Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Ipone 4s + Lush review!

Wooow! Havent been here for quite a while! I've been travelling ALOT lately. In fact, I'd be overseas again this Saturday night! Rushing off to the airport immediately after my client! Yes that is how rush I got.

Interesting news: I got my Iphone finally!


I used to never think Iphone was fun and stuff but I wanted to get it because from using my boyfriend and daddy's phone, Iphone never hangs. And my HTC HANGS like crazy. I ever tried switching on and off for 4 hours plus just to view a sms. Imagine how frustrated I was! So I finally decided to get Iphone 4s.

Actually no. I didnt plan to get it. I just walked pass a M1 shop and decided on the spot to get it. DAM! And now... I can not live without that baby.

Also. I went to LUSH! I've been crazily in love with hand made soap since two years back! And the first time I get to use lush was around 1.5years ago when my boyfriend got lush products from US for me during my birthday.

So, I went crazy when I reach Lush sg.

So, what exactly I from LUSH myself?
Space girl bath bomb. I plan to use this during my trip this Sat! :D yay. Love the scent, hopefully it works out great, and hopefully my hotel comes with a bath tub.

Snow globe soap. My boyfriend love the scent of this one. I didnt LOVE it initially but I'm serious about this selling great for morning showers now. :D

Big Shampoo, love the smell of this! But a little hard to use since the salt doesnt seem to dissolve........ But nice bubbles, and it makes mmy hair pretty clean!

Jumping juniper shampoo bar. GOSH I LOVE THIS. Not much scent at all to me, but it makes crazy amt of bubbles and it keeps my hair freaking clean. This will not work as well for people with long hair or with hair extension though, I foresee you getting your hair all tangled up due to the bubbles. But I'm sure there're other soap shampoos for super long hair or dry hair. :D

Dark Angels, I havent used this yet though. But should be fine. I'd let you know.

Sorry! I just steal all the photos from Lush website and makeup Stash because I misplaced my camera! Plus I've packed everything into my luggage now so I don't want to take everything out again. =x


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