Thursday, 26 January 2012

2012 Spring Makeup Trend: Smokey Eyes & Strong Lips

Hello everyone, so. I'm going to show you what I came out with for 2012's spring makeup trend! Now I'm not into the yearly trends/looks/whatever normally because they're just weird and lame and the trend kept repeating itself from year to year anyway! Some trends contradict each other BIG time!

If you go on to Google and research on it, some cosmetic company(Gucci) believe that extreme smokey eyes + everything else nude would be the coming trend. However, Chanel believes in white silver metallic. To add on to this contradiction, DKNY has been focusing on healthy looking skin, ie, sporty cheeks and virtually nothing on the eyes/lips/whatever. Then MIUMIU, Peter Som had been playing with colors: Red eyeshadows... etc. And our Christian Dior, Anna Sui... has been coming out with RED lipsticks.

SO! I'm just gonna do a series of looks for you guys. I obviously can not do everything that happens to be 'going trendy' for this year.

For today, I'm just doing a smokey eyes. Quite a classic one, I've just used a black color eyeshadow, black eyeliner... I'll list the full products later. BUT! I paired that with multiple lip colors so you see the different effects/feel.

Products used:
FACE: Illamasqua Rich Skin Foundation, Bobbi Brown concealer, Hada labo moisturizers.
Brows: Mixture of the 2 matte shades in Urban Decay Naked 1 palette
Eyes: Black out from Urban decay's 15Anniversary palette, black from UD Naked1 palette which I forgot the name, Sin from UD Naked 1 as highlighter and inner corners, Millani Liquify Eyeliner Pencil.
Cheeks: Jemma Kidd Brownzer, Physician's Formula Mood Booster blush in Glow
Lips: I'll update as we go through the photos.

Lipstick used: Revlon Matte lipstick in Mauve It Over + L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick in Rose (to give off the shine)

This is more of a classic smokey eyes + nude lips look. Notice that I did not completely nude out my lips. That is because not everyone could take that type of look. Especially for my medium dark skin, I'd look really dead.
PS: My face is reflecting some light if you noticed. It is not the oil or anything. It really is just that my face has been really nicely moisturized lately. I've also placed my camera+FLASH too close to my face in a relatively dark room that is why it looked a little shiny.

Lips: NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Shanghai Express

Not as common, most people pair smokey eyes with nude lips. But a red one works really well too! :D PLUS it is the 'trend' now. :X :P

LIPS: Nars Semi Matte in Shanghai Express + Dior lipgloss in (The shade name got rubbed off) but its almost a transparent red.

Doesn't my lips look freaking big here. Yeh if you want big lips. But not good for a date if you're waiting to kiss somebody. Unless your guy loves lipgloss in his mouth.

Lipstick: The body Shop lipstick... I rubbed off the name. But I'm pretty sure that you'd only find 1 shade in entire body shop that is a blue pink. Then again, don't get lipstick from the body shop because they suck. They felt like glue. yeh. :(

But This is a nice color. Barbie lips. Not me. :P

Lipstick: OCC Liptar in Banjee

I love love loveeee this lip color. It is really bright and pretty! But I'm not sure if I'd wear this out......

Lipstick: NEH. None. :D

This is my original lip color! As you could see, the skin around my lips looks a little different. That is because I'm constantly rubbing off and reapplying different lipsticks! :)

WRobert!!!!! :D Yes I added a W infront of Robert because my boyfriend has been jealous. Not like he's called Robert?! Tsk.

So Wrobert is spoilt. Yes she is totally, hopelessly spoilt. She refuses to eat her hay(Dried grass) anymore! Probably because I've been hand feeding her celery, siao pek chai and stuffs. So she wants fresh grass now. I had to do some research, and I went downstairs to get some fresh greens for her. :D Washed a few times, and they're ready to go. Wrobert loves them! :D Tips though, don't just pluck any random grass ok. Pluck those that are skinny and long. That is the type of glass they used for the Hay. :D

Happy Wrobert eating fresh grass~~

Wrobert is behaving really well today! She was a little scared and worried the previous days so she scratched me and bite me. Basically going for my blood. Stupid blood thirsty ANIMAL! But I never gave up playing with her, feeding her and petting her. So today, she jumps onto the sofa and starting licking me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Yeh she licked me everywhere! My hands. My legs. My feet. :D Looks like he/she likes me now!

Oh and he/she is so smart seriously, whenever he/she knows Im heading to the kitchen, he/she would stand up and look at me with the most poor thing eyes. DAM! Demanding for me to feed him/her fresh veggie!!!! so cute! :D


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! :)

CNY this year is a little different for me. Mainly because I don't have my family around me. So I had my reunion dinner at my boyfriend's house; first day in uncle's house and second day in my boyfriend's house again. Since I'm not going out with my parents like the rest of my years, I had no inspirations to do makeup at all. :( Honestly, I just woke up, clean up, applied moisturizer, and go. Normally I'd draw my brows.

BUT! I did drag myself to put on makeup today! On the second day. :) Because I had to meet my bf's relatives... his cousins, nephews, niece.......... grand niece. Had to give a good impression right!

Yeh me. I couldn't upload my face photo somehow. Maybe the internet doesn't want it up D: BOO. But yeh I did not get ANY cny clothes this year so i sorta wore what I bought long time ago..... phew luckily i could still wear it. HAHA!

Now on the first day.....
Now this car park used to be super full.
Empty street.
and I feel empty too. :( Walking on the empty street.

OK! time for something pretty. ok 3 things. no. 3 ladies!
Worked with these girls on their photoshoot last week! Its for their Valentines day collection. I can't show you guys all the dresses, BUT! most of us got sun burnt. Or at least 2 tones darker. :D So lots of effort okay! I love Bernice's fish tail braid. I did it for her! :D

Still super busy lately, I promise I'll update more, do more looks, dadidah.. etc. soon. :D How does 2012 makeup trend + looks post tmr or the day after tmr sounds? :D :D good eh?

Friday, 20 January 2012


:D :D :D Say hello to this cute rabbit I adopted! I'm not sure if its a he/she, but I'm suspecting that its a she because it's having moodswing now.... One day she's happy and she lets me carry her. The second day, she's in bad mood and she bites me. And scratches me.

Her name is Robert! Robert the girl rabbit. HAHAHA!! She's super funny. She'd stand whenever I'm walking near her and that she guessed I'm bringing her foooooood. But once she's done with all the food I have, she runs away and dump me. DAM!

I let her out of the cage whenever I'm home, so I could watch where she's running. Basically out, running all around my living room for over 10 hours a day! :D She's really smart. On the day I bought her a 'toilet', she knew how to use it. Super fast. I just put the litter tray in the corner she pees the most, and she'd run back to her cage whenever her bladder is full to let go. Smart hur. Pet shop lady was telling me I need to train her for 4 months?!

Reminds me of the rabbit dumpling I had when I was overseas. Super yummy!

And... Something to laugh at. lol......
I found this in my lift ok! So its not from some random internet. COMEON! NOBODY KNOWS HOW YOUR KITTY LOOKS LIKE FROM THIS DRAWING?!!!!!!!! omggggg. I literally laughed out loud when I saw this!! Is this serious? Seriously???

I'm not telling you what the black thing is. But its not shit. And the yellow boy leaning on the glass of lemon tea seemed happy about what he ate. :D

Sorry for the lack of posts! I'm super busy with my bunny, and some other stuffs. I'm really getting lazy these days! I'd spend 30min to get ready in the past at least, but now I'd only spend 5 - 10 minutes. I've been forgetting about my toner/moisturizer for nearly a week now already. And I think I lose my brow pencil.......... o.O

- Dam my rabbit is tickling my feet now.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Makeup mistakes to avoid! Part 2

I've done a post on makeup mistakes to avoid 2 months back:

But I've found more mistakes now! May or may not be mistakes done by professionals, but these are pretty common. They're not like these crazy photos:
Matching Makeup sometimes could go Wrong Mismatching Mistake 5 Makeup Mistakes You should Avoid [MOST COMMON]
Celebrity Hair and Makeup Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them 2011-06-28 03:04:55

I'm listing 2 below, both found on a blogshop. I've cropped out their faces because I really have no intentions to embarrass anyone, just some things I see, and I'd like to share it.

So please do not be offended in anyway! :)

I'm sure we see this on the street a lot. So whats the problem? The eye makeup of this lady is pretty light so that makes the liner extremely thick and unnatural. It is also extended way to much. One way to save this look is to really tone down the eyeliner OR to extend the brows.

Now it is true that photography reduces around 20+% of the makeup. But that doesn't mean there is a need to brush on thick layer, to a point where we see a clear line between the skin and the blush color. This blush color seemed awkward in full photo as well. Why? The undertones of the blush and cheek doesn't match at all. A tip for this problem is to spend a little more time to blend out the blushes and to tap off the excess blusher before applying it. Look out for the tones of the blush as well. If you love pink/rose lipstick colors and that is all that you have, then buy some rosy/pink color blushes too.

Any makeup look would work somehow with the right blending and techniques. Yes, even this:

Matching Makeup sometimes could go Wrong Mismatching Mistake 5 Makeup Mistakes You should Avoid [MOST COMMON]

Because the colors are very well blended. The lipsticks are also well drawn. Well not for everyday wear though, silly advs only! :)

Problems I highlighted above is really common on a lot of blogshops, especially that they know they're going to be facing cameras etc. But bad makeup shows something too. How much attention you put in? Are you just trying to sell some clothes or do you care about the entire image. Trend setter? Definitely avoid the wrong skills! (:


Friday, 13 January 2012

More Photos

Ok. More photos on my trip. Probably the last bit of photos....... hmmm.

FISHES! yay.

Caught me touching up. Hahaha.

Love this place. Beautiful.

And. Of course. Got to end with makeup related stuff! :D That is my beautiful sister! Now guess her age......
Yeh she's 12. I took her before photo with my Iphone but I've yet to upload it. Like other teenager, my sister suffers from acne/pimple issues. She's got it all over her forehead, her cheeks. So, I invited her to be my model! :D I didn't have much tools with me over there, so I sorta done her entire makeup with Pixie eyeshadow palette and Illamasqua foundation. Oh and the lightest coverage concealer that I brought with me.

I'll try to upload a before/after photo. And you'd believe me that my family people really get acne big time.

Anyway, please do not be inspired to wear makeup if you are only 12. I did it because I wanted to see how well I could deal with her skin issue! Wearing makeup at a young age is not a good thing for your skin. D: boo.


Monday, 9 January 2012

China Hospital

I talked about my mom's operation 2 posts ago, and I thought it'd be interesting to talk about the hospital over there.

I had to say it really sucked. Well maybe its just the one we're in though. But mind you its not bad a hospital over there already I heard. We were not in any village. Its a pretty nice city.

It was winter there but there is no heater at all. On top of that, the nurse over there does nothing apart from hanging drips. They don't serve food, no drinks, don't even ask if the patient was too cold, and of course, don't clean the patient's body. I had to clean my mom myself. Oh. Ya. They don't provide towel and piles too. So I had run out to buy them.

If that doesn't sound bad enough, there was a black out since 4pm - 12am the day after the operation. My mom was still under observations then. But everything that measures heartbeat rate etc, stopped working. I don't know how anyone with oxygen mask is going to survive without oxygen for 8 hours? Luckily my mom was awake by then. And the whole room was pitch dark. Again, the hospital does not provide anything so I had to rush out like a mad puppy to buy candles. They don't even have a torch, so I had to use the Spotlight from my Iphone to provide enough light for the nurse when she changed the drip.

The only good thing is that family members are allowed to stay with the patient at all times. But then again if you don't, no one cares about the patient so. ya.

Hmmm one more good thing is that there's only staircase in the hospital, so it is perfect for anyone who'd like to exercise. But exercising in a hospital? And... I'm not sure how patient in wheel chair travel up and down...... hmmmmm...... mystery.


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Photos, makeup stuff.

So.. PHOTOS! I didn't take much photos during the trip though. Partly because I keep forgetting to bring my camera out! :X But also we're lazy. hehe.

I'll let most photos do their own talking. Maybe add on some craps if I had more to say. :P

This man was jumping on the rod. ouch.

new phone cover! But it's dirty now so I changed to a new one. :D yay!

SPOTTED! I'm reading.

Church over there. Super pretty!

This is one of the rare days I put on some makeup.
- Milani liquify eyeliner
- Urban decay delux palette
- Canmake bronzer
- Nyx blusher
- Rimmel brow pencil
- Random lipgloss
Yeh I didn't put on any foundation because I was kinda lazy. I just want to run out of the hotel and do random stuffs!!

Church interior

See how the light reflects? Beautiful!

Yeh and I don't even comb my hair when I go out. Really. I didn't bring my comb, neither did I use the hotel comb. :! LAZY!

So... Makeup wise, as I said, I didn't use much.

I probably only used illamasqua rich skin foundation 3 times. Of which, I wore once to meet a friend there! The other 2 times I kinda forced myself to put on because I wanted to try how it works in winter. It is not bad, really. My skin usually peels during the winter. But Illamasqua's rich skin foundation was not too drying for me. I've read wonderful reviews of it being the perfect foundation for oily skin, but I see it working for dry skin too.

I'm wearing that foundation on the last photo, and if you zoom in that one, the appearance of my pores are obviously much smaller than that of first few photos. :) Mind you, that was around 6 or 7 hours after wearing that foundation, with ZERO touch ups. Not even setting powder. I'll continue to use it in Singapore, and write a fuller review on how it works in summer! :D

I've also found that PIXIE's eyeshadow palette is extremely useful! Not only is it compact, it is filled with everything I need apart from foundation! That 1 single palette did me enough for the entire trip!

However I had to bring along a smaller palette for touch ups outside since I LOVE rubbing my eyes! So that'd be Urban Decay's Delux Eyeshadow palette! :D

I'd update on more details on the next post! Time to really unpack everything and wash my smelly clothes. X)