Wednesday, 24 July 2013

life is a. .blah

I am taking a break from my usual lifestyle recently. Was really working from 9am - 10pm daily before this. It was so tiring! I just want to strangle everybodyyyyyyyyy.

I'm stressed up pretty easily I guess, and I don't 100% give myself breaks. When I say breaks, I usually still work - so that kind of suck.

Did some interesting stuffs recently:
1. Tried to match-make my male&female friend --- which was not a success. It got a bit weird and. sad. and I feel kind of bad for it. too bad.
2. Met up with my long lost friends --- most of my friends went on exchanges this year. All have returned. Really glad they're all safe and happy about the trip. Apart from one who got 'deported' back to SG. LOL! Its one of my best friends but I can't help to laugh about it. What a jackass. Well she obviously is still a happy girl though.
3. Met up with not so long lost friends --- I have not had a girls' night out for a really long time. Had it earlier, and I have to say its great. No one talks shit more than a bunch of girls. well. a guy friend of mine joined but it was still fun. though I could sense him feeling really really bored. :x
4. Finished almost all my chores in 1 day --- I can tututu like crazy sometimes because I am lazy. or whatever lame reasons. But today, I met a client, I delivered goods, I issued 3 invoices and collected cheques, went out with 2 separate groups of friends and remembered to shit.
5. Spent a lot of money. Shoes for bf, wallet for dad, myself, makeup, clothes --- this is bad.

Ok bye.