Saturday, 29 September 2012


I went JB with my boyfriend and uncle today for some herbal duck that my bf went back and forth with me, telling me how delicious it is! Well it is good, but I'm more excited with THISSSSSSSSS!!!!!

INGLOT!! Omg before I went to jb, I was online, looking at the directory of city square mall. And no! I didn't see inglot being included. So I was kind of bleh i'm sad etc. 

5 minutes before I left JB, I looked down on the first floor. HOLLYSHIT!! I went down, and girls, if you're into MAC eyeshadows etc, its time to move on. Inglot produces such great quality, smooth eyeshadow that I was carried away! Obviously I got some things. 

I don't really care for the packaging some how.... 

I bought one of their eyeshadows in #402, and this is how it looks like:

Well not the most interesting color in inglot, but I went there with no research so I just picked something I feel would suit everybody. This may not be a shade that suits me the best, but it is going to suit all my clients - which is the most important to me as a makeup artist. You could screw up your own face and make yourself a clown but you wouldn't want to screw somebody's face up! Especially that I do wedding makeup most of the time. So should I screw anyone's face up, I'm gone. 

I'll do a review and reasons as to why I chose this color out of everything else. Which I kind of wish I chose the 3 color pans now but not too much regrets. :)

I got a blush too! in #02. I'm not a O BLUSH GIRL but I do enjoy the swatch of this well. 

I've yet to try anything on myself. Well I'm keen to try on asap though! Probably tomorrow. Who puts on makeup at 10.25pm? :X So far so good though, quality is good, smooth feeling. But staying power etc, I'll update it.

One thing for sure, I'm going back to INGLOT with some of my girlfriends. Caibei, you're one of them. :D :D :D 

Eyeshadow: 30 ringgits
Blush: 38 ringgits 


Thursday, 27 September 2012

long long time ago

Well I wouldn't say I'm too sentimental. However little actions touch me so easily.

I used to teach tuition, well not now obviously, I don't even have weekend breaks now! But a student of mine emailed me yesterday to ask how I'm doing. I almost cried seeing that email. Not because I felt like I was being pestered duh. :X

I felt so touched that this student of mine would still remember me, considering that I taught him a few years back. And ever since I lost my phone, I don't think I contacted him.

Back then, he was having his PSLE, and he has some reading disabilities. It was extremely hard to make him read a passage, not to mention solving a mathematics problem sum or to write an essay! Many of his past tutors gave up on him, but that was never the case for me. Because I knew that he tried. Maybe not his best, but hard enough.

It gets really hard for a child to put in any effort if everyone around him just puts him down, telling him that he has reading issues, and that he fails all the time. The worse part is, his very own teachers in his school told him off, and said he should never dream of entering a secondary school because his grades are too lousy. However, he'd still attempt some of his homework I gave him. Well and he'd never be shy to ask me any questions. He'd chat about his problems in school, how people bully him and how he hated school. But he'd never forget to get me a present on teacher's day. He even managed to score over 70% for his mathematics paper, when he used to score around 30%. Of course, that brought him to a secondary school.

So screw those idiotic so called 'teachers' working in the school! I hate those morons who kept telling their students they're going to fail! Now WHO ARE YOU to fail somebody when he is merely 12? Some people people only reach their potential at 40 years old! (Ricky Gervais)

I'd always have a soft spot for this boy. He's in secondary school now, and I wish he's doing well.


Monday, 24 September 2012

Benefit Sugarlicious!

One of my new babies! 

Well I do have a lot of makeup stuffs. But I do feel the need to add on to my stash as a makeup artist. *EXCUSE* 
Ok lets take a look at the box. By the way now I have no idea if this is available in Singapore now. :X Haven't been to sephora for ages!

Comes with this nice box like all benefit sets. It's of the same size as the eyeshadow kit.

Looks the same inside. So idk why I bothered taking 2 photos. :x

Yumms. Comes with: Bene Tint, High Beam, Sugarbomb blush, Sugarbomb lipgloss, cheeks brush.

I've tried everything in this kit this morning! And I have to say it is a pretty good kit to play with! 

Bene tint is well known enough, but just to add on a little here.. Its just a stain that you could use on the cheeks or lips. It gives a very subtle rosey color. You could tone it down or intensify it. Smells like roses, :D

High beam is a liquid highlighter. You could use it under your brows, on cheek bones, around lips.. nose bridge... Or anywhere you want to highlight. It is pink based though, so it'd look best with ladies who has some pinky undertones. However, it looks pretty on me too! :D You just have to control the amount used, and blend it out.

Sugarbomb blush is well. a blush. Its a very well natural looking blush. On me, it serves as a highlighter/blush actually. I'm around NC35 now. Well I actually wanted this as a everyday blush. But I'm on the hunt for a good highlighter too. Which this happens to be quite a nice highlighter on me. So I'm not disappointed. :D

Ultra plush sugarbomb is the lipgloss! Oh my god. I'm turning nuts guys. When I first applied it on my lips, I smell this citrus-sweet fresh scent! Oh my god, Love it. LOVE. And then I was wondering. What scent is this! It smells really familiar to me! then I went ahead to make a cup of passion fruit peach tea for my boyfriend. GOSH! Head shot! It smells exactly like passion fruit peach tea!!! just a little sweeter. Passion fruit from bodyshop is my favorite body spray scent! And I felt like killing everyone in bodyshop when that scent is discontinued. BENEFIT, you saved my life~ 

Ok enough about the scent. Lets move on to the texture. It feels extremely smooth girls. My favorite lipgloss is from Dior. And this lipgloss is even smoother than my dior lipgloss. The texture of it feels almost exactly like butter cream. That oily-slippery-smooth feel. Now I hope this doesn't turn you off. :X

And dam now I want to buy all benefit's lipglosses...........

Wearing benefit makeup stuff today! nah I'll take a better photo w my better camera some day. I phone one for self portrait just don't work. 


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sewing my own pouch!

I recently got a sewing maching! It is Brother BM2600 if you're interested in. 

This is sort of my first little project! Well not exactly first one since my first project was actually a pencil case for my boyfriend. :$ Which looks ridiculous since he always request for weird stuff to be added on top of all his stuff. 

Back to my pouch. I always had hard time finding anything in my bag! So i made this pouch to contain all my lipsticks, phone, ear phones, charging cable.. keys. 

HELL THINGS IN BAG! No escapes for you now.


Back. Ok I made a mistake! I wanted the pink color to be the back but I sew it wrongly. DAM!

Inside. As you could see, there are a few compartments. So I could put key, makeup, phone etc all in different places! :D

This is how it looks like when I fold it twice. Which is much nicer looking don't you think.

Hello to my metalic silver nails! :D Its essie Steel-ing The Scene. Pretty color. Been wearing it for a week! :D

Such an satisfaction to do something myself! :D my boyfriend was telling me that he wants me to make him a shirt, a pair of shoes etc etc etc. HELL NO! NO WAY! He's been saying he want to do my makeup one day too. No way. He'd then force me to go out of the house with the terrible makeup he's done.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bridal shoot! Kellysbridals

Now I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but I own a home bridal rental service! 

I have been working really hard to get photoshoots/ models / photographers to work together. So its pretty exciting.  I've done quite a lot of shoots, but yet to upload any photos. :X Sorry for the delay!

But last month, a good friend of mine - Caibei decided that she wants to try bridal shoot for the very first time! Obviously I said ok. :D She's such a lovely friend of mine!

Just a little introduction for my good friend here! Caibei has been taking events photos for around 2 years, and she is a award winning photographer for Canon Powershot shootOUT contest, by this photo:

She's never tried any bridal shoots before and she's really nervous! Well I feel that the photos turns out pretty alright! Today, I have some photos which caibei released! :D Hahaha she just posted on her blog and I merely copied and paste the photos :P

Special thanks for Bianche, the mdoel, who also happens to be Caibei's good good friend! :D

Now wish I had real flowers prepared for this photo!

Me touching up the hair and makeup :)
A Vera Wang inspired dress.
Photographer: Caibei 
Makeup/ Hair artist: Kelly (ME!)
Model: Bianche

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Look of the day

Been ages since I show my face! Haha but guess what. I destroyed my camera. I broke the screen!!!!!

So from today on and forever! Till I get a new camera in probably 10000 years, I'd be taking photos without knowing how I actually look like. :D Till I read the SD card on my computer. 

I actually quite like it. 
 I like how I look here. Yeh.

Ok I forgot what products I used. Except that I used Pixie holiday palette and revlon lipstain in lovesick. :D Revlon lipstain ROCKSSS. I used revlon lip butter on top to tone the color down a little. :)


Pedal works - Shoe Review

Alright I went back to Pedal works the second day and I finally got my shoes! :D

Now I don't know about you, but when I look at other girls' feet. I feel jealous. Like LITERALLY. And it always seemed like their feet is slim and quite 'not wide' in front, where your toes are. Mine are gigantic. Well not the feet itself, but the front part. 

I could never wear a pointy shoe because it hurts my feet like a bitch. Dam. I'm a size 7 when it comes to shoes, but in order for my feet to fit comfortably, i need a size 8 or 9!!! and then it'd be too long and I can't walk properly obviously. 

But Pedal Works! I had a size 6. The front part is really wide so it's super comfortable. 

As you could see, there's this 'wave' like pattern on the sole. It feels like a sofa. Seriously. You kind of feel like you're stepping on a freaking sofa while walking in this shoes! 

Its not a very high heel, but over 8cm for sure. Yet man o' man, its soo comfortable!

yeh side view. So.comfortable.

Girls with big feet or weird sizes, pay them a visit seriously. I have never EVER! felt that heels could be so comfortable :D The only problem is that they dont have trendy pieces. However, they're all office appropriate. well I'd gladly wear them out!

Monday, 17 September 2012



man yes i'm watching sailormoon now..........

Man. Xoxo

Alcohol free Reed diffusers

Yeh that pisses me off so much today! Guys. if you're on a hunt for a reed diffuser for your home, don't ever believe in the bullshit called - alcohol free reed diffusers. You are the biggest idiot if you believe you could actually find a diffuser that is alcohol free.

Now how is the scent going to diffuse if it's alcohol free???

The only difference between a good reed diffuser and a bad one is solely the type of alcohols used. Is it the perfumers alcohol? Or is it rubbing alcohol..... or the alcohol that you drink. Rubbing alcohol gives the fragrance a more 'fake' smell, but it spreads just like perfumer's alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is also more harsh to your senses if you sniff it directly. So you should ask if there was rubbing alcohol instead.

Should you even shop for any form of diffusers, don't even ask if there is alcohol because it makes you sound like a fool. When you're told that a reed diffuser is alcohol free, it only goes to say its rubbing alcohol free. Does the alcohol matter?! NO! The only thing alcohol does is to carry the scent around. Rubbing alcohol is the only type of alcohol that you do not want in your diffuser because the scent of it could spoil your nose in long run. Other 2 types are safe.

Alright actually the word 'Alcohol' is enough to piss me off today.

In cosmetics, rubbing alcohol is used to make ALL your powder makeup products! That includes powder foundation, eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer. Are they going to kill you? NO! They just disinfects your cosmetic products and dissolve them, so the colors mix well together.

Come on everyone should know alcohol is just something that ends with a -OH group. Think about it. /is it possible that anything is actually 100% alcohol free. not much possibilities when it comes to perfumes etc.

I pity girls selling perfumes sometimes too. Imagine people asking, 'is there any chemicals inside?' Fuck you! Obviously you need esters and ketones in perfumes! If there is no chemicals, there is no perfumes for.gods.sake.

Oh well sorry for the rant today. I'm just sooo pissed off when people go: 'Is there alcohol! Any type! If there is alcohol then I'm not going to get it anymore!'

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Shoe shopping! Pedal works

I probably should ask my girlfriends out when I buy anything. But I went alone anyway.

Girls, Pedal works shoes is magic! I first tried it on a month back, and I could not stop thinking about how comfortable they are! They do not have trendy pieces, but each pair is handmade in Malaysia. Probably the most humble pair of shoes you could get today, considering their prices are below $100.

There is a old man working there, maybe not the most stylish person to work in fashion related store. But he is probably the most polite salesman I've met. He'd bring me every pair of shoes in store for me to try on, and he'd never force me to get any pair. Apart from saying, 'try both foot on! You need to be comfortable when it comes to shoes!'

Anyway, tried a lot from the store! But ended up with The pair i tried the first time a month back.
Damage: $70
But honestly, I only purchase 1 - 2 pair of shoes per year the most. Last year I spent $90 on a pair and I'm still wearing it now. A good pair of shoes is going to last a long long time!

It's been a while since I spent any money. Apart from my $2.50 lunch daily. But I feel so satisfied spending on a pair of comfortable shoes and humble workers who wouldn't mind the troubles to bring me every pair that suits.

the pair I want is out of stock now. So i paid the cash, got it reserved for me. I shall leave a picture of all the shoes I tried on! :)

Ps. Probably a few more pairs but the salesman already kept them before I took their photo.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Half Past France

John Cale.
I feel that this song should deserve much more than what it gets. 5 thousand views is far too little for good music like this.

For anyone away from home, you're not alone.
Take your time. XOXO

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Big hair with no heat!

Yeh. When my boyfriend saw me like that, he went... =O yeh that's his expression. Basically, he thinks I'm out of my mind! But no I'm trying out a no heat method to curl my hair! :D

Now on the results! :D

I didn't even tease my hair! Oh man, look at the volume! It's much better than when I use a heated curler! This set of curls lasted me for two days! Well the curls waved goodbye after I washed my hair. So it might last longer if you do not wash your hair. Moreover, I don't have to raise my arms and set the heated curler for each strand of hair.
PS: sorry for the little 'white' face there! I used BB cream, so it did appear a little white via flash photography.

 Front view. I went with a winged eyeliner that day. I feel that this sorta big hair is pretty 80s, so I'd go with a 80s makeup. :D

So yeh I guess it's pretty obvious how I managed to do my hair with no heat via the first photo of course. :D

What you need:
1. Hair rollers (You do not need the heated rollers. Any normal cheapo rollers would do.)
2. Hairspray

That's it!

What do you need to do:
1. Wash your hair and towel dry
2. Clip in the hair rollers
3. Spray with hairspray
4. Let your hair dry naturally. What I did is I just slept with the rollers on. By the time I wake up, its fully dried. You may also use hairdryer to blow dry! :)

Of course, if you roll your hair properly, this is how near your hair should look like
Yeh I know my hair looks sucky on the first photo. It looks completely in a mess! But I still get the results so whatever.


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Tat sing slippers

Yay for tat sing slippers! Best slipper in my opinion. It only cost $2 and it lasts forever! Not to mention how comfortable it is :D

Many call this the gangster slipper though. Hmmmmm.

Doesn't look the best too. But for every pair of Harvanas you buy, I could get 15 pairs of this :D