Thursday, 31 October 2013

RIP, Lou Reed

I've been really busy these few weeks. There is so much to prepare before you travel, and there is even more to prepare when your boyfriend is traveling after you. Yes...

Life has been pretty peaceful for me apart from Lou Reed's news.

He isn't as popular as say, Miley Cyrus , but he does really good music. Much better than Miley of course. I first get to really love him around 2 years back. That was when I first heard a song with a little of him - Femme Fatale. It is not sang by him, but he played a huge part in song writing & composing of the music - which is as important to the 'voice' itself. Such a calm sounding, bt heartbreaking song. I've since been listening so much to his music that pop music turned into nothingness in my heart. (In fact, I listened to some pop music I used to like and I felt so ashamed. damn. what a taste I had.)

I read this somewhere, but someone said that Lou Reed is the only man with enough balls to write those heartbreaking and the most vulnerable sounding music. And true enough, there are no stronger man than someone who is able to accept his weakness. His songs make you feel naked. But in a really good way.

Pale Blue Eyes - another of my favorites by his band, tells you how heartbreaking it is to see someone you truly love married to another man. It doesn't relate to me, bt it reminded me how sad it could be if my boyfriend was not with me. I've come to treasure him even more partially because of that I guess.

Candy Says says everything a typical girl feels. The fear of gossips, the hatred for herself when she is not perfect. And when you immerse yourself in the music, you sort of go, well, it is not so bad, isn't it. If you change the way you think/ see things, probably you'd feel better.

Well I'm not saying songs written by him is life changing or anything, but they certainly worth you listening. Even if they are really really old songs.

RIP, Lou Reed.

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