Friday, 2 December 2011

Late Night/Early Morning Posting + How to wear blue eyeshadow.

Oh my god. I feel that I could faint anytime now! I'm so tired! I got up at around 8am, and it is 4.30am now! I just received something AMAZING today(YESTERDAY) evening! Surprise surprise~ You'd know what I'm up to since evening really really soon!

Now since I've already blogged I might as well upload 2 photos!
- Blue eyeshadow.... Many feel that blue is the WORST color a lady could wear. Well, it is a very hard color to wear I feel, but they could look really good!

The tip though, is to use it on darker eye looks! EG, smokey eyes, or by using really dark blue. Lighter blues/neon blues could look really pretty too but they might not be what you want for a everyday look.
-btw i don't do any photoshop because I don't know how to. So here you get to see pores etc, and probably even fine lines in a few years time. D:

I feel that this look is pretty wearable. In fact I wore this one of the days I did makeup for my client! She likes it. Haha! Sorry for my hair though, that is how I look like early in the morning, when I just got up! It could be around 6am or so when I took this? Yup. So imagine me having long hair at 6am. You'd know how its like in probably.... 6 months time.

GOOD MORNING! but goodnight for me! :D

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