Saturday, 31 March 2012

Girls night out.

Ok. Photo heavy post. (:

One of my new shirt from H&M! I wanted the white color one but it was out of stock. D: And this orange piece happens to be the last one! So I had to get it. Hehe. I think there should be some black ones left now though. Dam weird. They've got another piece of the same material, but cost $49.90. The only difference is the collar and the place its made in! Mine doesn't have the obvious collar, and its from Bangladesh. The other one has the office shirt collar and its made in either US or UK. HUGE PRICE DIFF!!!! Mine's only $14.90!! G-O-S-H, HAPPINESS.

NEW WATCH! I finally received my Lipsy Watch from ASOS! Its 45Pounds ~ 100sgd. Been wanting to get a dress watch for a really long time, and I've been eyeing this one for a few months already. Since my birthday is coming, I looked at my bf and said, 'ok. don't crack your brain for bd gift. Just get me that.' YES!!!!! :D

cute box it came with - k I lied, I really don't give a damn about the box. Its really not that nice. :X Sorry lipsy, you need a much better packaging for watch of this price. D:

Caibei's birthday present!! I'm 2 months+ late! Yes yes I'm a bad friend - very very bad friend. D: But I think I did get her exciting stuff inside that cute packaging!!!! :D

I didn't take a photo of whats inside though. Haha but what I got for her is:
- Wet&wild 6 pan palette
- Maybelline tattoo eyeshadow - Bad to the bronze
- The bodyshop baked blush duo
Alright the obvious reason why I only got her the present now... I only received the maybelline tattoo eyeshadow 2 days back!!! I waited like near 3months!!!! It was OOS LIKE CRAZY! And I got her 2 shades initially. Of which, one is oos till now. So yupps, I switched it to the wet&wild palette. :D :D Out of the 3 products, 2 of them are not available in SG! So yeh I hope I sound like a better friend now. *Guilty max!* lollll.
BTW: she aldy got her gift ytd! Thats why I dare to post the content. hehe.

on my eyes: Bold Gold (Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow)
I really love this color! I thought I'd like bad to the bronze, which is highly raved on youtube. But then I realise bad to the bronze is really like my eyelid color! I'm pretty dark so the color really doesnt show on me at all. It'd be a perfect shade on fairer ladies like caibei! :D

Then I complete my face with the above products!
- Loreal Infallible eyeshadow - Iced Latte (LOVE THIS! Best inner eye corner color!!!!!! If you're around my skintone, NC37, GET THIS.)
- Loreal Infallible eyeshadow - Continuous Cocoa (LOVE again!)
- Revlon lip butter - Peach Parfait (Not a fan of this color. I've only used it twice so far. I think I'm gonna sell it. argh. Email me if you want this. Haiz.)
- Q tip, Nars large crease brush

Completed look. :) Very natural look in reality!

Had our meal at Manna Story - Plaza Sing. Really great korean food here! Recommended!!

Caibei's order. Some beef thing + rice. lol

Mine! LOADED with seafood!!! Taste really really good! :D

More food - Fruit Paradise

Caibei! Haha she just opened her birthday gift I think. :D Happy girl.

My bf's fav photo - ok more like he thinks this is funny - he said I look like a NERD. Ok, its alright I guess. I dont mind! hahaha.

Caibei and I, taken using caibei's Polaroid!

And then the food at fruit paradise - I've dont think I received such bad service at fruit paradise before! But caibei and I waited for more than 30minutes for them to serve us our cakes!!! Some more we approached the staff TWICE already! And it still took so long. F***! ok fuck.

But I like the fruit cakes so bobian I guess.

My new nail polishes!!!!!! :D YAY!!!!!!!! hunger game series!!!
Smokes and Ashes
Luxe and Lush
Dress me up
I'm gonna try to use all 3 colors for my next DIY nails! :D Stay excited ~~~~


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Nails!

So I re-painted my nails today, and decided to go in with a cute poka dot design! But I'm really not a fan of poka dots overload, so I did half half instead. :)

Turns out that I really like how my nails looks now!

Colors used:
Blue: OPI What's with the Cattitude
Hot pink: OPI Thats Hot! Pink
White: Sally Hansen Natural White (From their french manicure kit)

:D Happy girl now.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

HAUL - preview

A lot of Hauls coming up! I went spending crazy these 2 weeks D: H&M, the body shop, etc.

Sneak peak on what I picked from the body shop!

Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo - Best SellersBanana Shampoo - Best SellersBanana Conditioner - ConditionerIce Blue ShampooLilacMango Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer - Best Sellers
Oh ok, not really sneak peek, but that's all I got. Yeh. I'm always a fan of the body shop shower gel, in fact, their shower gel is the only shower gel I bother to re purchase - Apart from handmade soaps -. But I never ever tried their hair products! Ok except the grapeseed glossing serum - which is the only hair care oil sort of stuff I bothered re purchasing - that I love. :D So when I see the buy 2 get 1 free thing, I just grabbed the 3 new shampoos(on buy 2 get 1 free), together with the banana conditioner(at 10% membership off). They're not really new, rather some old collections they brought back. i'm probably one of the last person to try them though....
The other products I sorta got them last week I think.

So far I've only tried the ginger shampoo - of course, I just bought them yesterday....... But I'm liking it so far. It leaves my hair super clean. I don't really care for the anti dandruff thing though, I've tried millions of products, none worked. Of course, I'd still give this a try and if it really works, I'm gonna stock up! Ok I'll write a full review on each shampoo/conditioner when I've used them enough. :D

And - OMG. You should totally go buy their hand sanitizer! It smells so good! Doesnt smell like mango at all - Dont care, not a fan of mangoes - But smells like peaches! Even a client of mine says so! Super nice smelling but its $6.90 ea. So I'm not gonna spam it like free.

and drugstore!!
- MAYBELLINE TATTOO 24 HR CREAM SHADOW!!!! Ok that's not my photo above. I just steal it from beautyjunkiesunite. lol. I don't have all the colors because my spree-er said some were out of stock (The tough as taupe is out of stock - but i dont really care for. I suspect the color would look just like my own eyelid color). BUT OMG. I just got them today. and tried them. JUST LIKE MAC paint pot! Again, will do a proper review. :) This is not in sg yet though...

Ok a lot more items to come! Can't wait to try all of them and let you know what I think!!!!

PS, for those few who emailed me on my rabbits, thank you so much for your concern! I alternate their cage stays now. Still under observations.

Fighting Rabbits

I don't like seeing what's happening now. I don't.

It took me a month or so to fully bond my rabbits together. They've been staying in the same cage, licking each other, sleeping together and eating happily for a good month or so now. And tonight they started fighting like crazy! The worst part is, Whino was the one who started the fight! Whino is usually pretty gentle and he'd never bite me.

Today, he went crazy and bite off Wobert's fur like crazy. I tried stopping them immediately. Successful, Whino ran off, and Wobert just lies down there, looking really scared. Not too long later, Whino charged towards Wobert again and fights like crazy! Jumping and biting eachother.

I quickly put my hands between them and Wobert thought I'm Whino - She bite the hell outta my hand.

This part of your finger don't normally bleed because there isn't much blood veins there. But my entire skin actually got partially ripped off - cant see in the photo because I covered the ripped off skin back. Not Wobert's fault though, I didn't blame her at all. Rabbits doesn't have great eyesight especially when you're near her. That is why she bite so hard. But the pain was really unbearable. This is the first time after a few years I actually cried when I bleed. I don't even cry when I fell down and hurt both of my knees, both bleeding like crazy.

Oh well, I read all FAQ on 'why rabbits fight' - none are useful. :( Feels like crap. I'm keeping Wobert in the cage now, and Whino out. Hopefully they'd bond again.

2 hours ago they were still eating together happily, licking eachother's butt and following each other around to explore my room. I just feel so upset, don't even feel like painting nails anymore. :'( Poor rabbits.

But anyway, people. Please do not get rabbits thinking they're easy to take care of, or they don't stink. They're a lot more than you think. Could be even worse than babies! When I visit daddy, I couldn't even stay over at his place because I'd need to worry about whether my rabbits had food to eat/water to drink at night. I can't leave the country as when I like because then who's going to take are of them. So far they've bitten off 5 sets of computer wires/fiber optics wire etcetc, my bag, my shoes, my worksheets, my face charts.. So on.

This is just a part of the thinking process you got to go through. I'd probably write a full post of bunny care only when I think I'm fully ready for it, and that I understand my bunnies totally.

But before that, just think twice before getting any pet, unless you genuinely love them. Like I do! I love my bunnies.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Antoinette and Macaroons!

Ok so I posted the photos but forgot to type anything! Silly me.

Went to antoinette with a friend the other day - really miss her. Alot.

Wide array of choices!

Some dark chocolate rum cake which taste super super good! Caibei I'm sure you'd love this. Ok chy and all my other friends too. No one would hate this. Its so good.

This cake looks so pretty that I CANT BEAR TO EAT IT! Ok both of us cant bear to eat it. :D But it taste pretty good. I thought its some strawberry/rose stuff but not its not - it actually tastes pretty creamy! Not too sweet as well. This is one of their best sellers.

Ok this is their signature stuff. I don't even know how to describe it - its that good.

And of course, my Morocco mint tea! And..........

I'm a happy girl.

The next day I went out for a walk and kept thinking of macaroons! I've never tried it before, and even though antoinette carries damn a lot of them, I kept thinking that CAKES ARE BETTER! So I ended up not trying these forever! Finally couldn't take it anymore and bought one to try! :D Well, too sweet.
But it'd go well with bitter coffee - my love.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Ok before showing off my nails I got to show this photo that my bf took in my room ytd.
Oh ya I bought my Camera charger finallyyyyyy! :D

Honey star bear!!!!!!! :D and as for that monster I forgot what movie that is but I do remember that I love that movie.

Anyway the story behind the bear. One day, my bf came and he starting smiling in the most sneaky way. Then he came into my room, stand in front of me and go..
Him: Hehe! I got a surprise for u. *Shows shy face + shy smile, throw the gift at me and RAN off to toilet*
Me: *stare at the gift thinking it must be a damn big surprise or what - and fuck in the end its just a honey bear that he didn't even bother wrapping! But still its dam stupid and funny so I started laughing * HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Him: hehehe do u like it? my friend in the swim team got that in his honey bear packet and he said, 'lol too childish, nah give u!'
Me: -.- so u didn't even bother buying some lame gift for me........

Ok nails. So the rose on my left hand decided to give way today. FINALLY. After like oo exactly 10 days! :D Which is good, because I Caibei FINALLY passed me my 3 new nail polishes!!! :D One of them I've already shown in last post when caibei painted for me.

That's Essie's Sand Tropez. Now it is only today, when I was going to remove my nail colors that I realise I got a color that looks almost identical! So I painted on my middle finger above. Now from the photo its quite clear la, my middle finger is of a different color but in reality, I CANT TELL THE DIFFFFF. Dam so now I got 2 almost exact colors......... :( oh I painted the 3rd finger OPI's Ti-Tan Your Toga btw.

My right hand still look fine~ Even though my polishes already chipping away~

Ok so the other 2 colors caibei passed me are: Essie's Lady like and OPI's Mermaid's Tears
I'm dying to try both of them, so I thought of a brillient idea - combining them!! :D

:D Not bad right? :D :D The green color is actually the OPI one, and the dusty pikish purple is Essie's color. Dam and I just thought of sth bad... I ordered the hunger games China glaze collection in Dress me up!!! GOSH I hope its not the same thing again~~~ *Pray hard X100*
But I'm super proud of my nails. :D till my bf brings me down again and say it reminded him of Hitler. Wtf has my nails got to do with that evil man?!

Wobert and Whino!

No idea what they're looking at. FOOOD.

Whino pleading for food! :D muahaha love it when whino stands like this! Cutest thing on earth!

OMG~ and wobert is even cuter. :D Wobert is such a cute girl!

lol gosh look at how greedy she looks..... LOL
Today's my rest day! YAY. Woke up really late, had Mcdolalds breakfast. Going to do something fun to my nails later! :D Update once I've done it okay. :D

Sunday, 18 March 2012

random stuffs

Just a couple of photos showing what I've been up to, or what I'm like most of the time.

3 days back, 4am in the morning. I got up and couldn't sleep anymore. Fed my rabbits, swept the floor, mopped, showered. and I took a stroll down to the closest Mcdonalds at 6am.


Ordered the most sinful breakfast there. Ate alone. For 1.5hours.... Oh and I created twitter! klykelly05. Nothing better to do. I don't even know how to follow people dam.

Went back home, rest, washed some clothes, did a bit of stretching exercises. And some random shit which I can't rmb what I've done honestly.

Got changed, did my makeup. Time to go, just to find out that the MRT broke down. Had to take taxi to meet Caibei. Which I should have updated this in the previous post!

But anyway, its damn freaking awkward. I was wearing a little shorts and high heels, with pretty thick makeup. When I reached Chinatown mrt station in Taxi, I can't help but noticed a lot of weird uncles looking at me. Like.. ALOT. Straight away I was like... "fuck are they thinking that I'm a chicken?!" So I almost ran to find Caibei. Luckily it was just a short walk before I find her. :D

As for the shopping and photo taking part, it's pretty much in the last post. But~ Caibei did my nails!! :D


After! :D Now noticed that I did nothing to my 4th nail - because I wanted to see how long it could last not dropping off!! Omg dam surprised. Its still on my finger now. Though I mop floor, wash clothes whatever with hand almost everyday!!!! :D SHOW OFF.totally.

Ok anyway back to my nails... I showed off to my bf again - like always, he started laughing and go.. SUSHI NAILSSSS! HAHAHA.

Me: What exactly is with you and your stupid sushi?! This is obviously nice nails not sushi!!!
Bf: Its sushi! Lool, the white stones around the black thing looks like rice, and then the black thing looks like my favorite fish eggie~ yummy sushi.
Me: What about the rose...
Bf: No one cares about that its just sushi.

Seriously? My nails doesn't look like sushi right?! Oh and he once said my fingers look like french fries or something. DAM!

Then yesterday, I went out to help caibei with her blogshop shoot! Did makeup for her, her friend lixue and lixue's friend Jiayuen. I will update the photos once I get them! Super excited. I should have taken their before and after photos!!! LOL

My brushes and bag! I organised them back nicely once I was done with the 3 girls. Neat right. :D

Then the 3 girls and the photographers went off for the shoot and left me alone to look after the bags. I got to munch on the little nuggets!

Ya and after the munching was when I felt like killing people. Their shoot took like 1 hour for each person at least? So I ended up waiting there like a sian log for 3.5hours! Felt like peeing but I cant leave the bags there! Damn it and my phone card got invalid all of a sudden also? So I just sat there, wanting to pee for like ever! Luckily they came back before I peed my skirt. :D

Did this hairstyle while waiting! :D

Wobert's like...