Thursday, 21 March 2013

Too many accidents

It is alright to sleep on the MRT. 100% fine. It just isn't all that fine when a man asleep KEPT 'accidentally' tilt his head and lie on your shoulder. It is not fine when a man asleep KEPT dropping his itchy hand from his bag and then 'ACCIDENTALLY' touches your butt - AGAIN.and AGAIN like it is for FREE. The worse thing that could happen at this point of time is that you can't get up also since the train is so freaking packed.

Thankfully the uncle sitting beside me noticed this pervert. He shifted one seat for me. Once I moved, another girl sat down. And there goes the sleepy man's 'accidents' again.

ok done.

Friday, 15 March 2013

I'd rather have sex with a prostitute

You'd be surprised, but that was what a very decent guy friend of mine said.

A friend of mine dropped by yesterday (Not to talk about sex obviously). He wanted me to wake him up as he liked this girl for more than a year, just to find out that she already has a boyfriend 3 days back. Ever since, he hasn't been eating. Nor is he doing his work properly. And if you happen to be a sad boy like him, my one and only advice is to just.. give up la, nth happened bet u 2, and nth happened now still. So no one loses anything. Moreover, this girl isn't even in Singapore now..... That's exactly what I said... Am I bad at this or what........

K back to the title. He then told me his poor lady friend got disturbed by some perverts to go sun tan in bikini.
Him: How could you meet a friend just to leech her like that?
Me: But isn't it normal that a lot of guys think that way?
Him: If I had a girlfriend, and I had the urge to have sex, I'd rather find a prostitute.
Me: Fuck. Why? Isn't that insulting to your girlfriend? She'd think you prefer prostitute to her.
Him: But I refuse to disrespect her. And I don't want to make use of her for my own desire.
Me: Isn't that weird? What if your girlfriend prefer you to have sex with her than a prostitute??
Him: NO. There is no way I will disrespect her.
Me: K what if she wants it. She is horny and she wants it.
Him: Then no choice.....

I kept thinking this friend is too extreme already and honestly this is my first time hearing this kinda thing, But men like that exists. This friend wouldn't even talk to me about the type of girls he like when we first know each other around 4 years back because to him, that is being disrespectful towards me.

I told my boyfriend about this that evening and though my boyfriend's thinking isn't like that at all, he told me this, 'I respect him for the response. Maybe the girlfriend would be offended and felt cheated, his intentions were good.'
He then added, 'But I'll still prefer to have sex with girlfriend instead of prostitute.'

Now what do you think.


Wednesday, 13 March 2013


MRT rides are usually time for me to make the most out of my phone. Emails . Music . Web surfing. 
Goodbye to all the above since I lost my phone. I've been using the most lao-cok-cok phone on earth. A phone that even my 76year old uncle doesn't want anymore D:

Reminds me exactly how life was back in secondary school. The only difference is that I couldn't get use to typing via the numbers anymore. The other day I replied a sms and it took me 5 minutes. By the end of it, my fingers hurt. DAMN. 

I think I am getting use to life without a smartphone now. Been spending a lot more time looking around the train and eavesdropping whatever others have to say about life. 

ok ran out of things to say. 

and. I've been stealing my bf's phone almost everyday now -- hehe.


Monday, 11 March 2013


I'm not just referring to myself being missing for such a long time.

I'm referring. to. my iphone. D: Some thief has stolen my iphone last week. From my work place! Ok great. Now my entire year of photos and sms-es... games........ are gone. D: Oh and contacts. Which currently, I only have like 5/6 contacts.

The way this theft worked out is just magic - plain magic(TRAGIC)
I left my phone in my drawer, and I walked out for merely 30seconds. The thief opens my drawer, unplugged my phone from my charger and escaped. I didn't remember how this guy/girl looks like. Called my phone, and this idiot thief actually bothers to pick up the phone! He/she didn't speak of course. Otherwise I'd know if it's a guy or girl. But I did hear the Ez-link card tapping sound. This guy must have went on the bus.

I called the police later and had my report done. Of course, I have no more than 1% chance of getting my phone back even after the phone report.

Folks. This incident taught me some things - and I'll pass it down to anyone with a smart phone.
1. Find my iphone isn't good enough. It doesn't update fast enough. So you better download a stronger software - like the one that takes a photo of the thief once he key in wrong passcode 3x.
2. Set a passcode. so the thief's photo could be taken. Even if he throws your phone, he will certainly be embarrassed. Or found.
3. Do not send your phone message saying your phone has been tracked - the thief will just take out your sim card and use it w/o 3G
4. Report your IMEI number, stated on your phone box when you buy your phone. In that way, anyone who gets your phone will be automatically deem as committing a crime. This will not help much but it is a way to freak the thief out. for a while. yeh.

My IMEI is: 013031006460869.... So if you happened to buy a Iphone4s from stranger, please check it. Fastest way is to call: *#06#  and IMEI number will appear. Report to police immediately if you happened to be holding on to a stolen phone. And save yourself the trouble of committing some stupid crime.

just a fun convo with the police officer the other day:
Him: Are you sure Find my iphone works? How accurate it is?
Me: Quite accurate, usually its a couple meters difference from actual location.
Me: Haha... Yes.