Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Look #1 - Dior holiday palette + Hair styling tip for short hair

Hello! So, I was looking at my makeup 'counter' / corner in my room, and then I saw my Dior 2009's Holiday's Collection pouch.
Since this product comes with a pouch, most of time I'd just happily miss it and go for NAKED palette etc. I'd forget that this is actually filled with makeup goodies! So I thought.....

Why not do a makeup look using that palette! :D So this is what I came out with. Since the colors in the set is pretty light, it didn't show up as good in the photo (Partially because I'm really not good with cameras!). BUT TRUST ME! This look is AMAZING in reality!

I used the gold color in the palette all over my eyelid, and blended the dark bronze shade at the outer corner of my eyes.

I then used the pinky blush in the pouch, and finish my look with Rimmel lipstick in 007. (A gorgeous shade with gold shammer!)

This is what I did to my hair. Since its really short, I could only pin them to the side slowly.

I curled my hair with a 1 inch curler iron, then added texture by using strong hold hair clay. Rub the clay in between your fingers and just run through your hair, and then SQUEEZE your hair upwards. :) Pin your hair in place, and. You're done!

Ok and I found a few photos I took using my laptop. Better view of the hair since I could see what I'm doing using the computer. With my camera, I just had to keep trying till I get a photo that looks alright. Hehe.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sephora Haul - Actual + Looks + Glitter usage guids

Hello everyone! So, my Sephora items has reached!!!! :D

Now yes these seem quite a bit, butt. I have another 2 items which are not photographed. I'd feature them in another post though. :) Super careless, gosh I actually forgot that I got those 2 items! So instead of showing a photo here, I'm going to do another post on them so you guys could see them clearly!
To see the individual items in this pile, please refer to my post on Sephora Haul - Preview:

Of course, I had to try those stuffs immediately when I get them! :D
So I used one of the quads in the tarte starlet makeup vanity. It is the first one, yes the smokey black one:

And I had NARS Shanghai Express on my lips! Gorgeous color!!!

On my face, I used Bare Minerals kit, the foundation, bronzer and everything else in that kit. Except the brushes. :D

Anyway! Christmas is around the corner, and the first thing that came into my mind when it comes to makeup/nails/whatever: GLITTERS.

We all love glitters for holiday seasons, don't we! However, use them safely. There are several grades of glitters in the market - Art grade glitter, Cosmetic grade glitter.

Cosmetic grade glitter can be expensive, a 5gram jar could cost $10 in Sephora, and that is the cheapest you could find in Singapore! Either that, or NYX 2/3gram would cost you around $5.(Find it at or
These glitters are safe to use for makeup, they're usually cut rounded around the edges of the glitter sphere.

But be ware that some colors or types are not suitable for the eye or lip area. So do read the instructions!
That is because some colors could cause irritations to your eyes. It is also important to put a base coat to 'stick' the glitters to your eye lid because it could irritate your eyes should any glitters fall off into your eyes - even if the glitter is safe to be used for your eyes.

Art Grade glitters are definitely a NONO for your eyes! Or even skin!
The obvious reason being, art glitters might not be disinfected! So they might carry bacteria. But that is not the only reason! Art glitters are often not well cut. They could be really rough, or squared around the edges, making it extremely dangerous if it fall into your eyes since it could 'cut' your eye ball. Yeh.
The colors for art glitters might also be bad for your skin since most of the glitters for art grade actually bleeds! So imagine these on your skin! Its really bad, and I definitely do not recommend these to be used on the skin.

The good thing about art glitters though, is that you could use them on your.........
YES! NAILS! But do keep a base coat in case these colors bleed and stay on your nails.
Anyway, art glitters are ok for nails! So there is no need to spend $$$ on expensive cosmetic grade glitters on nails! (: Get yourself some clear polishes and dip the brushes into the glitter to use them. They could look much better than glitter polishes since most glitter polishes don't contain that much glitters anyway! :D

So.... GO CRAZY with glitters this holiday season! But stay safe.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Dengue Fever, Red eyeshadow look.

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well! Anyway. These few days were really bad for me! I was so scared, nervous, just feeling so afraid! My boyfriend was admitted to the hospital.

He's been having fever on and off for a week already and we finally managed to persuade him to visit the doctor. It was then the doctor suspected that he's down with Dengue fever. Admitted to hospital, true enough. Had blood test, drip etc. Only done with all the checks around 2am and we had to visit the doctor again on the second day 8.30 am! I had only 3 hours of sleep for almost everyday this week. :(

He's pretty stable now, luckily, finally able to eat a bit more than rest of the week. Hopefully nothing happens and that he could go for his exams tomorrow.

Anyway! 2 days ago, a client of mine asked if I'd apply pink/red eye shadow on my clients. I said no, because it is doing to appear 'alien'. Pink/red is definitely workable though, I've always add a little bit of pink to my brides, or add a bit of red to some other colors. But just red or pink alone, I'm not sure.

So as soon as my boyfriend got better, I hopped onto my computer, and found some looks for red eyes!

Everything apart from the eyes are kept pretty nude/naked. But what do you think of this red eye look? Would you wear it out?

Our beautiful Lindsey Wixson with the red eye shadow. Well I don't know about you, but I'd not wear this out. Not just because of the red eye shadow, but the invisible brows. This is definitely a runway look, no where near everyday look.

Take care.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Random Thursdays?

Hello! The weather is getting really bad here these days. Sunshine in the morning and then transits to rainy cold afternoon in no time. The worst part is not my running routine being spoiled, but my bf who fell sick for the second time within a week already! Fever. Fever. I've been sneezing forever too!

So drink lots of water, wear lots of clothes everyone! I've been walking around with jeans and long sleeves pretty much everyday now! And my friends were complaining about not seeing my legs forever. Haha.

Nice song for you to listen to if you were sick right now, just like me. :)

Anyway, went to do makeup on a bunch of energetic girls for their prom night yesterday! :) Had a great time just talking to them. I hope they had a wonderful night, and make it memorable for life. Everything in my jc probably sucked to me other than my friends. Prom is like the last meeting as school mates! Everyone's so busy nowadays, we could barely find a date we're all free at the same time.

I'm so busy all the time that a friend of mine texted me today and said I was heartless for not asking her out! SORRY! I'll try to put in more effort, okay! :)

Anyway, did this makeup for fun the other day. Obviously, this is a eyeliner look, and it probably wouldn't be the most suitable for everyday wear. But who cares right? We got to find some fun for ourselves when we're bored - or supposed to be studying/cooking/something...

I'm thinking of dying my hair to another color. Should I? Which color now? Hmmm, did I mention that a gd friend of mine said my hair color looks old? D: But, new hair color a not? Surprise surprise~

Monday, 21 November 2011

Fall makeup look/trend - Orange Eyes

Hello everyone, I'm doing a look for fall again! This time, I'm inspired by a look I saw in a video by Gossmakeupartist:

He did mention though, that orange color is extremely hard to wear, but it'd be great for women of color.

Well I got to agree it is really hard to wear orange, but it is possible for lighter skin toned ladies out there to wear bright, striking orange too!

A key point to wearing orange though, is to keep the rest of the face really as minimum as possible! One color I never want to over do is orange.

As you could see, I've whitened my face quite a bit with a more neutral tone foundation. That is because my original skintone is so yellowish. I'd look outrageous with bright neon orange on my eyes!

I've also mute out my lips with my foundation and then a bit of Revlon Matte lipstick in Cocoa Craving.

Now my face is left really pale because I really don't want to pick up a fight with the strong orange color on my eyes. And I paired this look with the new scarf I got recently, a very neutral toned one would work great.

Keeping everything matte is beautiful for winter. I don't normally associate glossy looks with fall. Anyway, don't you think this look is much much more wearable with a pair of geeky specs? :D

Products used:
Face: Mehron liquid makeup - Juvenile
Eyes: Orange colors from 120 Eyeshadow palette, Maybelline Line stiletto Liquid Eyeliner
Cheeks: NIL
Lips: Foundation to mute out the original color, Revlon Matte Lipstick - Cocoa Craving

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Makeup brushes + NEW HAIR!

Hello! Its been such a hectic day! I had two clients today, one morning and one evening. Both brides! ;) They looked stunning in their gowns! It is no wonder that some single ladies couldn't wait to take photos of themselves wearing gowns! Because its gorgeous! What do you think? :)

Ok so I finally got my lazy arse moving yesterday and decided to wash some of my brushes! Yes you're right, SOME. I have a few sets of brushes to interchange so I usually just change to a clean set when I'm moving on. I always try to clean brushes after each client but come on sometimes we get lazy right?

Well whatever it is, just make sure to change to a clean set of brush on each project if you are a makeup artist. Simply because after 1 or 2 days, germs could make used brushes they homes! D:

Ok I'm literally stuffing that coffee bun into my mouth before I gt ready today morning! HAHA omg I think I look like a tweety birddddd!

Ok so by now you should have noticed some hair on my forehead. I cut my hair! Um, how do I look. :P

I did a really fast and easy eye look because I was in a rush today morning, well every other morning when I have clients! So that is a eye look using urban decay naked palette. I can't even remember the shades I used. As for the lips, idontknow, probably some random gloss......

I'm so used to putting shadows on nowadays. It comes naturally. I should try just putting on eyeliner. Or nothing else.

Anyway. I don't know about you, but I suck at listening to sad songs. This probably sounds stupid but I cry whenever I listen to a sad song, especially when it's gt a sad MV too.
EG this song. Cry baby.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Look of the day + reviews? :)

Hello everyone, so I finally got to try some of my Bellabox/Bella box samples!!

Davines Momo Conditioner-
Love this! The true color of this product is darker than that in the photograph. I'd say it really looked like avocado blended with a bit of milk in reality.
Since this is a relatively natural hair care product, don't expect too much perfume/fragrances.. However, I kind of like how this smells. It does not smell of chemicals for sure, I'm super bad at explaining scents but its like a bit of vanilla + some wood? YEH.

And this is obviously not the conditioner on my face! :P haha I was using Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. I'm one of the most uncaring person when it comes to my face. I rarely put on masks etc because I'm super lazy. I'll never waste my time/put in effort on something that I don't think is good. So if I ever put something on, it must be good. This mask seemed to draw up quite some oil/dirt from my skin. My pores instantly appeared smaller upon each usage. Love this.

And... This is the makeup I wore out today. I really wanted something light since I wasn't going to do something fancy. :P Just going somewhere silly.

Pretty light makeup right? Hmmmmm as compared to my other deep shades of lipstick looks!

Ok products used......
Face: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation - 600, Natural Beige. This is obviously a little too light for me so I had to add some bronzer on my face to darken the color. But this color would suit NC30 - NC35 pretty well
Cheeks: Canmake bronzer; Milani baked blush in Corollina
Eyes: ELF Eyelid Primer in Pearl i think? ; purple shade from Skinfood Sugar Bloom Shadow Box; Underground from Urban Decay deluxe palette
Lips: A tiny bit of Revlon black cherry creme lipstick; topped with Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine lipgloss - Ginger

Signing off with my nail polish storage. This is where I place some of my nail polishes. Yes SOME of them only. I have a lot of them in a shoe box hidden somewhere in my room....... hehe

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Photoshoot - Photos out!

Hello everyone, I'm sharing some 'faces' of the photo shoot last week! :D Remember? This is the shoot done with the 3 lovely girls! And, I just got the photos from the photographer. :)

Inspiration? HOLIDAYS! :D :D :D

Debbie needs to attend a birthday party for a grandmom after the shoot, so I was nice to her, I gave her a pretty wearable look. Well, more of a bridal type of makeup actually!

Added gold glitters to the inner half of her eyes and also, a rine stone at the inner corner of her eyes. :) Such a lucky girl!! Her boyfriend was with her, and he seriously can not keep his eyes off her! :P

Grace was my first face to do that day. And she was super scared when I'm done with her makeup. Reason - I blended a very blight gold color and a dark navy blue on her eyes. Which are 2 really extreme colors! Not only are they directly opposite in the color wheel, one is bright and one is really dark! PLUS! I added a purple color to her lips, together with purple blush. So she probably thinks she'd scare everyone.

Well all I could say is that a makeup look takes you time to get use to it. Because you look at your bare face/ the normal way you apply your makeup. So when you see someone new - you - , you panic and wonder who this is, and how unlike you, you are. So you need some time to get use to the new look.

But for everyone else who sees you the first time, they don't see the changes. All they see is how gorgeous, eye catching you are. :) That is also why sometimes you may not agree with your makeup artist but others really love your new look!

Bernice. I really love the way she look here. Very sensual. I went for a deep dark purple look, with some dark purple flecks on her eye lid. And some gold shadow in the inner corner of her lower lash line. Went for a pretty 'unblended' look, which looks really different from a typical smokey/dark eyes. :)

Signing off with this gorgeous looking photo! I really love the color combination of this photo!
- Slightly blue toned pink paired with yellow toned background. and earthy green shades. Stayed true to how I 'painted' Grace's face! :D

Makeup artist: Kelly / ME
Models: luvest girls,

Monday, 14 November 2011

OCC lip tar - strumpet inspired makeup look - Fall Makeup

Hello everyone, so here's the look I did 2 days back using OCC lip tar - Strumpet. Went with a very easy eye makeup here! (:

Face: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation - Golden Beige + Caramel, Physicians Formula, Happy booster blush - Natural
Eyes: Wet&Wild Comfort Zone eyeshadow palette
Lips: OCC lip tar - Strumpet

And here's the video. Enjoy!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

November Bellabox / Bella box

Hello everyone, so! I got my November Bella Box today! :) It is really a pleasant surprise this time because I didn't even realize that it is November already! So when this pink box arrived, I went onto bellabox's facebook page immediately; and then I saw everyone talking about OCC liptar!!! And that was the reason I joint bellabox! So I was super excited.

The usual pink box -

And a note on what you're receiving. And the greenish color box with Bellabox inside the pink box. Side note, I recycle both my pink&green box for storage! :D

Yupps, this is how it looks like inside the green box. I tried to tear open the paper to peek at my OCC liptar thats why its wrinkled!! :P hehe.

TEDAH!!!!! This month rock. Not only do we get a full sized OCC liptar ($13USD), we get 6 products instead of 5 last week!!!! :D Gosh, and the sampoo&conditioner is really a deluxe sized one. I think I could get more than 5 uses out of them? :D

Upper left: Skin Factory Eye Dream Honey Patch
Bottom left: Duchess Marden Damascena Anti-wrinkle Serum
Pink tube: Obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tar / OCC lip tar - Strumpet
Beside the pink tube: Davines MOMO Moisturising Shampoo
Bottom right: Davines MOMO Moisturising Conditioner
Upper right: Korres Guava Body Butter

Of course, my favorite has to be the OCC lip tar in Strumpet. It is a gorgeous purple toned pink. A pretty bold and loud color. It is extremely beautiful. I was of course, keen to use it. So I grabbed all my makeup stuff and did a makeup look for it! :D Video-ed it down, so hopefully I get it edited and put on youtube by tomorrow. YAY.
- yeh no photos of me wearing that look yet. No surprise otherwise right? :D

Friday, 11 November 2011

Makeup mistakes to avoid!

Hello everyone, for today's post, we'll be looking at some of the makeup works used for a advertisement. I'll explain where I got the photos, and my take on critics. Note that this is of total no offence to the model/brand/makeup artist who done these. Just some things I feel would have enhance the model's features better.

I saw this model's photo at a mrt station, for some shampoo brands. It is not the exact photo shown here though. The one shown around the train station has got some parts shadowed out and also with the brand name around it. I googled and found the original photo.

Anyway, the first time I saw it, I felt that something was going wrong! If you take this photo and zoom in a little, you'd notice that the eyeliner ends way too short than what it is supposed to be. Her false lashes ended quite a bit longer than her eyes. So eyeliner should be pulled out and then lifted instead of stopping somewhere in between. To avoid this, try finalizing your eyeliner only AFTER pasting the false lashes.

Also, the eye shadows. For her left eye, darkest shade seemed to be in the centre. But for her right eye, the darkest shade concentrates on the outer corners of her eyes!

Bronzer: Not blended properly. I could see a line of darker shade on her left cheek, which makes her face a little too uneven. And her nose could have been contoured ;)

Lips: well not very carefully applied. went a little too over for the upper left lip.

Well not much issues if this were everyday makeup because no one could stare at the makeup all the time and notice small details. But I feel that for advertisement, a lot more effort could be put in - Because a sloppy piece of advertisement gives an idea of a sloppily done product. And that is not a sweet thing to achieve after huge advertisement cost.

Hmm I can't really zoom in much for this one, but the obvious problem: Bronzer. It looks too muddy on her, doesn't achieve the healthy, sun-kissed skin. Instead, this portrays slightly dirty face.

Okay lastly, non-related to critics/makeup errors etc, but just showing some brushes lovely Grace got from me. (Yes I'm huge for brushes and makeup. So I tend to store brushes till I relize I have too much of them.) Just updating here on what each brushes are for. No standard rules though, these are just what I would have used them for! :)

Right: Blush brush for blushers/bronzers + contouring brush around the smaller areas on the face eg nose bridge.
Middle: Slunted eyeliner brush, could be used as eyebrow brush too
Right: Black hair one is used for blending, the white color one is used to create specific shapes since it is pointed nicely and firm.

Signing off with a photo of myself that I saw on my desktop. Wearing my wig. yeh.