexander Mcqueen takes on less is more this year. Pale, clear complexion is could never go wrong.

L - R: Alexander Mcqueen, Jason Wu, Jason wu, Marc Jocobs

#2: Full brows: Now full brows has been in trend for quite a while now. I could see it being strong still. However if there was going to be something different this year, I'd say Edie Sedwick is an icon that you could safely follow. Thick brows, strong eyes, pixie hair.
Note: Again, pretty pale, clear skin.

L - R: Chanel, Gucci

#3: Strong eyes. From Chanel, Dior's metallic bold eyes to Gucci's full lashes, the emphasis is on the eyes ladies. This however is not going to be a easy look on daily wear. I'd say, a clubber's favorite trend this year - perhaps. I could imagine these looks shine on photos in the evening.

#4: Red lips. If red lips hasn't been in fashion enough, I say, matte red lips. Burberry has her take on one of the most undying trends in history. Matte red lips could never be more classy. Anyone could wear this look - just not easy to keep up perhaps. Exfoliating your lips, get the liner, reapplication of color throughout your meal. Oh, and spending time choosing the right 'red'. Not something for lazy ladies. 

L - R: Peter Som, Tibi

#5: Pastels. I'd say this is one of the newer things I've seen in trend these few years. Pastels has not only been popular on runway eyes. They've made it to the hair color too. 

Hair #1: Pastel hair for Peter Som.  A pop of color in general I'd say. Even red hair! :)

Hair #2: Textures. Well textured hair is almost everywhere this year. Marc Jacobs is not the only one. If you look at the following hairstyles, they've got something to do with it. 
Note: Full brows, pale flawless skin again.

L - R: Jason Wu, Honor

Hair #3: Braids. Yes, braids itself is a kind of texture which falls straight into #2. I'd say classic braids is a way to go this year. However I wouldn't be surprised if fishtail or even rope braids become big too. They all are interesting textures and they hold your hair in place. 

My favorite trends of the year?
Definitely the part on Edie Sedwick. Of course I would never suggest going on eyebrows that FULL. However, having eyebrows slightly thicker reveals a younger age. It also makes you look more awake, and brings a balance to your entire face. I also am a fan of strong eyes this year. We've all been on a 'naked' train last year and I'd be pretty excited for this change.

As for hair, textures is really good for me. I'm lazy and I don't really comb my hair. No one shall say I'm lazy this year - I'm in trend. Braids is really fun too. I've been using braids to create natural heat free curls lately. Just braid your hair before sleeping, and you wake up with pretty curls. Hairspray it, and you're basically ready to go.


Photos are taken from harper, vouge, cosmo.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


This is my first time dining at Cedele - Millennial walk. 

I was waiting for my boyfriend alone and I saw Cedele. They offer really nice cakes and buns, so I had to try them isn't it.

Had their pumpkin roll at just 80 cents. Followed by Mos Burger as dinner with my bf - He planned to bring me to some place to eat, only to realise it's been closed for renovation. Damn. 

I craved for coffee so we went back to Cedele. Thats when I took some photos! 

The roses behind - THEY ARE REAL. That scored a major point.

I was never a fan of roses. But I got to say I'm a half convert now. I love the scent of roses and I love the look of them. Not to mention that rose essential oils are extremely good the skin. :D

- good coffee. I believe that I've got quite a good taste when it comes to choice of coffee.. So trust me, if I said it's good, it has to be pretty fine at least.

I'm not a major fan of this. Find it a little dry. I'd recommend their brownies more actually. 

Set for just $5.

It's been a long time since I dated this happily. Well could it be that I'm just easily satisfied now? (:

I'd recommend Cedele whole heatedly. 


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Why is Michelle Phan Famous

I'm always on youtube - now the fact that I don't have a television could show how much youtube meant to me.

Michelle Phan was one of the first person I watched there - 5 years back. She's so inspiring. To me, she is really pretty! I adore her.

5 years have past and Michelle Phan - who was once just like any of us made herself a millionare - through youtube! Why, of all the girls on youtube, Michelle made it to the top.

Well the answer is simple - Michelle put in much more effort. She gets things done as professionally as possible. Therefore, she gets the credit more than any other girl. Now don't get me wrong, I really love listening to ladies ramble about their dogs, cats, new stuff they bought. However there is just something about Michelle's videos that'd make me 'miss' it - from the way she edits the video to the choice of music she made. She's got a good taste.

Some of us still adore her now, while others hate her. Now I know I wrote a post on whether she did some plastic to her chin. However like I said, that's really a personal choice. Perhaps I'd be upset if it's true, but right now I still do enjoy watching her a lot. I can't help but have so much respect for her whenever I see a new video pop up - it is not easy to keep filming, editing, uploading. Well, for 5 years.

Her style has changed a bit here and there - I noticed her not being as innovative. Something lacking from the past. Nonetheless, what she's achieved is crazy! Not to mention how much girl's lifes she changed by just doing what she enjoys.

I am really happy for where she is now, and I totally understand why some people hate her. But hey! There is no need to, because if she is not worth the position, she wouldn't be there. She is a living fact that anyone could make it there - through hardwork and just being who you really are.


Friday, 4 January 2013

Cute stuff

My boy is sick today - AGAIN. Yes.

I had to think of ways to bribe him into eating.

Comes these cute fish cakes!
You should be able to find them in wet markets! :D