Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Whino and room

So I tried publishing Whino's photos yesterday but it doesn't seem to show up! Here's an updated post on his photo!! :D

And I packed my entire room yesterday - THE WHOLE NIGHT. Ya I started at around 3am and ended at 9am. Threw lots of trash, mopped floor, wiped everywhere and packed a nice place for wobert and whino! So excited!!!

Wobert behind and whino's cage infront! :D :D :D incase you're wondering, they're still new to each other so I had to separate them first. It takes a long long time to bond some rabbits. Especially now that wobert is a little aggressive, and whino is dam curious. He'd go close to wobert to disturb her! Such a naughty bunny right!!

Book shelf. Obviously I dont have everything here. In fact most of my books aren't here. But this is my favorite corner now. Nice perfume bottles and bel air lamp. Hmm don't ask me what my toothbrush is doing there though. IDK.

Yay clean room finally. :D

Whino my new love - baby bunny

This is whino! My new love. He is really tiny as compared to wobert! Abandoned by some cruel owner. :( looks around 6-8weeks old to me. Extremely sweet!

Time for coffee. Goodnight!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is definitely one of those days I'd actually look forward to! A little worrying sometimes because you don't want your other half to be spending too much on gifts(Unless of course if your other half is super rich then demand for all the expensive gifts you want!). OR spending too little effort.

I used to tell him how much I love sunflowers but I decided that I didn't want any of it this year on. Maybe I've turned a little more practical. What could a sunflower do to me except for drying up one day and that I have no heart to throw it away. I'd end up having dam alot of dried sunflowers like those I had in my old house. I think my mom forced me to throw away around 30 dried sunflowers when we moved house. And then I got upset for at least 2 weeks. :( dam.

So no sunflowers. And of course no other flowers, they are not practical at all. Though they may look good. Then might as well just buy fake flowers for me? And I told him I only want useful stuff that I might use everyday. I didn't want him to get me any earrings/necklace/bracelets, any form of jewels since I already have tonnes of them from friends and I'm too lazy to wear them. No clothes of course since I got to fit them then no surprise. No makeup stuff also even though I love them, because again I need to like them and I don't think a boy like him knows how to differentiate between good and bad makeup items!

He got me a notebook.
And it totally surprised me!
Even has a pocket at the end of the book for me to store random notes. I have some issues with buying and then using my notebooks. Sometimes I cant bare to use my notebook because they're so pretty, I'd store them for years! Like now I have a notebooks that I've stored for around 6 or 7 years - and I didn't even notice I was storing them until the night I saw this beautiful notebook. But I will be using this one for sure.

Like what he told me, expensive notebooks for expensive thoughts. Because an idea is priceless, and you could make the notebook worth a million.
Love you my dear.

This notebook is from peterpauper,
He got it in Singapore though, I have no idea where it is located. So it'd be great if you are in US. Sg's price is ridiculous. That notebook goes for over $30. I'm note sure if peterpauper ships overseas though, love all their notebooks!

And a spectacles holder. I've been lazy so I sorta waved my contact lenses goodbye and wear only specs now. Most of my clients calls me the spectacles girl. And I kept misplacing mine. I'd wake up one morning and go, WHERE IS MY SPECS! I'd make him look all around the house to find my specs for me if he was with me. Love this baby so much, though I didn't tell him that.
Again, no idea where in sg he got this from.

My Valentine's day this year is rather quiet, no romantic dinner dates, neither did we stay out all day hugging each other. We just had a simple dinner with daddy at a kopitiam, took bus home. But this is one of the best days I've spent. Simply because I received such a precious gift from someone who put in so much effort into observing me.

She's eating veggies while standing up!

Monday, 20 February 2012

What I've been up to.

I'm probably one of the worst blogger/friend/shopping friend etc. I just find it so hard to keep up with everything in life because I'm so busy! I changed my phone number around 3 month back but I think I've only informed like 20 people. And since I lost my old phone, I lost all my contacts too. :( I never even sms one of my best friend my new number. CRAP!

Ok so I attended a wedding recently and I finally have my hair long enough to do a formal hairdo. :D
Hmm not like you could see my hair.. Haha! But Iphone's front camera suck. but I went with a easy eye that day. Used UD naked 1 palette. Simple lips/cheeks.

Their back camera is really good though. The photo above is not even the full resolution one. :D I hate to spend too much time dolling up which is weird because I'm a makeup artist. But I did find a pair of earrings and necklace! :D went with a simple black wedges and a bag which doesnt suit my outfit at all. Time to shop for a bag......

Hmm this is what I took with my iphone for the look 2/3 posts back. :D

:D except for the finger at the bottom right.

Mhy w0berT of course, to end the post.
She's still a little scared. Silly lil shitting animal! She shit an average of 150 pcs of shit each day! Natural talent. But I still love her. Hehehe and she kisses me now. YAY.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Wearing Red Eyeshadow

Red eyeshadow is big this season. We see more of red eyeshadow looks than ever before on runway shows now. While it might the 'trend' now, it is extremely hard to wear out. Especially if you are thinking of the straight out red eyeshadow look.

It is however, not impossible to wear at all. Just make sure you're daring, or you've got a pair of thick lashes or glasses. :D

I have on none today, but still going to upload some photos I've taken - with my laptop. Because my camera is not with me now. D:

Step 1: Foundation. And concealer. I've used concealer only because a lot of my foundations are not with me now. Those with me are a little too dark.
Monster. But it is important to conceal all redness. You're going for a red eyeshadow look. So other than the eyes, you do not want any redness.

I've already used some darker foundations on my face to balance out with scary concealers. Then, I'm gonna use a red lipstick to prep my eyes for the red color.

88 color metal palette(Find it under the over 10 color section. This palette is gonna be pretty useful if you do not like too much bright colors. Shades are all pretty metallic/shimmery so I'm quite sure you wouldn't end up applying too much).

So this is what you often see from shows. Just red. Nothing else.
Hmm my camera isn't showing well but its red.

This is how I'd wear it though. With a little bit of blush and lipstick. Red toned of course.

Extended the eyeliner a little in front. :)

Wearable? a not.

Ok. so my rabbit is around 5 months old now and she is acting... HORNY.
Thats how she treated me too. DAM! I thought she wanted me to hug her initially then I realise she's humping. She's also been peeing on sofa etc to mark her area due to sexual maturity. I'm getting her fixed in a month or so, once she reach the age for spaying. Spaying is really good for rabbits, especially female rabbits because it removes the pain of them getting ovarian cancer later. Which over 90% of female rabbits get them. :( I'm just worried she'd be in great pain due to the surgery.