Monday, 29 April 2013

False lashes for brides

I want to talk about false lashes today. You cld go on and on about how much difference eyeshadows or eyeliners could do to the shape of your eyes. But with a set of false lashes, it can really OPEN up your eyes and make you look 'different'. 

Makeup lovers who wear lashes daily might not feel how uncomfortable lashes actually are. However, more than 80% of my brides absolutely HATE them. 

1. Some brides get emotional. They cry, they rub their eyes - thats it. the whole strip of lash is going to come off. Either that or only half set come off, leaving it hanging in the air, like that of the right eye. 

2. The whole strip of false lashes may not feel comfortable. A lot of my brides complain that lashes kind of blocked their view, or it feels heavy (No matter how light a pair of lashes I use).

3. Doesnt look natural. Well it may look natural to you, but when brides stare at their faces close up in the mirror, they see where the lashes begin and end - annoying.

4. They just hate it. I hate it too. Who likes it when a piece of 'thing' is on your eyelid. 

I'd say 99% of the makeup artist out there uses full strip lashes. The reason being, full strip lashes are easy to apply. They save time and money. I've been doing makeup for around 7 years for now, and I use full set lashes most of the time. 

But recently, I have stopped using the full strip type of lashes for all my brides once and for all. There are other occasions that you want things quick - not a once in a life time event.

If you look at the photo on top, my left eye lashes looked really full don't they. They're of course not my original lashes. I've been using single lashes. They are time consuming ladies. But you can not imagine how comfortable they feel. Almost all my brides I tried on single lashes feedback that they do not feel anything on their eyes. And even when they eventually rub their eyes and 1 or 2 single lashes fall out, the overall look would still be around the same. I can not be more pleased with their feedback, and I really hope that more bridal makeup artists would try single lashes. It takes a lot of practice, and a lot of time, but it would make your bride's day so much better! :D

With & without lashes. I wasn't trying to open my left eyes more. It just look so much more lifted - and mind you, I did not curl my original lashes. Don't they look blended?

The application of the individual lashes is important. You got to choose the right length for each part of the eyes to get that - this is my real lashes feel.

For the above photo, I stacked a couple single lashes to give a more dramatic feel. I also added some longer ones to the centre of my eyes to make my eyes look more 'open' and rounder. But even so, when done correctly, you will not be able to see where the 'line' begin or end. My boyfriend couldn't even tell I was wearing false lashes - Men usually say things like WHOA UR EYES DAM SCARY. 

There are techniques to make your eyes look 'longer' too. It is all about choosing the right length and placing at the right spot.

 That happens even when you close your eyes. When individual lashes are correctly placed, they look like your real lash.

*DAM I did not put makeup on the above photos - apart frm my eyes - and my nose pores are happily jumping damnit!

Left: individual lashes
Right: whole strip
You see the difference.....

 And when being photographed, you wouldn't even notice something is 'wrong' up there. :)

It is natural, it feels comfortable.
So upcoming brides who aren't used to wearing lashes... You know what to request of your makeup artist! :D Make sure to request for a trial!

Hmmm some of my face brushes I washed tonight...... A lot more to go through tmr. And my eye brushes. The most sian part of being a makeup artist.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I don't know. Does your boyfriend laugh like crazy when u said something dumb?

If you read forums, you probably would see things like 'fapfapfap'. For the longest time I thought it's like fabulous or sth. I can't remember what happened but we happened to be reading a forum.

Him: These people damn funny whole day talking about fapfapfap sex
Me: What? u mean fap=sex.
Him: yar? obviously if not what u think it is.
Me: Isn't it like fabulous......
Him: HAHAHAHAHA!!! (Yes if you know how Ricky laughs. damn)

It happens ok. it happens.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Happy Birthday

Yes about 3 days ago... 

Well when you're younger you'd think that birthday is such a fun thing - maybe until 21st (That's when most people had their biggest party. I swear I didn't had one. I spent mine eating kweytiao with my boyfriend at kopitiam.) But as you age, birthday seem much less important. Especially that you're working and you know people around you are busy too. 

Most of my closer friends are overseas this year. So it is pretty much a quiet year - not a whole load quieter actually.

I met my best friend for 10years on Sunday for a meal. She treated me to quite a lot of food - honestly I am a little guilty that I broke her budget. She kept apologizing for not buying me gifts though. Till I realise the reason was that her grandfather passed away just a couple weeks before my birthday. Mine passed away when I was in Secondary 4. Man it is sad. I felt so sorry for her - so thankful at the same time for still remembering me even though we only meet twice a year.

Moving on. My boyfriend came out with a surprise for me the first time in our manymanymany years of relationship! CUPCAKES
These are by Dream Patisserie.
Their facebook page:
I am so impressed. The one who baked these cakes and does these wonderful designs is none other but a young lady around 19 (I guessed her age). But for someone so young to have such creativity and balls to start her own business, we got to give her some credit. Her cakes taste good too.

My dinner with my boyfriend. He insist on eating something expensive this yr - definitely not kopitiam again. But I didn't want to waste the cash - if something normal fills me up like expensive food do, why go for the most expensive one.

Since he insist, I just walked in to the first non-kopitiam place. Some jap food thing, I don't even remember the name of that place now. :X

 Dinner with daddy and boyfriend. Well. Ofcourse this is not the only thing we had. I forgot to take picture of all the food till the end. :X So... ya.
We ate it at Ding Tai Fong though.

Truffles - This little thing cost $4 each!!! DAMN! If you are a mushroom fan, try it maybe. Otherwise NO! My dad insist on asking for the most expensive thing inside so yeh there it goes. We had many other Paus but this is the only one I remember to photograph - due to its price..........

Cupcake for breakfast again. Lol. along with coffee and microwaved egg. :X

A dose of my boyfriend........
Me: Dear get me a cup of iced tea.
Him: But the ice is stuck to the pastic thing and I don't have enough tea.
Me: Get it out and pour all the tea then.
..... That's what he gave me. A huge piece of ice, WHERE EVER IS THE TEA?!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

chicken wings. yum

I am bad at blogging. Well I could blame it on my work schedule, my multi interest (I tried sewing a pair of shorts for my boyfriend on his birthday a few days back!!! It turned out pretty fine, UNTIL it split right at his BALLS (Yes... that part.) according to him. But it is not my fault, my sewing machine doesn't even want to work properly. and I dont know how to use it either. No one in my house knows how to use it too :X ), my destroyed camera (I dismantle (Yes I took out all the parts one by one.) my entire camera to fix the cracked screen. It's fairly easy to do it! You just have to be careful otherwise you might pull some parts into 2 and there goes your $1000 DSLR. But it still didn't work because I forgot to buy the external screen. DAM. ), the idiot who stole my phone (btw I just got a new smart phone! YAY).

So honestly, what do I have to push the blame --- WORK.

Ok next.

I'm trying to pick up sewing nowadays. However. My sewing machine doesn't corporate with me at all. It doesn't even sew smoothly for more than 10 seconds! Thread breaks/get stuck/ needle drops. I can't even sew a broken pocket, or alter length of my pants.

I highly go against Brother BM2600 if you are a sewing noob like me. It does nothing to enhance your interest. It just keep breaking down till you are pissed off. If you were a pro, I don't think you need my disapproval. It is at your own risk.

It is times like this I wish I had 30 friends who wants to share a birthday present for me. :D $10 each and I'd get $300 to get myself a better sewing machine. Sadly, no I don't. D: What's worse: all my friends happens to be overseas this year!! Apart from a friend whom I've known for about 10 years!!! I'm meeting her for lunch this Sunday. YAY cheers me up so much. Obviously I got to be happy. We only meet twice a years - my birthday and her birthday. fuck-is-this-how-u-treat-your-best-friend?