Tuesday, 9 April 2013

chicken wings. yum

I am bad at blogging. Well I could blame it on my work schedule, my multi interest (I tried sewing a pair of shorts for my boyfriend on his birthday a few days back!!! It turned out pretty fine, UNTIL it split right at his BALLS (Yes... that part.) according to him. But it is not my fault, my sewing machine doesn't even want to work properly. and I dont know how to use it either. No one in my house knows how to use it too :X ), my destroyed camera (I dismantle (Yes I took out all the parts one by one.) my entire camera to fix the cracked screen. It's fairly easy to do it! You just have to be careful otherwise you might pull some parts into 2 and there goes your $1000 DSLR. But it still didn't work because I forgot to buy the external screen. DAM. ), the idiot who stole my phone (btw I just got a new smart phone! YAY).

So honestly, what do I have to push the blame --- WORK.

Ok next.

I'm trying to pick up sewing nowadays. However. My sewing machine doesn't corporate with me at all. It doesn't even sew smoothly for more than 10 seconds! Thread breaks/get stuck/ needle drops. I can't even sew a broken pocket, or alter length of my pants.

I highly go against Brother BM2600 if you are a sewing noob like me. It does nothing to enhance your interest. It just keep breaking down till you are pissed off. If you were a pro, I don't think you need my disapproval. It is at your own risk.

It is times like this I wish I had 30 friends who wants to share a birthday present for me. :D $10 each and I'd get $300 to get myself a better sewing machine. Sadly, no I don't. D: What's worse: all my friends happens to be overseas this year!! Apart from a friend whom I've known for about 10 years!!! I'm meeting her for lunch this Sunday. YAY cheers me up so much. Obviously I got to be happy. We only meet twice a years - my birthday and her birthday. fuck-is-this-how-u-treat-your-best-friend?


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