Thursday, 30 August 2012

how much can the right lipstick do?

I've got a purple/taupe color eyes going on today. And I thought I'd try 2 different lipsticks and see how it goes!

L - Canmake creamy lipstick #1 R- NYX Power lipstick.
I don't know what you think but different lipsticks could sometimes make / break a look. It could change the overall tone of your entire face. 

(Ignore my hair. Its fresh from the showers. I get out of the house without brushing my hair or blowing dry almost everyday. Can't be bothered. I'm really not that much of a hair girl.)

General tip of choosing a lipstick to to go with one that has a similar undertone to your blush color.
And general tip of choosing a blush color, go with your natural skin undertones. That works really well and could make you look healthy and more natural looking. If you are yellow undertone, obviously your natural cheek can't be blue right. If you know what I mean...... So its a matter of coral toned or blue toned blushes. 

For this look, I used a warm toned purple (Warm toned purple are purples with lesser blues) shade and a little bit of brown. To make the entire look more wearable / less high fashion, I threw some coral blush and added a hot pink color, blended it out. I then finish off with a creamy pink color lipstick that contains a very slight yellow tone. :)


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Michelle Phan . Plastic surgery?

Man this is no small news. I have no idea if it's true or fake. But today a friend of mine whatsapped me and she went, 'Michelle Phan had a chin job!' 

I was like, not possible... And then she directed me to her recent video... 

I took a screenshot with her past videos against her new one. And man. I know I know.. It could be weight loss. But who's have half the chin gone via weight loss...

Most recent video vs a video a few months back

Most recent video vs a video a few years back

I really wish that this isn't real though. She's with me for so many years! And younger girls look up to her! There is no way confidence = plastic surgery, Michelle.

I don't really hold it against her if it's true. Just hope that young girls don't think of that knife as a solution to life. 

Monday, 27 August 2012

Wet & Wild

Nah it's not referring to me. Wet & wild is the brand of eyeshadow I used.... If you even care.

I don't want to start by talking just about my face in this post. Well did you realize that my hair is longer? :D It got a lot drier recently too. Last week, I was looking at my hair and I saw a lot of split ends. Not only that, my hair looks like dried grass.... 

For the first time in my life, I realise that I need. NEED to care about my hair. Yup I kept telling my clients they need to moisturize their hair dah dah dah but I never do that. I hate conditioners that leaves my hair heavy. So obviously I hate hair masks even more.  

I decided to do my OWN hair mask. Well not really but I happen to have the ingredients needed. :D I bought cocoa butter and beeswax from tkbtrading! I also happened to have quite a bit of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil that my company passed me to try. I usually use them on my legs.... but they're extremely good for your hair. (I didn't use it for my hair because I'm using the bodyshop's grapeseed oil which is good. I like it.)
 Tedah! omg damn excited about my hair now. :D Looks a lot shinier in reality. Also, I LOVE the volume now! Girls if you could get hold of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, use them on your hair as a mask and then shampoo off. You will LOVE it. I will announce it if the company I'm with eventually decides to release it. I have no idea which are the exact products they're releasing........ But I'm praying that these 2 would be.... well honestly the oil mix I mixed myself is going to last me for a while.... I store them in this 50ml bottle. Oh and I added some honey.

Pretty much my makeup there, bt I'm more in a mood for hair today. It feels good to see your hair alive.again. yeh?

DIY miracle hair mask. Yeh that's what I'm calling it!
- half spoon beewax
- estimate some cocoa butter maybe around 3-4 tablespoon?
- pour some jojoba oil and sweet almond oil OR olive oil
- heat them, and they'd all melt. 
- add a spoon of honey
- stir and pour them into a container, STORE it. 
NOTE: All these should add up around 50ml so just.. estimate.......
You could whip it or blend it with blending machine, but I dont have the tool. So I shake it before each use.

Wet your hair and get out some products. Rub it into your hair, leave for 30minutes. Go and have a shower (and shampoo of course). 

I did that 3 times last week, and I'm happy. Hard work paid off. :D At virtually no cost for me. Well not really because I bought some things but its been a while since I bought them....


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Femme Fatale

Now before you read anything, go ahead and click PLAY. I'm in love. Both with the song and Edie Sedgwick. 

So here are my makeup items I used for yesterday's look. :) Yeh if you see a weird looking foundation bottle with all the words rubbed off. Lancome, its you. It's your design, and it sucks. I merely put it in my makeup bag and all the words are gone. Alright its not that I care anyway but I paid around $70 for it. Shouldn't you take more pride in your packaging? Lancome. 

 Item featured:
- Naked 2 palette, lancome teint miracle foundation, mac lipstick, dior kiss lipgloss, Bareminerals mascara (You cant see this! its behind dior kiss lipgloss!), stila bronzer, OCC liptar, Amway eyebrow pencil, bobbi brown concealer, Dior blush (OMG I USED THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME AND I'M IN LOVE.), Chanel loose powder.

Ok now. Should I do a review on all the items? :X

No edits done on the photo above. The foundation photographs beautifully. However, the foundation is not going to suit extremely oily skin peeps. Mine's pretty oily, but I like semi luminous skin. WHO WANTS TO KISS A CAKED UP FACE RIGHT! 

And now I need a dose of photoshop a day now. Haha its fun. :D Here it is........ 

Over photoshoped face = ALIEN trying to pretend to be human. Lol omg I think I look damn awkward in that photo. Skin too smooth, eyes too big, face too small. Now why do some girls want to have smooth skin, huge eyes, small nose, small mouth and small face? Oh and then wear color contacts. And go for extreme plastic surgeries. Sometimes you lose the look of a human being. Just be in love with how you really are! Of course, clean ur face, take care of your skin and body. :)

Edie Sedgwick has such a charm. Well no boobs/butt but whatever. But she died at 28 years old. D: this makes me sad. 


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

photoshop - before after

Now I'm not a false lashes type of girl. I think I said this 1000000 times. BUT. After today, yeh I might start wearing them. Just might... and you'd see why......

Yep. thanks to the fake stuff around my eyes that made them look so much bigger and more awake!!! lol. but is this worth my time in the morning to apply them? is it worth my sleep.... hmmmm interesting.

Anyway i used all high end product on today's look. :D dior... lancome.... bareminerals... mac...The effect is better than drugstore version I done in the other post. However, the price is like... $$$ yeh you know it. 

I'm going to list the products used and upload photo when I'm home later! Internet sucks here I can't get anything done. Hahaha.

by the way. is my hair shinier? I used some hairmask yesterday! :D


I love my new specs! :D

Monday, 20 August 2012

New stuff

I've been playing with this photoshop alike stuff that my sister recommended me. So before this post, none of my photos are being processed because I'm stupid, I dont know how to and I cant be bothered. But after this post, I'm going to be slightly more bothered. :P 

 The stupid thing about me is that I always take photos around evening time. So that means I'd always end up with some kind of flash reflecting off my face, making it look extremely oily. Kind of took away the scary shine on today's photo. :D I didn't alter my makeup in any way though.

Another thing about me is that I'm so lazy, I almost never.ever.wear.false.lashes.. I have a million pairs of false lashes, really good ones. I use them almost all the time on my clients, but I'm lazy to put it on myself. I have pretty sensitive eyes I think, so I always end up tearing my lashes at the end of the day. Moreover, I wear specs everyday. So false lashes isn't really helping~ 

Today I decided to play with that software and add a pair of top and bottom lashes. Of course I did use a natural looking one. :) 

ok I love this software. :D

Moving on to makeup, I used 'Singapore drugstore' items! Haha by that I meant things from watsons/sasa etc. In case any non-singaporeans read this, American drugstore brands like maybelline, loreal, rimmel, revlon etc are really expensive as compared to that in America. Eg, a revlon foundation in USA cost 8 - 12usd. But Revlon colorstay foundation here cost around 30sgd! Thats like $24usd. 

So today I used quite a few Jap makeup brands. They're still in the $15 - $30 price tag, but honestly that's kind of considered to be the cheaper makeups in Singapore. I know there are some really cheap stuff like Romeo/Rameo whatever, but that brand sucks. Its like kids' makeup play items. 

Moving on to the pdts used now.

Face: Maybelline mineral power concealer #2; ELF Mineral Booster - Sheer
- I used concealer around my eye and nose area and buff out with elf mineral booster. I dont like to use foundations these days...

Cheeks: Canmake bronzer, canmake blush duo #1

Lips: Fasio creamy moisture lipstick - madison tan

Eyes: Majolica Majorca eyeshadow quad - BR742

Something about my boyfriend... Remember my previous post where I curled my hair? I met my boyfriend and I asked if he sees anything different. Here's the convo:
ME: Do you see anything different in me today? :D
HIM: Errrr, yes...........
ME: What.
HIM: Errrrrr new bracelet.
ME: -.- I've been wearing that for 2 months now already.
HIM: Errrrrrr new shirt.
ME: I wore this at least 5 times front of u already.
ME: *Thinking omg, he finally noticed it*



Saturday, 18 August 2012


I finally got my hair to a length where I could do something to it.
So here they are today! :D

I usually leave my hair this way. I just wash it, conditions sometimes, and I get out of the house without even combing my hair! Haha. The body shop's grapeseed oil has been my best friend on fizzy hair days. Its great for taming my hair. It is also the only hair oil I repurchased. That says something.....

Decided to curl my hair today! :D I used 3/4 inch hair curler all around. As compared to a lot of my clients, my hair is really little! I only spent 10minutes on my hair. Which... says something because I could spend 40minutes on some client's hair. Time to introduce hair tonics on myself.....

 Tedah! Yeh my hair isn't that little after all. good.

as for my makeup......
I didn't put any foundation. Lazy. I did my brows with rimmel brow pencel though. Still my favorite. I used stilla bronzer and blush. As for the lipsticks, I'm wearing revlon's colorburst lipstick in candy pink. I'm in love with their new lip stains!!! Hopefully Singapore come out with them soon. :D


Friday, 17 August 2012

Just for laugh.

Ok. so I've been missing for ages. Haha. Was away for a while - went malaysia, guangzhou, hongkong. Then I'm back for a month plus now... So where's my overseas trip photo? I didn't bring my camera! DAM! 

Tiring work trip followed by falling sick for 2 weeks after coming back to SG. D: 

So here's a compensation photo. And a new makeup trend if you like the look. 

Note: this is what happens when your little sister get hold of your photos and got high with photoshop.