Monday, 31 October 2011

Photoshoot - Model's Look

Hello, I'm showing case of the makeup I've done on my beautiful models last week! :)

As mentioned, I did their makeup in the dark, so I really wasn't able to see well. D: Luckily their looks don't sway too far away from what I pictured!! :D

This is Grace, a very cheery, pretty girl. She already had a full face makeup on already that day. However, when I see her, she did not have much contouring done on her face. Neither did she had much blusher and eyeshadow color on. Well that means she might appear washed out/'flat' on photos. Which is not what we want because they're shooting for a blogshop collection! :)

What I did was to really just add on the bronzer and a little bit of blusher. I also darkened her eyeshadow. Since Grace doesn't have much double eyelid space, I tried to add on definition through creating a 'fake' crease, which is what you could see on her in the photo above.

Products used:
Eyes: Wet&wild eyeshadow palette - Comfort zone + Urban decay naked palette - Sin
Face: Canmake bronzer; can't remember the blush, I just grabbed a random one that day! Sorry!!
Lips: Revlon soft nude

Debby is a extremely kind looking lady! And I she really is alright! :D She had half face makeup done when I met her. Revlon colorstay foundation and some eyeshadow on.

Now I want her to look slightly fiercer, so I tried to create a little more arch on her eyebrow. Didn't do a super obvious change on her this time though because I didn't have the proper tool then. All I had was a brown powder and a very light brow pencil. (I went to this shoot last minute! So I only had a few items with me to work with!)

Also, Debby has a very slim face which makes her look really kind especially that she also have slightly droopy eyes. (Now don't get me wrong, Debby is extremely beautiful with no makeup on too!) So instead of contouring to make her face even skinnier, what I did was to contour upwards, that is to say, we make her face appear shorter/rounder.

As for her eyes, what I did was to really just bring the liner upwards so she'd look more confident. I also blend the eyeshadow upwards so she have a rounder eye shape.

Eyes: Wet&wild palette- Comfort zone
Cheeks: Canmake bronzer, her own blush, ELF studio blush - Twinkle pink
Lips: OCC liptar - Femme topped with Revlon colorstay lipgloss - Hotpink

Bernice is the only one who appeared with totally no makeup on. She is gorgeous! However, her skin is really pale when I see her in the dark. So the first thing I did was to find a foundation that is much darker than her, with a slightly orange undertone. I apply that on her jawline, and blended upwards. Also applied it beside her brows to create shadow. But the most important thing here is that I'm giving her a slightly sunkissed look. I also contoured her nose with that darker shade.

Bernice looks so sweet! And I really want to keep it. What I did was to thicken her brows slightly, giving it a little more arch. As for her eyeshadow, I tried to elongate her eye shape because her eyes is pretty big already! :D

As for her lips, Bernice told me she was afraid of bright colors. So I gave her one of the brightest colors I could find in my kit that day. :P And I told her she looked great with bright colors!

Eyes: Wet&wild palette - Blue Had Me At Hello
Cheeks: I mixed different shades of foundation for contouring; topped with a little bit of ELF studio blush - twinkle pink
Lips: L'Oreal Color Riche lipcolor - Volcanic, Sally Hansen Laqouer Shine lipgloss - Ginger

Another shoot with them coming next week! I'm definitely spending quite some time thinking of face charts/ louder look for them. Stay tuned okay! :D

Photography: Yuehan
Models from:; they've yet to launch their collection for these looks though!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Makeup Ideas: Dark smokey/vampy eyes + Review: Ichikami shampoo

Showing case some of the looks I've done on my models recently!! :D

This is one of my favorite looks of all time! However, definitely not the most wearable look here. You'd scare people off literally! :P

Special thanks to my model, Bianche, and Jaiver as my photographer!

I love how Bianche looked in this photo. Very sexy, sensual, yet feminine.
BTW, guess whats up with the black background? :P Its me with my black blazer!!! Haha we were having this shoot outdoors actually. But I demanded for a black background. So I went behind Bianche with my black blazer, made Javier shoot it. Extremely happy with the effeect! :)

Products used:
Eyes: Maybelline Gel Eyeliner - Black; Any black eyeshadow, I can't remember which black I used; Foundation for the brow bone
Cheeks: Jemma Kid Show Stopper Water Resistant Bronzer; Milani Blush - Sunset Beach; The body shop luminizer
Lips: NYX Honey mixed with a little bit of concealer.

I hope you like this look as much as I do!

Next up, a short review on Ichikami Shampoo I got in thesamplestore order:
What I got was a 12g sachet; and it lasted me around 3 washes since my hair is pretty short. I love how this product smells! Really smells like Sakura home fragrance sold in Jupiter Fragrance store. Love love love it! Apart from the nice smell, it made me hair really clean as well. I didn't experience any itchiness or any more dandruff than what I'd get when I use anti dandruff shampoo! My hair felt soft and smooth as well.

Conclusion: Definitely getting this when if I'm going to Watsons! I am so happy I found this shampoo. X)

Anyway, stay tuned for tmr's post! Will be uploading the photos of the beautiful models I met during my last wk's photoshoot! :D :D

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Review: Lioele Beyond Solution BB Cream; Lolita Mineral Makeup; Bioderma Makeup remover

Hi, today's post is going to be a review on the goodies I got from thesamplestore! :D Quite some photos today, I really hope these helps!! :D

1. Lioele Beyond Solution BB Cream:
I drew a line in between using my brow pencil so you could see the diff easily! (:

Left side: No BB cream
Right side: Lioele Beyond Solution BB Cream
Well, fair coverage, it did managed to mask a little of my veins. However, as you could see, this BB cream does reflect some light and it really does make the right side whiter. Not a photo friendly product for sure. Besides that, I also find that this BB cream is extremely hard to blend! I really got to work it onto my face when I applied it.

My skintype: Combination; Normal - Combi I'd say
This is how my face looked after wearing it for around 7 hours. Well, it stayed on pretty well, but noticed how oily my face looked? I did touch up a little in between because I was out and I really don't want my face to look too shiny. Take a look at the photo below: Where I used a setting powder to matte out the left side of my face:

Noticed that the left side of my face doesn't reflect too much light and the right side went totally crazy with the reflection.

Conclusion: I will not spend my money on this particular BB cream. However, it could work with you if your skin is fairer; and that you have a dry-combi skin type. Never get this if you have dry skin because then you'd pull your skin more to blend it. IF you already have this foundation, and you don't want to just throw it away, mix just a little bit of moisturizer so it blends easier.

Lolita Mineral Makeup:
This is what I used for matting out my face X)
Lolita Mineral Makeup! Its not the smoothest setting powder on earth, but it does a pretty good job in mattifying my face.

Conclusion: I'm not sure how much this cost but if it is under the $15 price range, definitely grab it. Otherwise ELF does the same thing :P

Bioderma Makeup remover:
Yes! I look funny don't I! Haha.. I removed my makeup using Bioderma Makeup remover. And I am really really impressed!!! Removed my makeup well, plus it does not feel oily or heavy at all. It just felt like water!

Full face makeup removed. And... Guess how much of the product I've used:
YES!!! its like only 2ml?! The sample is 10ml btw. So I think I only used around 2ml of products and my makeup was totally gone.

Conclusion: I was blown away! Definitely picking this up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Just got to double check where I could get this baby.

Say hello to my Clarisonic! :D I used Clarisonic to clean my face after using Bioderma Makeup remover. Really quite impressive! This brush head is often brown had I not used proper makeup remover.
Clean clarisonic.
Clarisonic is my LOVE.

I hope that my reviews helped! And no complains tt its too long! X)

Fall makeup look

Hi, today I'm doing a fall makeup look. This is the season that really draws me into darker tones - purples, grey-brown, reds, very dull colors.

Yet I came out with a pretty bright lipstick look. My inspiration was definitely the Christmas! This color reminds me of the holiday, happiness despite the cold whether during fall.

Is is one of those looks I'd never dared to wear in the past. I wouldn't have tried anything red, anything too bright or dark. But you really got to experiment with different shades everyday. Who knows! Red could be your best color!

Eyes: Urban decay NAKED palette: Darkhorse & Hustle all over the top and bottom eyelid; creep for outer V and lower lid; sin+virgin for inner corners; smog around the center of top lids

Cheeks: BareMinerals Faux tan bronzer, Milani baked blush - Luminoso

Lips: NYX Eros + L.A colors Blackberry

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

October Bellabox

YESSSSS!!!! The title. My October Bellabox is FINALLY hereeeeee..
(I have another post for today actually, but I had to do the bellabox first because I've been waiting for it for weeksss! So come back tomorrow if you'd like to see a fall inspired makeup + thesamplestore product review!)

Story: My bellabox is supposed to reach me 2wks ago or so but I waited, and waited, no postman arrived. I emailed bellabox and got a tracking number. I called the post office immediately but they needed the delivery slip! WHICH. I obviously don't have because that freaking postman never even come!

So, I went to the post office myself! and... DEMANDED for my bellabox! :D :D It was really easy for me to spot my bellabox because it is the only big and pink thing there. :P

This is how the box looks like.

Then... Another box inside a pink box. It is like... w00t! I'm gonna open the pink box and get my surprise ~~ then the green box said, 'NO WAY! U gt to go through me too!!'

Naughty green box. :D

And then the same old trick, here comes another layer of white wrapping paper, 'and go through me toooo'

Ok there's also a piece of paper whr they tell you the products you're getting and also notes from the bellabox team.

Naughty white paper that's stopping me from viewing my gifts!!


This is how it looks like when I opened up everything.

L - R - Down
Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener
Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid
OPI Avojuice Skin Quenchers
Oscar De La Renta Esprit D'Oscar

Now... See the problem here... There is 3 hair products out of the 5 Bellabox sent! D: It is supposed to be a beautybox and I was hoping and hoping for some makeup products then I realised there were 3 that're hair products, 1 hand cream, 1 perfume and 0 makeup related stuff.

Hair products: I don't really care for hair products because my hair is still short now, plus I don't like it when my hair look too sleek and shiny, that makes my face look flat. But I'll still give these products a try! Because I paid $15 for the box remember....

Hand cream: I don't normally apply hand cream because Singapore is so hot, I feel that hand creams can sometimes make my hand feel oily. But I have to say I like this one I got. The scent is really nice and it doesn't feel sticky. :D

Perfume: I love fragrances! LOVE smelling good. And I think I could be loving this one that I got. I'll wear it for a few more days and if I still love it as much I might buy it. Just got to make sure that my bf doesn't mind the smell. :D hehe. Girls you don't want to get something you love then your bf hates and then he don't want to hold ur hands right :P

I'm not happy with this month's bellabox, but then again, hopefully they're coming out with brilliant products next month. :D We'll see how it goes!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

OOTD for office ladies + Styling tips with scarf

Fall is coming, and I gt so inspired that I bought 2 new scarfs! And... I thought I'll share my styling tips it with you! :D
(Now yes, yes I know theres no fall in Singapore, but shopping centres are so cold!!)

I paired my scarfs with a classic office wear today:
Basic white top: H&M
Black bodycon skirt: G2000 (I think)

1. Green Scarf. This green color scarf reminds me of Christmas! It is of the exact color as Christmas trees! It is such a neutral color so it is perfect for office!

In this photos, I just coil the scarf around my neck. A tip here though, try not to make the scarf too tight around your neck otherwise it'd look soo stiff. Also, show some of your neck so we kiss our round faces goodbye!

Hehe trying to get friendly with my flower here.

Full body shot: I paired my attire with a pair of black wedges because I only want the scarf to stand out, so keeping anything else muted. Also, black heels could never go wrong. Right? :)

To accentuate the green scarf even more, I paired my attire with a dark maroon colored belt. Since they're contrasting colors, adding a red belt also balance the entire look a little. You could try wearing a maroon colored heels if you don't have a belt.

Haha nw u know the set up in my tiny house.

Yellow scarf: I wasn't sure if I'd like this one at first, but upon trying it on, I FELL IN LOVE!

This scarf has gt its colors nicely balanced. If it were just yellow, it'd clash with my skin tone. But adding a touch of purple is great! I feel that this scarf makes such a nice pop of color for a dull office wear!

Full body shot. Again, I go with the black heels because I don't like the idea of having too much color in this set of office wear. You still want to look serious! Right? (:

Well we could never miss out the makeup part!! Because it is my favorite.
I didn't have much idea on the exact makup look I was going for, but I know for sure that I dont want anything too earth toned. Now office life is getting boring with just the earthy shades!

I used Wet&wild coloricon eyeshadow collection in Petal Pusher for this eye makeup. But any purple eyeshadow quad would do. Just make sure that the purples doesn't contain too much pink undertones.
I went pretty light on my cheeks and lips because I feel that a office lady would look a little too fierce if red bold lips and they might appear too much of an act cute with hot pink cheeks.
Cheeks: ELF studio blush in twinkle pink, Stila bronzing powder
Lips: I suck at remembering what I used!! gosh, but I think it is Revlon colorburst lipstick in candy pink, topped with Sallyhansen Lacquer Shine in Ginger.

I hope you enjoy the post and had a wonderful wkend!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Sample Store 'Haul'

SO! I got some samples from thesamplestore! :D
Products I've got:
1. Bioderma Makeup remover. I've heard RAVES about this product and not sure where I could find it! Glad to see this sample popping out and OF COURSE i HAD to get it!
2. Lolita Mineral Makeup. Well I have no idea which company this thing is from etc, so I just google searched it. Still found nothing much, but anyway I got their oil control powder sample just to try it out. :P
3. Ichikami sampoo&conditioner. Been wanting to get the full sized item forever!! However I've got the most sensitive scalp, and I get dandruff like crazy if I use the wrong shampoo. So I'm glad I got a sample of this to try out first. Apparently this product is Sakura scented! Can't wait to use it.
4. Lioele Beyond solution bb cream. Hehe I got this also because I just cant get enough of makeup! :P

Anyway I'm really pleased with thesamplestore! I got my items within 4 days of my order, and I only paid $3 for everything, inclusive postage.
Stupid Bellabox, I've yet to get my box now!? And I paid $15. Apparently its with the post office already though. Got to call them again on Monday I guess. I mean why could thesamplestore deliver my items so quickly when I only paid $3, while Bellabox, which is supposed to be more high class took more than 2 wks! What is the point of me paying 5 times more then. Give me service that is 5 times better too!

More photos like this coming tmr!!! :D
Will be showing some scarfs I got paired with this outfit!

I'll also do some reviews on the products I gt frm thesamplestore once I tried them out. :D

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Sharing some of my fav makeup looks! Or rather photos. (:

Done with my face. Now something new......
Tadah! :D I went for a makeup session for a photoshoot earlier! Photographer sent me a few photo as preview. Shall update more once he sent me everything!

I am so happy that everything turned out pretty good! I only slept 1.5 hours yesterday night! Had entire day of lessons and went straight to the shoot. Almost decided to pull out because I was so sleepy. But I'm glad I went. xD

Models are gorgeous! The only pity is that the studio we went to doesn't have proper lights. I couldn't even see what I was doing with the model's makeups! So happy that I didn't mismatch foundation color!! Feeling slightly nervous though, pray hard I did nothing too wrong in the dark!

Anyway stay tuned! I'll let you guys know the website of this blogshop once the collection is out!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

2011 Halloween Look #2

I came out with another Halloween look for this October! :)

Again, nothing fancy, just using tools you already have. - foundation, eyeshadows, gel eyeliner, lipstick.
Inspiration: A old, dirty doll.

Spare me if the photos are not the best! It is really hard to get good lighting in my room!

I stippled on the foundation instead of brushing them in to press down my eyebrows. Contoured my face using dark grey eyeshadow together with my usual bronzer. Dark grey color would only work if you are creating something old and ragged. I wouldn't advice grey as cheek color for daily makeup! :X

Then drew a fake brow much higher than my original brows using gel liner. I used my foundation to sculpt my lips such that it look slightly smaller, then applied a dark red color.

I then used grey eyeshadow to brush through my face to give that dirty look. As for the eyes, you really only need black eyeshadow! :)

Super easy look.

Ta dah! Full outfit. Again, sorry for the background, my room isn't that big after all! :)

Are you going to dress up for halloween? Or would you stay at home.... just like me. :P