Saturday, 17 December 2011

Pixi eyeshadow kit / Essie nail polish haul / Holiday!

Hello! So I thought I'd do a blog post before attending to a wedding makeup as well as rushing and FLYING off to a holiday trip with my boyfriend tonight.

I don't know what is in my head when I booked the ticket, but I made my own life so difficult! My client's makeup (5 of them) today would end at 6+/7. and in order to fly off, I got to reach airport by 8. DAM!

Anyway, here to show you some of my recent loots. :D hehe.

Love this. Its super compact and it is going to make such a fantastic travel kit. In fact I bought this for my trip this time! :D So I'd test it out and give you guys a review when I'm back. :D

Ok so if you noticed the peachy color looking a little weird/ DIFFERENT from the rest, it came smashed and broken. So I pressed it back with rubbing alcohol. :) Looks fine to me now!

Now I'm planning to do a what I brought for my trip kinda post but again I already packed everything into my luggage bag! DAM! Maybe I should do a 'What I brought that was useful' post when I'm back or half way during my trip.
Yep I got another shade of this, so now I have 240 and 210 I think??? I am so busy recently so I really didn't have the time to test this out. I'd bring it overseas and hopefully do a review. :D see how this works in the winter. :P

So, stay excited.

Nail polish haul. All I had in mind when I got these polishes are: HOLIDAYS/ CHRISTMAS/ NEW YEAR. So explains my choice. :D

I'll let the images do their own introduction here:

Twinkle Lights
Sugar Cane
Over the top
Tiny Wine-ey
Steel-ing the scene

And, hello nails. :) I had Sugarcane on 4 fingers and then over the top on the 4th finger. I also had the face shop's gold glitter nail polish on top of over the top on 4th finger. Oh my god my explanation SUCKS.

A look I done a few weeks back. Hmmmm yeh. And I'm quite positive I've not shown this here before. :) Note that I didn't put any eyeliner because I'm really just. LAZY. But a black eyeliner would complete this look. :D

Ok signing off, I got to prepare now.

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