Monday, 29 October 2012

Pumpkin Treats!

Halloween is coming up, and what could be better than celebrating it with a pumpkin dish!

Here I diced some pumpkins, mushrooms, a few chilli and a quarter cucumbers.

Really easy now. Heat up your sauce pan, pour some Olive oil, wait for it to get heated up, pour all your diced up veggies. Fry. Don't over fry though, just make sure a side of pumpkins is slightly burnt.

Add some cinnamon powder and salt to flavour.

Pumpkins could taste a little boring on its own. Mushrooms makes a great companion. My bf loves chilli, hence the add. As for the cucumber, this is where the juiciness come from! Hard to explain. YOU GOT TO BELIEVE ME IN THIS! It's good. Yummy.
Optional: add minced meat if you want to! If meat was added, do throw in some spring onion to give it a bit of taste.

Ps, fuck this blog is turning into a food blog :x

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Little one.

Sorry for being missing! But I'm really not feeling well emotionally lately. Too much things happened. Makes me wonder if justice still holds.

Gonna rant about sth totally unrelated to me being emotional.

Well I don't know if this is happening to anyone out there, but I'm a little scared of facebook at times. Yah not like I didn't go on there and peep at people's lives and wtf they're complaining. I just find it scary that whatever 10 years back is still there! your old photos, the old lame quotes you said. It is not like after a year or two, you're ready to move on. NO FACEBOOK KEEPS YOU THERE.

Ok whatever I'm saying.

Been looking through Facebook today, and man who is xxx yyy zzz. Most of the dudes over there, I don't even know them! -- The result of letting too many people know my facebook password. And the result of my bf adding random ppl for me!!

But I deleted like 20 ppl or more. And trust me there are definitely more than 20 ppl I don't know. Maybe 100. or 200......... And of those left, how many of them are close friends? hmmm...

Little one.


Monday, 22 October 2012

Yummy treats!

I dont know what to call this, but it's super delicious! My bf almost licked his plates dry :p

Stuff your favorite meat in cucumbers for a juicy treat with a bit of crunch.
Stuff it in Egg plant for a richer taste, or simply roll your meat up in rice paper!

To make your usual minced meat more flavorful, add some black pepper, half a tablespoon of butter, some chilli, sea weed, carrot, pinch of salt

Scrape the meat off your vegetables and replace with minced meat. Fry it, steam it or bake it.

Sauce: heat up your pan and add in all the scraped off vegetables, tomatoes and mushroom, chilli, pinch of salt.

I added the sauce on my noodles, but you could just use it with rice or the meat stuffed veggies!

It tastes so good. Trust me.


Saturday, 13 October 2012

The last days

I've been a little emotional these 2 days, but just a little story here.

There was this old lady who sells newspaper around my dad. We'd change coins with her almost everyday. For some reasons, she really likes my dad and she gave me red packet money for chinese new year. Even though she only pass me $2, it is never a small sum to her. She only gets 2 cent per newspaper sold, 50cents per magazine sold and $1 per horse racing magazine sold. Despite being poor, she always has a smile on her face. She'd work everyday.

Few months back, she started borrowing money from my dad and then she stopped coming to sell newspaper. Money not returned and she disappeared. Apparently, she's really sick.

2 days back, someone visited and say the old lady's dead.

I don't really know her. I didn't even talked to her before apart from hi bye thanks. But I'm not taking this news too well. The fact that she is still borrowing money the last few days of her life just goes to show how helpless a poor old lady could be. There is no one around to help her. Is this our society?

Now she left, and I wish her well in the other dimension. She's a nice lady.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A day with my boyfriend

I was feeling random and hungry yesterday night. Well, like all other nights....

My boyfriend was studying, so I cooked myself some instant noodles.
Boyfriend: nom nom nom yumms
Boyfriend: no I didn't.
Me: Fuck whatever go cook new one for me.
Boyfriend: arg shit. k... how do i cook it
(Now I know my bf is up to some stupid shit again!)
Me: just add water, add noodles, wait for it to boil, add egg if u want, add seasoning.
Boyfriend: slow down.. I forgot the steps. what do i have to do? so i add the noodles and egg then boil?
Me: -.- no u add water first...................
Boyfriend: Do u remember me burning my kitchen down last time because I forgot to add water to maggie mee and I went to microwave it? OH! and I ever cooked maggie mee and forgot to put seasoning. Half way eating, I realise I forgot the step and I pour in the entire packet. then oh shit too salty so I had to throw everything away.

................ ok I repeated the steps in detail and forced him to the kitchen..

That's him. yeh. Serious.


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bridal Makeup & Photography - Kellysbridals

Alright, I mentioned that I did a bridal shoot some time back! Just got the photos recently, and I am to share them! :)

This is the first hairstyle I did for Vanessa. Since she's got quite a oval face shape, I chose not to add too much volume on the crown of her head. Instead, I pulled her hair quite low around the sides to cover her ears. This makes her face appear a little rounder. Since we're doing the entire  makeup and shoot outdoors, I had her hair bunned up and braided. Did a little back combing all around and compressed them. So when I let her hair down later, there would be a little bit of curl, texture and volume to it. 

Note: This is her 3rd hour let down hair. A little tip here: The volume would not be there if there wasn't any form of back combing before bunning up the hair! :) 

Here's a close up to the makeup I did for Vanessa. She's got her own Urban Decay Naked 1 palette, but she told me that she only uses SIN and DARK HORSE. So I decided to use my Naked1 palette on her! And teach her how to utilize that great palette! :
She is around NC 25 - 30 for your reference, and I used the following shades on her:
1. Sidecar all over the lid and on the front part of her lower lash line
- This color would have been enough for everyday look. However, I added in 2,3 and 4 just for the dimension of Vanessa's eyes since there is going to be photography done on her! :)
2. Hustle at the outer corner and on her lower lash line
3. Virgin at the inner corner
4. Creep on top of Hustle, but just a little bit to darken.

As you could see in the photo, I left Vanessa's double eyelid quite visible. And the reason to that is that she's got really beautiful eyes. When I met Vanessa for the first time, she's got really thick eyeliner. And she told me she'd draw thicker eyeliner out to accentuate her eyes. So I went on with a almost no eyeliner look for her. I feel that her eyes looked really big and filled with energy! :)

Gorgeous gown. This gown has got really pretty lace details on the train.
By the way, that's when I let down her hair! :) Pretty beach waves. And the trick? Braid your hair before you sleep! :)

Vanessa wants to try a moving shot. So she suggested running! :)

My photographer suggested this pose! Mysterious quality to it. :)

An evening dress to tie the shoot together. :)

I hope you guys did enjoy the photos! :D


Makeup artist: Kelly / me
Hair artist: Kelly / me
Model: Vanessa
Photographer: MK photography

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New Nails!!

Not exactly new though, been wearing this for around 4 days x) haha but I thought I'd just share it!

Super easy to do. Just use glitter polish between the 2 colors! :D


Monday, 1 October 2012

REVIEW = Inglot eyeshadow - 402 and Inglot blush - 20

Alright, I wrote this yesterday but the posting of this failed. So this is a re-post!

After making all of you excited about inglot cosmetics, I've finally tried the 2 products I purchased today. 

Just a quick summary here,
Where I purchase these: JB, city square mall
How much do they cost: Blush $38, eyeshadows $30; all prices in ringgits
How much do the palettes cost if I were to get them separately: I only asked the price for the palette that fits 2 pan, that's $18 ringgits each. 

 The blush comes in a plastic packaging like this, while the eyeshadow comes in a black box, pretty much like MAC's refill pans. Just that MAC's refill pan packaging is cheaper and their product is 1.5g while INGLOT's square pans contains 2.7g of product.

Their swatches above. Inglot blush in 20 is a nice baby pink shade which I don't have in my collection yet. :D I'd say the color swatch a little lighter than when it is in the pan. So be sure to purchase their item after you swatched them in store! This shade would be perfect for anyone with lighter skintone. I'd say the darkest skintone this would suit is NC37 in MAC. I'm around 35 - 37 but it works out pretty nice on me. I could totally see 2 of my good friends, Caibei and Huiyan wearing this shade. Huiyan is around NC 30 while caibei is around NC 20. Or 15. Go visit her website and you'd see how she looks like! I linked her at the right side.

L-R: Urban decay YDK, Inglot 402, Inglot blush 20.

YDK is the closest shade to Inglot 402 I think. But YDK is a much shimmery, and shiny color. There is a lot more gold shimmer in it. Which I realise that I really love this color! So thanks to inglot, now I love YDK more than ever. 

Inglot 402 is a subtle bronze shade. Many describe it as a taupe. A taupe is a shade with some purple/grey tone. A color that is of quite a dirty quality to it. Inglot 402 does have a slightly grey base, but none of purple. It contains a lot of bronze shimmer, and has a pearl finish. Not too shiny. For that reason, it is going to work as a nice all over lid color, but also a crease color. It is however, not going to suit a NC 37-40 because it is going to kinda look like your skin. Most of my clients are around NC 20 - NC 35 so this color is going to be perfect.

(Ok swatches obviously swatches failed. LOL I cracked my camera screen btw so I can't see how the photos turned out D: Pretty much only see it after I upload the files. :X 
But you get the point. :X )

So here is a clearer photo of swatches of similar colors to Inglot 402. Credits to

Alright moving on to me wearing them.

Hmmm photo not well taken, colors didn't really showed but trust me. There is color! And sorry about my hair and what I'm wearing. Its basically wet hair with pajamas. :X

Products used - 
Foundation: Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation - RF215
Brows: Rimmel brow pencil - Dark Brown + ELF eyebrow powder
Lips: Canmake creamy lipstick - 02
Cheeks: Inglot blush - 20
Eyes: Urban decay half baked in inner half of the eyes; booty call at inner corner of the eyes and Inglot 402 as crease color. 

A very natural everyday look. Good for work, shopping and anything and everything. Yeh