Thursday, 31 October 2013

RIP, Lou Reed

I've been really busy these few weeks. There is so much to prepare before you travel, and there is even more to prepare when your boyfriend is traveling after you. Yes...

Life has been pretty peaceful for me apart from Lou Reed's news.

He isn't as popular as say, Miley Cyrus , but he does really good music. Much better than Miley of course. I first get to really love him around 2 years back. That was when I first heard a song with a little of him - Femme Fatale. It is not sang by him, but he played a huge part in song writing & composing of the music - which is as important to the 'voice' itself. Such a calm sounding, bt heartbreaking song. I've since been listening so much to his music that pop music turned into nothingness in my heart. (In fact, I listened to some pop music I used to like and I felt so ashamed. damn. what a taste I had.)

I read this somewhere, but someone said that Lou Reed is the only man with enough balls to write those heartbreaking and the most vulnerable sounding music. And true enough, there are no stronger man than someone who is able to accept his weakness. His songs make you feel naked. But in a really good way.

Pale Blue Eyes - another of my favorites by his band, tells you how heartbreaking it is to see someone you truly love married to another man. It doesn't relate to me, bt it reminded me how sad it could be if my boyfriend was not with me. I've come to treasure him even more partially because of that I guess.

Candy Says says everything a typical girl feels. The fear of gossips, the hatred for herself when she is not perfect. And when you immerse yourself in the music, you sort of go, well, it is not so bad, isn't it. If you change the way you think/ see things, probably you'd feel better.

Well I'm not saying songs written by him is life changing or anything, but they certainly worth you listening. Even if they are really really old songs.

RIP, Lou Reed.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

How to sew a flare skirt

Actually, I tried to edit the about me link on the right. But if you looked to the right, there is no 'about me' at all. I don't know what to write about myself.

If you were to ask me what my job title is, I might say makeup artist. But that is not what I do 100% of the time. I design packaging, clothing, just random shit that I like!

Ok this is the first time I actually remembered to take step by step photo of how to sew something. I hope it is detailed enough. I tried to make this really simple. So it is perfect if you are sewing for the first time. No zip fixtures, no need for precise sewing pattern. :)

Tedah! Haha I sew this skirt for my sister a months plus back, and I liked it myself. Plus, I have some cloth left. So.. why not make another one? :D

Here's what you need!
- Floral fabric or any cloth you want: 45cm * 145cm
If you purchase fabric from the stores, it usually comes with 145cm width. I just used that as the total width for my skirt. For the length, it depends on whichever you want. For maxi skirt, buy entire meter or 90cm(thats usually the unit price they give, but you can opt for a meter of cloth instead) of cloth. For me, I used 0.45m of the left overs.
- Lining cloth: 40cm*140cm
This is not required if your main fabric is thick enough. Lining material can be anything from man made silk to polyester cotton blend.
-  scissors. DUH you need to use this to cut fabrics!
- Elastic band - you could get this in spotlight.
- Sewing machine. Get this on ebay or spotlight.
Mine is a second hand Brother BM2600 which I bought for just $80 on ebay. It's fine, but you couldn't feed any thick material. If I'm not wrong, spotlight is having a discount for Brother BM2615 (newer model) at just around $150. However, it wouldn't be suitable for heavy duty sewing - eg jeans or multiple layers of fabrics.
Checked everything and you could start making now!

Cut the 45cm *145cm of cloth into 2 pcs of 45cm*72.5cm cloth.
Line the cloth together and half into half, and cut out a triangle. Now the total length of the smaller side of cloth must be around 10cm bigger than the circumference of your hips, so you could actually pull it up. I wasn't precise at all, so mine is probably like 20cm bigger. lols. totally up to you. You could even choose not to cut it at all.

Do the same to the black cloth. or lining

Double fold the bigger end of cloth, and sew it down. This will be the ending on your skirt. I recommend doing this for the lining first, so you wouldn't ruin your main fabric if you make any mistakes here.
Do the same for the main floral fabric after this.

This is how I sew the sides of the skirt. Since my sewing machine does not have the commercial fancy ending design, I used triangle pattern so lock the fraying fabrics, and top stitched right beside the triangle ones to create a neat finishing.
* Remember to make sure the right sides are facing each other! You need to flip this over later.

After doing the same thing to lining, arrange the main fabric and lining fabric together. We're ready for the waist band. :D

Make sure that the wrong side is facing each other.

For the waist band, I used a black piece of fabric, folded it 4 times, and ironed it down. All you have to do is to pin the skirt inside this band, and sew it down. Remember to leave the opening out so you could slot the elastic band inside this later. :)

If you do not like the black band, you could just fold the skirt twice like what you did to the endings and sew it. Similarly, slot elastic band underneath.

Yup, pin it down and sew it.

Try to sew as close to the endings as possible so it looks neater.

And I forgot to take a picture of the elastic band part... But just slot it in...... A tip would be to cut a little hole at the end of the elastic band and loop it through a hair pin. This would make the slotting part a lot easier.

Here you get your skirt! :) The first time I did this, I spent around 2 hours. This time, I spent less than an hour in total. So it's pretty easy. 

If you are wondering where you could get cloth, try Arab street before 6pm. Or chinatown. Chinatown cloth is more expensive though. I bought 90cm of mine for $15. It's made of pretty nice material and quite unique though. 

Look closely for discounted cloths. Sometimes you get muslin cloth at just $3 per 90cm, or some 'out of style' pattern at $5 per 90cm. That's perfect for practicing!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

I'm waiting for the Man

I met a good friend of mine few days back - and by looking at the first photo, there's obviously no good news.

I have no idea who these drinks are. The only thing I know is tt they're alcoholic, and you die faster if you mix drinks. (Don't call me a stupid idiot. I haven't touch a bar for almost 4 years!)

Waiter: Hi what would you like to get?
My friend: First 5 of the house pours.
Waiter: How would you like to mix it?
My friend: Anything. You decide.

It turned out that the drinks aren't that bad. After having those, we ordered additional 2 pts(2 x 500ml) of beer & an long island tea. None of us fainted. So thats good. The damn bar might be cheating or something by reducing the alcohol content. Which is a good thing for me, but no good for my friend. I'm sure she rather be drunk and fall asleep. Than to stay awake in tears.

I've never seen her cry so badly in all the 5 years I've known her. And for any man reading this, a you're an idiot to give up on a girl who would cry so bad for you secretly. Apparently, her boyfriend is one of them. Or rather, once a boyfriend by now.

If a man cheated on you once, forgive him. He did a thing or two wrong, I would have said, give him a chance. In this case, you have a player who couldn't make up his mind. After one year of relationship, all he could do is to stay shut in the phone and to send you a text message that he doesn't know why the fuck he got together with you - while you cry alone... and he party in a hotel room with 7 other girls instead of asking if you're fine.

My dear friend said, maybe... maybe if I love him, I should just wait for him.

And I say, girl if you are in the same shoe as my friend, a man like this is nothing. Probably 5 years down the road, he'd have done a degree, with his current girl friends all gone. You might think everything's going to be fine. But he'd be jobless, and he'd still be fooling around with a new bunch of girls. So why wait and drag the misery. I said call him, ditch him. You might think you're losing out to his friends. But dear friend, you won. Because you will find someone much more worthy of your time - and someone who truly loves you.

Who'd say no to this lady.. who bakes really delicious red velvet. I can't wait to eat more of her red velvets!


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

sewing pajamas

I sew a set of pajamas for my boyfriend!

When I saw this piece of cloth with alien/monster prints on it, I was SOLD immediately. Byebye money, hello cloth.

Who could say no to this! It's the perfect texture for baby clothing, perfect print for little boys. Well, apparently my boyfriend is no longer a baby. He just has a soft spot for cute things. 

I sew a drop down sleeve for him. Others are pretty much standard top stitch. I don't even need to end the stitching nicely since this cotton fabric wouldn't fray.

And the bottom!

If this wasn't satisfaction, what is.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Baking & Sewing

I think cooking(well, cooking is a hobby too isnt it) and hobbies are two of the biggest badass. They just hook onto you, don't they.

I don't know what to name these bread, I didn't look at any recipes while making them, but my boyfriend praised that it is the best bread he ever had. For that I think I deserve all the credit. :P

The ingredients:
1. 60% bread flour (about one full bowl)
2. 30% plain flour
3. 10% cake flour (just use plain flour if you do not have cake flour)
4. 1 tablespoon of raw sugar, a pinch of salt/cinnamon salt
5. 1 tablespoon of dried basil leaves (you could get this in a plastic bottle in supermarket)
6. 2 tablespoon of coriander, finely chopped (or celery)
7. 50% water
8. 50% milk
9. 2 teaspoon of instant Yeast (I used kings instant yeast)
10. 1 teaspoon of oil

*Now if you noticed, I use a lot of percentages. The reason is, I have no measuring tools at home. So I just go with my feeling when I do things.

1. mix all the ingredients (1 - 9) above.  The amount of water/milk/flour that you pour in really depends on how much you want to make. Make sure the dough is kind of soft, it should feel like your soft butt, or just a little harder.
2. Set the dough aside for 1 hour
3. Grease a pan with the oil (10), and roll your bread to a size you want (make it around 30% smaller because it will rise later), and leave it on the greased pan
4. Set the dough on the greased pan for 30 mins
5. Start to preheat your oven/microwave at 180 degrees for 15 - 20mins.
6. Brush a thin layer of cooking oil onto the surface of your dough, this gives a beautiful gold color after baking. You may add egg wash if you want too.
7. Put the entire pan with the dough into the oven for 20 - 30minutes, at 180 degrees.

* Your bread is totally cooked if you poke a chopstick in and it comes out clean

Yummy bread that is crunchy on the outside and soft inside. The little bit of sweetness from the raw sugar makes it perfect to eat alone.

You could keep the bread in fridge for 3 days. I used it for burgers.
- Bread, beef, tomatoes, coriander = YUMMY BREAKFAST, with minimum fat, and 0 preservatives.

Or a green burger for brunch
- Bread, Beef, baby spinach, wild rocket, cheese = awesomeness!
 Wild rocket is my new discovery. It is that vegetable with rough edges you see in the photo above. But it has a really nutty taste to it, which compliments meat so much. You never need salad dressing with this vegetable. It is also super rich in calcium.

On to sewing! Ever since I got a sewing machine, I pretty much played with it all the time.
* TIPS: Get used one from if you are starting out. In case you hate sewing, its fine because you spent just a bit on it. I got mine on ebay at just $80! Its BM2600. This model is pretty old, bit it does normal sewing fine. I can't work with anything too thick with this machine though. 

My mom worked as a seamstress when I was young - and one of my best memories is my dad cutting out the fabrics, while my mom would sew those pieces together and make me dresses and pajamas. To me, no amount of pretty clothes outside could compare to those that is handmade, with love.

I've made pencil cases for my sister,my brother, my boyfriend. And recently, I got a piece of leather (PVC leather). I did a trial piece of laptop pouch for myself which didn't turn out 100% awesome, but my boyfriend really liked it. and he asked if I could make him one for his MacBook Pro.

So I made one! This one is much better made as compared to my own one.

I chose a black zip go go with brown leather. To tie in the silver laptop, I specifically find a sleek looking silver zipper. (That laptop is my bf's 6 or 7 year old MacBook Pro)

These are the materials I used:
1. Piece of leather or fabric X (You could get PVC leather at spotlight, but use whatever you want, you could even use stretch denim! Go diaso if you want to try denim, its a piece for $2!)
2. A filler (cushion like texture that protects your laptop from 'injury'. Over here, I used non slit mat. I wouldn't recommend non slit mat though, it feels nice, but it is a pain in the arse to sew it by machine. I had to hand stitch it in the end. I recommend you to use felt instead, but you could use any fillers that are thick&soft.)
3. Lining material (This is basically any soft fabrics, because you do not want scratches on your notebook. Any cotton material is fine really, but I used satin. Satin is extremely smooth and soft to touch. It also reduces friction when you slot the notebk in and out.)


Tuesday, 24 September 2013


LOL! That is the funniest name ever!!!! They should just rename sg casino --- BET2HUAT!

Is this even legal??? Online gambling + anyhow spam email??

Monday, 23 September 2013

The salad meal

Now I always thought that eating salad for a meal is pretty cool - I finally tried it today.

It all started... yesterday when my boyfriend told me he ate salad for breakfast because salad store has the least queue in the morning.

fuck, he is skinny enough, SKINNIER  THAN ME, and he runs more often than me and now he eats salad for breakfast?!?!?!? no way I'm going to lose out (I refuse to be heavier than him damn!). So I bought a box of veggies.

WOOHOO! Lots of veggies. I added beef & avocado for the fear of being hungry. I even added 2 pieces of home made bread.

Trust me, this is the largest bowl of veggy I ate in my life.
And... Guess what.

This is the process of eating salad:
Before salad: Hungry
During: Hungrier
After: still hungry, and even hungrier than ever

Now, when people tell u that you could just settle a meal via salad. therefore you could stay slim foreverrrrr...... THAT IS A LIEEEEE!!!!! I FEEL SOOOO HUNGRY that i had to go for a second serving.

With an egg this time.and even more avocado.

and... I'm still fucking hungry.

And that is just my breakfast.......

salad meal sucks. well maybe I just havent found a right mix of vegetables.


Sunday, 22 September 2013

The perfect bread

Today I mastered the baking of perfect bread.

Well maybe not 100% mastered it, but kind of.

The secret is really to choose the right kind of flour. If you want bread texture, you are going to need 'bread flour'. Bread flour is high in gluten, hence it rise better, and give that bread texture. Now where to find this 'bread flour'? any supermarket! It'd be labeled as bread flour.

The next step is to use yeast. Now I've failed my previous bread because my yeast are probably all dead. So fresh ones is important. You could just use Kings instant yeast. The amount to add in comes with experience. For 1 loaf of bread, you probably want to use around half a cap of the yeast.

Seasoning: typical bread don't have much taste. So just add plain water to dough. Switch to milk if u want.. Add some herbs if u want too. Honestly.. Do anything to it. I am planning to throw some onions, ginger &lemon peel next time.

Tip though, food always taste better with something conflicting. So if u are intending to bake sweet bread, add a tiny bit of salt. Etc

Texture: you know the dough is the right texture when it feels like boobies. Ok maybe fats is the better term. But it should be really soft to touch, and is still sticky to your hand. It should not be runny though.

Leave that to rise in a baking tin/aluminum foil around 1 hr, and bake at 200deg around 15-20mins - depending on size of dough. Poke w Sth sharp.. If it comes out clean, serve.

Home baked bread tastes fucking delicious.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Starting a blogshop

Well that is not a easy job. PERIOD.

I have a love hate thing with that 'blogshop' word.

1. I ever worked with one of my best friends on a blogshop before, and it didn't turn out too good. Well, I wouldn't say it is any of our fault though. Because I moved from Jurong to Kovan years back, so there is really not much way we could continue our business. PLUS we didn't start our blogshop with a specific role in mind. I'm just really glad that we maintained our friendship & positive attitude towards business.

2. We recently went for a flea market, and man! The clothes we picked about 5 years back SOLD OUT! Ok almost. That means we do have an eye for clothings, and that made me feel very sad that we're no longer operating.

3. I mentioned that I worked in a procurement & retail company - or did I? But now you know. And it is just these half year that we get a lot of inquiries from clients on whether we could help them with manufacturing their retail or blogshop clothes. HELL YES. (My company usually do gifts, carriers, name tags etc) It is quite a new thing to me initially. When me and my friends did it, we went to wholesale market to get them. So I kind of told my boss I know what I was doing but actually I don't. I don't know how big scale manufacturing of clothing work. Luckily I'm given a lot of contacts and guidance from my boss and my boss' friends :x

I'm a pro now... Maybe. lol.

And to my surprise, some of these manufactured pieces are even more expensive than the wholesale pieces. You would think that if you order more and even manufacture them yourself, it would be cheaper. But that wasn't the case at all. Manufacturers usually manufacture clothes at the count of hundreds or thousands. As a start up, or a general Singapore store, are you able to sell 1000 piece of clothes of the same design?

If not, then the price is going to go up. If 1000 piece of clothes cost 10sgd to manufacture, the second hand dealer probably would sell you at 15sgd or 20sgd. But if you only manufacture 200 piece of clothings, the manufacturer would probably charge you 25sgd.Why? Material fees are much more expensive! And for the same mold, they are just making 5 times lesser clothes. Now that is for the average quality stuffs. If you tell manufacturer you want quality, the price probably go up to 30sgd for example.  And if the price doesn't go up, probably the cut goes wrong. or they tell u its of better quality but actually its as crappy as ever.

That explains for the quality of most local blogshop clothes. I bought a lot of clothes from blogshops. And honestly, I am not happy with the quality at all. I have this pencil skirt from one of the top blogshops in SG, and all I see is underwear lines. Cost me around 33 with postage. I cant even wear it out at all.

I purchased a full dress from one of the top sg blogshops as well, but I could see my bra and underwear as well. so this piece can't see sunlight either. Cost me around 35 with postage.

Though.. I ever bought stuff within 35 and are still ok... like.. ok.

I really feel for a lot of these blogshop owners, because the quantity manufacturers are willing to do is often too big. Its either the owners are rich, they pay for it & then fail the business and got to sell their stuff dirt cheap. Or owners aren't rich, and they can't even pay for a proper first collection. What my company did in the end was to just go on war with manufacturers and push down the quantity requirements per design. But that was only possible because we had like 80 design from clients then. And my boss' friend opened a chain wholesale stores in sg. HE KNOWS THE BOSS OF THAT FACTORY. But they're still ex.

I kind of lost my point. But either way, if you are intending to start blogshop and want to manufacture your own stuff, you need a lot more money now. I started my blogshop last time with my friend with just 250 each. You probably need ALOT more now for one collection. alot.......

What inspire me to write this? I saw a post on flowerpod.. This is really random - its 2.04am now. 
and you know who to find if you need to manufacture stuff. any stuff.


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cock hair

My boyfriend bought me a pecan pie yesterday, and I found a armpit hair in it.

GROSS! And here is our conversation:

Me: OMG! Dear I ate a armpit hair. Dam disgusting
Him: *ignoring what I said and take one big bite* well, god knows it might be cock hair!
Me: Omg that's worse.... The guy shoot on this pecan pie.........
Him: FUCK YOU! *he looked like he was dying while chewing the pie, and cough 3x at least*

We finish the pie in the end anyway...
Here is a picture of hair found.

Monday, 9 September 2013


Weekends are the best time to slow down a little and enjoy life.

I like to spend mine doing things I like - Yes, doing makeup for my clients is one of those things I like.

And I've been sewing. This weekend, I sew a pencil skirt.

What you'll need:
1. 0.5m x 1.5m cloth of choice (main body)
2. 10cm width cloth of choice (waist band)
3. 0.5m x 1.5m lining cloth (optional)
4. 1 zip (I recommend around 20cm)
5. Scissors, iron, sewing machine, needles & thread
6. 3 Hours of your time

My choice of cloth. This is a batik cloth made in indonesia. Typically Batik cloth is made by hand, by applying layers of wax to the fabric, and peeling them off. Traditional Batik has white linings around the patterns - their religious reasons.

Mine came with gold linings, and the fabric is extremely soft. Almost silk like fabric, with velvety textures on the maroon & purple patterns.

I did not follow any patterns for this skirt. I just went along and see how it turns out. But to make the process easier, you could easily take a piece of your other pencil skirts and cut the rough shape out. Leave around 5cm extra cloth around though. When you are starting out, you will make mistakes. 5cm should be enough room for errors.

I finish the skirt with a covered zipper back. Sewing a zip is the hardest thing to do I think. When I sew pencil cases last time, I kept sewing the zip inside out. You really need to pin things out carefully if you are starting out. But it is not hard, it is just really tedious.

I did not use a conceal zip because conceal zips are usually hard zip up and down. Moreover, I think this brass colored zip suits the traditional pattern a lot more. I added a hook, but that is totally optional.


I also had linings inside, but forgot to take a photo of it.Anyway, here you get it! :)


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Cutting my own hair + ROAST CHICKEN

You know sometimes you look in the mirror... and you go...
'neh, whats this long hair for?'

It gets tangled up sometimes.... and it takes time to dry... and maybe you just want a change.

You know it's time to cut it.

Before cutting:
My hair is the longest in my life at that point. It ends slightly after my boobs. Looks quite girly and stuff, yeh kind of like it. SCISSORS TIME.

And this happens. Loads of hair.... It occupies a quarter of a regular sheet of newspaper.

My new haircut! That I cut myself.

New hair with a bit of curls. Now it feels really light. And there is much more volume! I'm a mid length hair girl again.

My boyfriend asked if I roated a chicken before.....
And I thought...Yeh, I should probably do it.
1. Lay your ingredients on a pan. Here I have garlic, onions, lemon, thyme, ladies finger, black pepper, soy sauce, tabasco sauce.

Then Place your stuffed chicken on top of the things you laid.
Stuffing: Ladies finger, onion, garlic, lemon
Top: Black pepper, Tabasco sauce, salt, light soy sauce, thyme, oregano, loads of lemon juice.

Then line potatoes around the chicken - which I forgot to photograph.

180 degrees for 1 hr 15mins, then 200 degrees for30minutes. 
Or whenever your chicken is cooked. Cut a small slit around the thicken thighs. You know it's cooked when there is no blood in there. 

It's really easy to make this. This is my first time roasting a whole chicken, and it taste fantastic! Instructions are above, and here are the ingredients for disbgil's special roast (Name of dish that.. I came out with)

1. 2 medium red onion
2. 10 garlics
3. 1 lemon
4. 1 pack of ladies fingers (around 200-300g i think)
5. 1 pack of potatoes, around 500-600g
6. 1 chicken - mine should be between 1.5-1.8kg
7. thyme & oregano (optional)
9. black pepper
10. salt, oil, soy sauce


Friday, 6 September 2013

Maxi dress

Just isn't for everybody.

Here you have me wearing a maxi dress...

And I look like a tweety bird. Or worse

Big head short and small body zzz

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fashion Trends for fall 2013

Now I don't really care about trends for the 10000000000times, and trends to me looks around the same each season. For makeup, you always have clear skin, deep red lips, smokey/metallic eyes.... For fashion, its always the similar color tones, perhaps with a little change in style.

This year, crop is in. I mean, crop top. It may not be everyone's favorite since it is revealing. However, I think it is not so hard to wear a crop top as long as it is cut at the right place.

This is mid length to me, it shows off a little of your tummy. It's long sleeve also made it suitable for fall seasons. I could see colder countries throwing a jacket over it though.

Or if you're not confident with your tummy, just wear a high waist skirt to cover it up. I am a fan of pencil skirts, so if you could find a plain color one, you could pair it with corporate looking pencil skirt really easily. Topped with a jacket, you're basically reason to rock your work place. Transition to night time is really easy. Remove jacket, and pull your skirt down just a little bit. :)

This is the kind that I am quite keen in getting. It is very cropped, and it stops almost right after your boobs. I don't know about you, but I am quite boney at the part after the boobs. I have quite huge bones though, so sometimes they poke out a little bit. Bt I do have thicker layer around my tummy. Anyway, back to the top.. I feel that this length just reveals what I am comfortable with, and I could wear a flare or pencil skirt to hide the parts I don't love.
FYI, This photo looks like a sports bra though.......

Fall seasons are usually more gloomy/darker.

This year in particular, I've seen a lot of maroon, army green, greys.

 A really easy chunky sweater is essential for colder parts. Singapore is relatively hot, but its getting colder, and we could do with a thinner one. A pretty on trend pairing would be to get chunky sweaters and get it paired with skinny jeans. I feel that looks really modern. Even pencil skirt works really well with chunky sweater.

Both camo prints and army green kind of color is very popular this time. I like the jacket above because it ha quite a fitted cut, yet it gives more masculinity through the leather patches. A very handsome jacket. This really goes well with almost anything you wear. Obviously, nothing too girly to be paired with this. Otherwise you lose its' point.

3. Floral prints

Floral prints are so popular! It is everywhere. I'd say floral prints has been quite popular all these years, but it is just this year we really see the florals emerge. Floral prints could look really old and silly. I don't like floral prints there are too tiny, because they reminds me of my grandmother. I don't like it too big either. It looks like my pajamas. Something in the middle is really good. When choosing floral prints, the color is so important. You get the focus wrong, it wouldn't look good anymore. I love the one above because the colors are simple. Basically there are only 2 main colors - pinks & black. I like to pair floral items with solid color items, and specifically choose a minority color from the floral item to be the solid color one.
So for the top above, the minority color is black. I would pair it with a black jeans/pencil skirt.

This is what I don't like when it comes to floral prints. This looks really old even though it is not really floral. It's just... wrong.

If loud prints are too much for you, start off with something simple. This white pair of jeans is perfect! I love how scattered the patterns are. Pair it with a statement jacket and you're good to go.

4. Leather

Leather additions are pretty. I always kind of liked it. Be it a leather top with skirt, or a pencil skirt with leather lining along the sides. They look really nice together. Fabrics usually have a rougher texture, but they feel soft and feminine. Leather on the other hand, feels smoother, not as much texture, but they give out a much tougher look. 

Right,I'll end here. Just wear what looks best on you. Find clothes with really good cut and doesn't show pantie lines. They're not nice at all.

BTW, all photos are from FOREVER21, and they're all within 3 pages in NEW items. Just in case you are interested.

Now, why do forever21 look so unappealing in the Singapore store, but they look so good online!