Wednesday, 9 January 2013


This is my first time dining at Cedele - Millennial walk. 

I was waiting for my boyfriend alone and I saw Cedele. They offer really nice cakes and buns, so I had to try them isn't it.

Had their pumpkin roll at just 80 cents. Followed by Mos Burger as dinner with my bf - He planned to bring me to some place to eat, only to realise it's been closed for renovation. Damn. 

I craved for coffee so we went back to Cedele. Thats when I took some photos! 

The roses behind - THEY ARE REAL. That scored a major point.

I was never a fan of roses. But I got to say I'm a half convert now. I love the scent of roses and I love the look of them. Not to mention that rose essential oils are extremely good the skin. :D

- good coffee. I believe that I've got quite a good taste when it comes to choice of coffee.. So trust me, if I said it's good, it has to be pretty fine at least.

I'm not a major fan of this. Find it a little dry. I'd recommend their brownies more actually. 

Set for just $5.

It's been a long time since I dated this happily. Well could it be that I'm just easily satisfied now? (:

I'd recommend Cedele whole heatedly. 


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