Sunday, 6 January 2013

Why is Michelle Phan Famous

I'm always on youtube - now the fact that I don't have a television could show how much youtube meant to me.

Michelle Phan was one of the first person I watched there - 5 years back. She's so inspiring. To me, she is really pretty! I adore her.

5 years have past and Michelle Phan - who was once just like any of us made herself a millionare - through youtube! Why, of all the girls on youtube, Michelle made it to the top.

Well the answer is simple - Michelle put in much more effort. She gets things done as professionally as possible. Therefore, she gets the credit more than any other girl. Now don't get me wrong, I really love listening to ladies ramble about their dogs, cats, new stuff they bought. However there is just something about Michelle's videos that'd make me 'miss' it - from the way she edits the video to the choice of music she made. She's got a good taste.

Some of us still adore her now, while others hate her. Now I know I wrote a post on whether she did some plastic to her chin. However like I said, that's really a personal choice. Perhaps I'd be upset if it's true, but right now I still do enjoy watching her a lot. I can't help but have so much respect for her whenever I see a new video pop up - it is not easy to keep filming, editing, uploading. Well, for 5 years.

Her style has changed a bit here and there - I noticed her not being as innovative. Something lacking from the past. Nonetheless, what she's achieved is crazy! Not to mention how much girl's lifes she changed by just doing what she enjoys.

I am really happy for where she is now, and I totally understand why some people hate her. But hey! There is no need to, because if she is not worth the position, she wouldn't be there. She is a living fact that anyone could make it there - through hardwork and just being who you really are.


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