Sunday, 24 June 2012

Pink Nails

Hi again.

Ok this is not my nail today. This is my nails 2 days before I flew off to Malaysia. :P 

I realise that I quite like pink, just not hot pink perhaps. Anyway, I have no idea where this polish is made in, or what brand it is etc. An extremely nice guy friend of mine got this in Taiwan for me as a part of my birthday surprise! Totally shocked me. Hahaha, my boyfriend would never want to step into cosmetic store to buy this kind of thing for me. 

Ok maybe he would. Whatever.

Quality of the polish is really nice. I only applied 1 coat! Yes one coat, for that shiny, opaque finish. :D Highly recommend everyone to check it out if you're in Taiwan! Which I'm going soon...... hehehe

But it'd never be such a nice color. My bf loves to make me wear colors that either look like his wall or ya turn me into an alien. Did I ever mention that my boyfriend LOVES looking at me when I apply facial masks? Either green clay mask or whatver! He say me = alien = YAY

Now what color should I paint my nails? 

The Big Shampoo - Lush

So i wanna take a break from the body shop banana shampoo&conditioner which I love, and my company's shampoo which I love too.

Been using the big shampoo for 3 days in a row now. I shampoo at least once/twice a day btw so that's 5 usage.

The question: Does it make your hair from hair to HAIR?
No seriously we're just talking about the volume here, not capital letter issue. Lol.

Well not much difference for me though. Bear in mind if you are using moisturising shampoo usually, big shampoo could increase the volume by a little. Not crazy though.

Now a lot of people love big shampoo don't they! I don't!
You got to scoop stuff out via fingers, the sea salt gets stuck in your nails, and it hurts when you try lathering it with the sea salt.

I've read that big shampoo leathers well, bubble like crazy whatever. I SEE NO BUBBLES. Maybe I got to use a lot more of shampoo but what that means one tub of shampoo for 10uses? $30+++? Hmmmm.

Now the results, I'm not amazed. With 30 dollars spent I obviously am looking forward for a little more volume than what I am getting... Moreover the big shampoo kind of dried my scalp. As a result, hello dandruff....... D:

I'm gonna give it a full week usage and update a review if whatever I said changes. :)

By the way. No seriously, your hair is not going to look like what's in the photo :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Look of the day + In-dept June Bellabox product review

BAM! I kept thinking I've posted this already. Then I realise blogger auto 'draft' this post. Hmmm. I originally wrote this 5 days back! Haha.

Since this came late, I might as well do an update on some of the June Bellabox products that I've been trying! I've updated some details on what's on my face list, and will add on some more products at the end of the post. *Excitement* because a product which I thought I'd love turned out to break my skin out! :O 

In this post, I'm wearing sleek storm palette shadows! :D

Foundation:  Biotherm White D-Tox BB cream
I did mentioned this in my June Bellabox post that I really like it because it doesn't create casts etc. However, I totally missed out the part on its coverage, staying powder etcetcetc. So here it is!

Coverage: This is a light coverage foundation. It is so light, it appears lighter than some tinted moisturizer I've used. Definitely much much lighter than Asian BB cream. However, there is something about this foundation that makes my skin look pretty good even though it doesn't cover up anything. If you hate the feeling of being CAKED up, if you like slightly translucent, dewy finish, this could be just the one for you.

Staying powder: The staying powder is only ok I'd say. I always set my foundation with a loose powder if I have the time, so with that, it looks fine after 6 hours or so. However, if you are the one who sweats a lot, and does not like to apply loose powder at all, this BB cream might look TOO dewy after 3 hours or so. My skin type is combination, normal - oily for your reference.

Shades selection: Honestly, I didn't went on googling on this particular BB cream. However, the fact that the light colored foundation that Bellabox thrown in could look alright on my MAC NC37 skin shows that it kind of adjust pretty well! :)

Cheeks: Boujois Baked Blush - 16 Rose
Love this.

Brows: ELF Studio Brow Kit - Dark

I almost forgot I own this stuff until that day when I couldn't find my sharpener to sharpen my brow pencil. Man I love this ELF Brow Kit. Its so easy to work with, and it makes my brow nice. :D 

Eyeshadow Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Eyes Shadow: Sleek storm palette
I used the dark forest green color from the palette on my outter V, well actually two-thirds of my lid all the way to outter V. I used this color to create a 'fake crease' as well. I then used the gold shade from the palette in inner corner as well as centre of the lid.

I thought that I might get some of you wondering where I got sleek palette! Its not sold in SG! But I found a online webstore which carries it, at $20 only. 
Where to find this palette:

Eyeliner: Milani Liquify eyeliner - Black

Mascara: Tarte  Amazonian Clay Mascara

Lips:  Some baby pink lipstick from bodyshop which I cant remember the name + Dior Kiss Lipgloss

Now to the more indept review on June bellabox products..

Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Toner: 
This is not the type of product that feels like water. It does have some sticky feeling to it, which suggests that it is more of a moisturizing toner. However, this product does not really double cleanse your skin as well. If you used any of the Skinfood toner, you might have noticed that when you've not clean your skin enough, your cotton pad would appear yellow/brown when you wipe your face with the toner soaked cotton pad. Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Toner does not double cleanse as well as skinfood toner. However, this is a much more natural alternative. When you have already clean your skin well, this toner feels really good on the skin. The tip is to let this product sit on your skin for around 30 - 60 seconds before applying another Moisturizer for maximum effect.

Kielh's Midnight Recovery Concentrate:
I mentioned this on my previous post on June bellabox. I really liked this initially. However, my skin BROKE OUT because of this. Alright I'll give a little account on how I use this product and how I realise this is the cause of my break out. 

Before using any of the bellabox products this month, I've been testing out skincare/bodycare/shapmoos for my company. This is the series that will be newly launched in 2 - 3 months from now. I've been using it for around 2 months just to test it out and see if I liked it. My skin reacted totally alright to it, I almost had no break out at all. In fact my skin usually doesn't break out easily. 

So when I received Kielh's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, I was trilled. Because my company is doing a series of essential oil products too. I wanted to test it out and compare it a little for feedback. I stopped using my company products, and focused on Kielh's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. The first 2 - 3 days, my skin felt alright, still pretty soft. However, on the 4th day or so, I noticed a HUGE pimple on the left side of my face, along with some small bums all over my entire face. The worse part is that my HUGE pimple on left side of face looked like there is a GIGANTIC blackhead stuck inside. Even my boyfriend noticed it - mind you. my boyfriend can't even differentiate when I wear eyeliner a not. However, I did not suspect it's Kielh's fault, and kind of continue using it until the HUGE pimple becomes even LARGER.

I stopped using it immediately, and switch it back to my company testers 2 days back. My small bums are kind of gone immediately, but the huge bum is still there. D: MAN. My skin don't usually break out from products unless its the time of the month - apart from maybelline foundations, which breaks me out without fail whenever I use it.. So... ya I'm quite sad actually.. I'll wait for my skin to heal first though, then I'm going to try Kielh's Midnight Recovery Concentrate again. Hopefully no breakouts next time. D:

If you're interested in the product though, ask for samples please! I've seen a lot of great reviews. So if it doesn't break you out, I'm sure this would be a pretty good product for you.

Lancome Genifique Youth Activator:
This product is very popular everywhere, so most of you must have read reviews else where. Just my two cents though, this product is very easily adsorbed, it definitely does not appear oily or what so ever. I use this as a day time moisturiser, and I really like it. It makes my makeup stay on better somehow. Which usually, makeup stays a lot better if you moisturize your skin really well.

Lancome Blanc Expert Derm - Crystal:
I layer this on top of Genifique Youth Activator, and yes, moisturizes extremely well, and my makeup stays on my face like a happy girl. :) Should you spend 100 over dollars on these 2 products just so that your makeup stays longer? No girls you don;t need that. Just find a light moisturizer/use Skinfood hydrating ampoule. Does a great job too. I use Skinfood hydrating ampoule on all my clients, and their makeup always look great, lasts for entire night! 

Biotherm White D-Tox BB cream:
Did the review on top already, on what I'm wearing. :)

Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Moisturizer:
I use moisturizers on my leg almost daily because my leg gets really really dry. And when you have very dry skin, you have itchy skin. D:

I like that Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Moisturizer is light, and adsorbs into my skin pretty fast. It'd be really good for those who needs to moisturize the entire body. Because hey girlfriends, I know how it feels like to be naked for like 1hour, waiting for your moisturizer to dry. No I exaggerated on the one hour thing, but you get my point.... Apart from being adsorbed fast, nice texture, I didn't notice any magical thing that happened that makes my leg OH SO SMOOTH. That could be because I'm already using a expensive leg cream from Estebel as well my company's body cream which is pretty good. If you have very dry skin, please ask for a sample before buying Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Moisturizer though, because it has a pretty high price tag for a moisturizer! I'd probably just buy the Vaseline moisturizing lotion that cost less than 10bucks when I'm done with my Estebel leg cream...... Btw. Yes, Vaseline moisturizing lotion is a very good body moisturizer for its price. :D My uncle is sensitive to a lot of body lotion, but Vaseline lotion worked extremely well on him due to its light texture.

Ralph Laurent Romance Perfume:
I like this, my boyfriend like this. But I'm still in love with my Giogio armani aqua di gioa. :D Personal preference!!

Shu Uemura White Efficient Gentle Cleansing Oil:
Well, a very good cleansing oil! You know how it feels like when you are using oil stuff on your face sometimes? It feels oily - duh. and it feels dirty. Shu Uemura White Efficient Gentle Cleansing Oil feels pretty clean after washing it off. Infact, my skin feels pretty smooth after washing it. Removes makeup extremely well too. I'm someone who likes to go over any oil products with a good facial cleanser though. My advice is that everyone, please try to go through any oil based product with a cleanser. WHY: Oil based makeup remover could do the damage to makeup, melts it off, and its not natural/organic stuff. Imagine what happens if you do not wash it off well. It damages your skin girls. 

However, cleansing oils cleans your face much better than normal facial cleanser. That is why I feel that it is worth the money investing in one of these. A clean face adsorbs any product easier. That means a more hydrated skin, a healthy, radiant skin. Then your makeup stays longer too!

I hope this post is not OVERLY long, and hopefully its a little bit helpful! :)
HEY its good to read long posts during boring office hours isn't it! 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Alright! A preview of what makeup I wear today! :D guess which palette I used?


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

June BellaBox open box + review!

Now. Okay. Open box & review happening together? Lol.

I received my bellabox on Saturday afternoon. The postman literally threw the box in between the metal gate and wooden door. But whatever I prefer it that way. So I dont have to call them or collect it. Luckily no one stole it though. :D Tumbs up.

Right! No more rambling! So This month's bellabox is EGGciting. 8 samples! 8 SAMPLES. And girls. I MEAN 8 HIGH END SAMPLES. I get what you guys feel when all you get is OPI hand cream.... twist bands..... Come on. bellabox = high end samples alright! So this month, the entire box is filled with 8 HIGH END goodies! Pretty good size I'd say too. 

Now lets get on.

Ok not like u guys are interested in this. We open the box and see the same thing all the time DANG.

And yeh same stuff.

THIS is what excites us! Lancome... Kiehl's... biotherm, Shu Uemura.

And a few more stuff stuck underneath the samples. Lol. So here's the full list of what I'm getting! :D

I like to look at the value we're getting. So here I am, calculating for you guys again.

Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Toner
Price: 125ml - $54 / 250ml - $78 / 500ml - $110
What we're getting: 40ml
Value: $8.8 - $17.2, depending on what is the original size you want to get.

Kielh's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Price: 30ml - $90
What we're getting: 4ml
Value: $12

Lancome Genifique Youth Activator
Price: 30ml - $130 / 50ml - $170 / 75ml - $210

What we're getting: 5ml
Value: $14 - $21.6

Lancome Blanc Expert Derm - Crystal
Price: 30ml - $175

What we're getting: 5ml
Value: $29.2

Biotherm White D-Tox BB cream
Price: 30ml - $70

What we're getting: 5ml
Value: $11.7

Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Moisturizer
Price: 200ml - $52

What we're getting: 30ml
Value: $7.8

Ralph Laurent Romance Perfume
Price: 50ml - $116 / 100ml - $146

What we're getting: 1.5ml
Value: $2.2 - $3.4

Shu Uemura White Efficient Gentle Cleansing Oil 
Price: 150ml - $58 / 450ml - $155

What we're getting: 20ml
Value: $6.9 - $7.7

Total value of June Bellabox: $92.6 - $110.6, depending on the size of product you might be considering to get. So Tumbs up! I'm very happy with this month's box. I literally paid $15 for $92.6 at least.

REVIEW: So here comes the review. Now I've only gotten this box on Saturdays. So I'm not going to claim I know everything. I have however Tried a few products and I'm ready to give a review of them, mainly based on their texture as well as my prior knowledge of cosmetic products.

Kielh's Midnight Recovery Concentrate:
I don't think I ever mentioned this before, but I used to work for an aroma therapy company, and I get to visit aroma therapy factories, know the difference of grades of essential oils etcetcetc. In fact I still work there now, and I love answering to anything related to aromatherapy. Sadly though, this company I'm working for is currently doing just home fragrance. However hope is not gone! They'd be doing a whole new line of skin care series, including 100% pure essential oil which is of extremely high grade. When I mean high grade, I mean it. I'm working for Jupiter Fragrance located at Bukit Merah central in case anyone of you are interested in home fragrance for now. Lol. Skincare range... I might do a review when it launches - which should be in 2 - 3 months. I've already been testing a few of their stuff now but I cant.say.what.they.are yet.

Ok. I got carried away by aromatherapy. Thats me. My train of thought is just. EVERYWHERE. Back to the concentrate. This bottle of oil is made of different type of essential oil including Lavender, Evening primrose etc.

Now I know a lot of us love Lavender because THAT is the THING that helps with insomnia that so many of us suffers. HOWEVER. some of us HATE it, because it just may not smell the way we want them. But this product is fine. it smells pretty mild and soothing, nothing bothering me. Lavender essential oil and evening primrose is also good for pimples/scars etc. Now this is what most don't know about. I have to say that this oil did made my skin a little better. I've used it for 2 nights straight, and I did realise one of my pimple scar look slightly better. The oil also sunk into my skin pretty quickly, and it feels really light. Which shows that it must be of a pretty good grade oil ( Now looking at the price, this obviously has to be good. ). For the price, its pretty worth it.

Note that good, pure essential oil ranges from $50 - $200+ for 10ml. This product is a pretty good blend of essential oil and base oil. It will improve texture of skin, and I'd recommend this to any ladies working in air conditioned room, suffering from some acne etc.

Of course, if you want anything purer/concentrated. Wait for the company I'm working for. Ok. :P

Lancome Genique youth activator:
I've heard so much about this stuff. And honestly. I'm scared to love this. Imagine 100+ dollars for around 2 months of usage? Hmmmm. Just on face. But first impression is pretty good! It gets adsorbed into my skin pretty fast. I used this in the morning before applying my makeup. I still need more time to experiment before giving a better review though.

Biotherm White D-Tox BB cream:
I wore this BB cream today. Now there is a difference between western BB cream, and Asian BB cream. Whenever we hear BB cream in Singapore, its like. Asian BB cream. And trust me, all my clients, I mean ALL. Are damn scared of bb creams due to the SCARY white cast. Because Asian BB creams make use of this sunblock/anti inflammation & thickening material called Titanium Dioxide. That is a very natural ingredient, however, it reflects light like CRAZY. That is how it bounce off sunlight and protects our skin against UVA/B++ etc. Western BB cream though, does not make use of Titanium Dioxide. It uses, well i cant remember what that thing is called. I wrote about sunscreen in one of the posts in Flowerpod forum, mentioned about it but I cant think of it now. There are just too many different names for Western BB cream! Ok!

Anyway it works by sorta reacting with the UVA/B++, it blocks the UVA/B++ and does not reflect as much as asian BB cream.

I've taken some photos while wearing this BB cream. Honestly, I'm surprised. This is SPF 25, and it has almost no white cast at all! :D

Taken without flash, by my window. No cast.

Taken with flash, in door. My flash is around my arm length by the way. Almost no white cast!

Of course, this BB cream is slightly lighter than my skin tone, so I had to add some bronzers on top of it.

In case you're interested in this makeup, its super easy.
I used the blackout from UD naked 2 all over my lid, blended with busted and then smooth it out a little with tease.

Lips again, my dior kiss glosses, LOVE IT.

Cheeks is just Milani baked blush in Luminoso.

Ok. Thats all for now, I'll do a favorite things from Bellabox so far soon, as well as another review on other products. Note that I skipped last month;s box because it arrived like 1 day before I flew off, so I didn't had time for it. I did however threw the box into my luggage and tried most of their stuff. I'd review them soon. :)

Hopefully this post is helpful!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bronzed Makeup look + OPI Eiffel for this color & Essie Marshmallow Nails.

Hey there, so I'm here again! lol wth that intro sounds idiotic. But whatever.

I went out with my good friend yesterday, and I thought I should re-paint my nails! So I pulled out my Essie nail polish in Marshmallow - a shade which I bought but never tried before. :X

Ended up that the shade is pretty sheer. I took photo of 1st/2nd/3rd coat:

Yeh first coat. Its kind of uneven. But I'm not bothered at this stage because a lot of polishes are uneven via first application anyway. Plus I sat in front of my fan so the speed at which the polish dries is different, thus even more uneven shit.

Ok my index finger is the one with 2 coats and my middle finger gets 3 coats. So as you can see, the 3 coat is actually a pretty good color. Ring finger = 1 coat of course. If you had more patient than me and waited for the in between coats to dry completely before applying the next, your nails would end up looking better than mine. Ok.

And yeh did I say I wasn't patient enough? I went on and wear my clothes&stuff before the polish dries since I'm a little late already. DANG. all my polish got ruined. D: OH NOOO. its like the ugliest nail polish ever. So on the above photo you see the disaster..... Not the ring finger though, that's what I'm showing you next!!!! :D

I bought a new nail polish from OPI, called Eiffle for this color while shopping with my friend! I've been wanting something like this forever!!!! A dark shade that has a tint of purple, but not the blue tone type.

So this is how it looks like first coat.

Second coat. YAY. Looks pretty good! LOVE this! :D :D :D

Moving on to makeup. I didn't had time to take a photo of my makeup before I ran off to my meeting! So I took it when I'm back home instead. :) Of course I had to do some touch ups since I'm out for like 10 hours at least.

Before moving to listing the products used, look at my earrings!!!! I bought it while I'm out with my friend! OMG I LOVE THIS! If I were to make a what is my favorite post, that earring would be included.

Products used:

Foundation: Graftobian High Definition creme foundation - Golden Sunset & Vixen

I love this foundation! This is a ALL TIME MUST HAVE in my makeup kit whenever I do bridal makeup/prom makeup.. Whatever makeup it is, I always have a few of these. Cream foundations are extremely easy to blend, and creates a flawless coverage without looking cakey. Cream foundations is one of the only kind that allows me to contour at the foundation stage. Less is more, and when you could contour + foundation at the same step, it means 1 less layer of product!

Now this thing cost 15USD for 0.5 oz, which might seem like hey not bad a deal what. But look closely. 1 oz = 30usd. Which is even more expensive than a lot of high end foundations including estee lauder! But then again, this is pretty worth it because of the effect it gives. I didn't even use a setting powder above.

Cheeks: Too faced Ooh La Rouge - Avant Garde

 Not the best blush on earth but it does its job

Brows: Rimmel Eye Pencil - Hazel & Dark brown

Now if you noticed my brows looking a little different, I finally plucked my brows! Haha I hate plucking my brows because they're virtually invisible so I cant really be bothered. Moreover whenever I pay for brows to be plucked, they make a mess! One side of my brows would definitely look higher. UGLY. So I did it myself. Having a clean set of brows makes makeup application so much easier. 

When I perform makeup on my clients, most of the time they come with brows clean already. Other times I'd pluck a little for them if I brought my tools lol.

Eyeshadow Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Eyes Shadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

All over the lid: Mix Half baked, chopper & snakebite
Centre of the lid: Chopper + half baked 
Inner corner: Half baked
Outter corner:  Snakebite + a little of busted
Bottom lid: Busted + snakebite
Brow Bone: Foxy

Eyeliner: None

Mascara: Tarte  Amazonian Clay Mascara

Lips:  NYX strawberry milk + Dior Kiss gloss - Red Currant

Nyx strawberry milk on its own makes me look like the most sick girl on earth. However, when topped with red currant lipgloss from dior, it gives me this slightly plumped, glossy finish, which I really love. Dior glosses are my FAVORITE.

This suns up my 3rd Urban decay naked 2 look. Lets call it bronzed makeup look. lol.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Dinner at Shangrila - The Line + makeup&outfit!

Hey everyone! So I'm back with my Shangrila trip makeup&outfit! :D If you're thinking... man this girl is rich. No I'm not. It just so happen that the lady I'm staying with works in Shangrila Hotel as a cleaner. She's been working really hard there and took zero sick leave. That is why Shangrila gave her The Line's dining voucher for 2. Since she's a vegetarian, she just pass me the voucher so I could eat it with my bf. 

I went with a fairly neutral makeup. When you go for a nice dinner date etc, the last thing you wanna do is to wear fancy colors. ie green/blue/yellow...

 Products used:
Foundation: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation - 006 Medium Beige

Cheeks: Bourjois Baked Blush - 16 Rose

Cheeks: Bonne Bell Bronzer - Glimmer Bronze

Brows: Rimmel Eye Pencil - Hazel

Eyeshadow Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Eyes Shadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette 2
All over the lid: Foxy + Tease
Centre of the lid: Verve
Inner corner: Verve
Outter corner:  Busted + Black out
Bottom lid: Busted + black out
Brow Bone: Foxy

Eyeliner: Milani Liquify Pencil - Black

Mascara: Tarte  Amazonian Clay Mascara

Lips:  Canmake cream rouge lipstick - 03 as a stain + Dior lipgloss (can't remember the shade)

Ok now the fun part - FOOD. I'll let the photos do its own introduction, and then jump in and intervene if I happen to have any random stuff to say! :D 

 Sashimi is super fresh!!!!! This could be the BEST sashimi I've had so far.


Yumms x 5

This is like whatever man. hawker food taste better. Shame on you The Line!

So yupps by now I'm a happy girl, and my tummy is filled with foodies.

Ok I took this photo in Shangrila hotel's toilet. And here comes a little creepy story.
So the toilet is completely empty, and I know it because DUH i was standing front of a huge mirror and no one is around. All the toilet doors are open too. So I did a bit of touch up because my face is super oily after wearing my revlon foundation for like 12 hours already. And then the freaking hand drying machine started by its own......

Initially I thought alright this dryer is weird. And I continued to touch up.... Until the moment I took out my camera and took this photo... The moment I press the button, the dryer went on again! freak! By this time my heart beat super fast and I ran out. Oh well. I'm still feeling scared now and I dont dare to see if there is anything behind that photo AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Ok enough of ghost story. I dont want to think of it anymore lol.


So I wore this forever21 dress out! This is one of my favorite pieces. It hugs the body well and doesnt look like, 'girl, your entire boobies and butt is hanging out' And I think it cost like 21usd when I got it. Lasted me around 1.5 years already I think?

Ok I'm not the type who wears a whole bunch of jewels around. I only go out with my specs and my fossil watch, which is my favorite as well. My boyfriend got that for me a year plus ago, and I've been wearing it everyday. 

More looks via UD Naked 2 palette soon! 2 more in my camera already done. :D yay. 


Friday, 8 June 2012


Ok I didnt have e time to transfer photos yet, but I took a picture of what I did w urban decay naked 2! :)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Go out look + product reviews

Okay. So I went out with my group of buddies today so I decided to put on some makeup. Since I'm going out with a group of boys, I didn't want to go crazy with makeup. Well guys don't really appreciate them! They generally don't like any non-earth toned colors. They'd think you look like an alien or some weirdo if you wear green shadow for example. Then thinking that you might be a chicken if you wear blue shadow (Just saying). 

So I pulled out my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. YES! I got naked 2 palette as my birthday present this year! However, I've not really been experimenting it. In fact, I finally got Sleek storm palette too - which I've been using quite a bit.

But okay. So here's the look I've created.

Foundation: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation - 006 Medium Beige
I used to love this, but then I lost it while I was travelling overseas. Never Bought it again until my recent trip to Penang. Its only $18+ in the Budget terminal in sg!! I had to get it again - and I fell in love again. This foundation contains a SPF 20, but it photographs beautifully. It contains glitters but it is so flattering even on my not-so-smooth-face.

Cheeks: Bourjois Baked Blush - 16 Rose
This is one of my favorite cheek products, but I almost forgot I own this! It gives me such a healthy glow. The little bit of shimmer it contains gives me a very subtle high lighting effect as well.

Cheeks: Canmake blush duo - 01
I used the pink color in this duo only at the apple of my cheek to give it a little  bit more pink since the Bourjois one is kind of sheer. You do not need to do this if you have pinky cheeks. I'm really pale so I needed that little bit of help.

Brows: Rimmel Eye Pencil - Hazel
My favorite brow pencil - forever. Its cheap and good. No complains.

Eyeshadow Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Eyes Shadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette 2
All over the lid: Suspect
Centre of the lid: Chopper
Inner corner: Booty call
Outter corner:  Snake bite + Busted
Bottom lid: Snake Bite + Busted
Brow Bone: Foxy

Eyeliner: Milani Liquify Pencil - Black
Lined the top lash line and half way across the bottom.

Mascara: Tarte  Amazonian Clay Mascara
This mascara has great staying power, and it is really easy to remove too. That is why I love it. Amazonian clay is really good for you as well, so that is a BIG plus! :D

Lips: EOS lipbalm + Canmake cream rouge lipstick - 03

Staying power:
I took the below 2 photos at 10pm, which is around 11 hours after wearing the makeup. I did not touch up at all. No loose powder, no lipstick/lipbalm. Obviously my lipstick is 100% gone since I ate like 3 meals. Haha. But the eye makeup held up pretty well! :D

Yups, this is me with my specs. I don't really leave home without specs nowadays. It just makes me life so much easier, and I never have to worry about sand going into my eyes while I wear contacts. :)

I did 8 different looks using urban decay 15th anniversary palette, and I'm hoping to do a few different looks using urban decay naked 1 and 2 palette. Hopefully I'd be able to show case at least 2 looks from each palette by the end of next week! :D

Anyway, here's the links to the 8 different looks via 15th anniversary palettes if you're interested! :D
look 1:
look 2:
look 3,4,5,6:
look 7:
look 8: