Saturday, 12 October 2013

I'm waiting for the Man

I met a good friend of mine few days back - and by looking at the first photo, there's obviously no good news.

I have no idea who these drinks are. The only thing I know is tt they're alcoholic, and you die faster if you mix drinks. (Don't call me a stupid idiot. I haven't touch a bar for almost 4 years!)

Waiter: Hi what would you like to get?
My friend: First 5 of the house pours.
Waiter: How would you like to mix it?
My friend: Anything. You decide.

It turned out that the drinks aren't that bad. After having those, we ordered additional 2 pts(2 x 500ml) of beer & an long island tea. None of us fainted. So thats good. The damn bar might be cheating or something by reducing the alcohol content. Which is a good thing for me, but no good for my friend. I'm sure she rather be drunk and fall asleep. Than to stay awake in tears.

I've never seen her cry so badly in all the 5 years I've known her. And for any man reading this, a you're an idiot to give up on a girl who would cry so bad for you secretly. Apparently, her boyfriend is one of them. Or rather, once a boyfriend by now.

If a man cheated on you once, forgive him. He did a thing or two wrong, I would have said, give him a chance. In this case, you have a player who couldn't make up his mind. After one year of relationship, all he could do is to stay shut in the phone and to send you a text message that he doesn't know why the fuck he got together with you - while you cry alone... and he party in a hotel room with 7 other girls instead of asking if you're fine.

My dear friend said, maybe... maybe if I love him, I should just wait for him.

And I say, girl if you are in the same shoe as my friend, a man like this is nothing. Probably 5 years down the road, he'd have done a degree, with his current girl friends all gone. You might think everything's going to be fine. But he'd be jobless, and he'd still be fooling around with a new bunch of girls. So why wait and drag the misery. I said call him, ditch him. You might think you're losing out to his friends. But dear friend, you won. Because you will find someone much more worthy of your time - and someone who truly loves you.

Who'd say no to this lady.. who bakes really delicious red velvet. I can't wait to eat more of her red velvets!


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