Monday, 11 March 2013


I'm not just referring to myself being missing for such a long time.

I'm referring. to. my iphone. D: Some thief has stolen my iphone last week. From my work place! Ok great. Now my entire year of photos and sms-es... games........ are gone. D: Oh and contacts. Which currently, I only have like 5/6 contacts.

The way this theft worked out is just magic - plain magic(TRAGIC)
I left my phone in my drawer, and I walked out for merely 30seconds. The thief opens my drawer, unplugged my phone from my charger and escaped. I didn't remember how this guy/girl looks like. Called my phone, and this idiot thief actually bothers to pick up the phone! He/she didn't speak of course. Otherwise I'd know if it's a guy or girl. But I did hear the Ez-link card tapping sound. This guy must have went on the bus.

I called the police later and had my report done. Of course, I have no more than 1% chance of getting my phone back even after the phone report.

Folks. This incident taught me some things - and I'll pass it down to anyone with a smart phone.
1. Find my iphone isn't good enough. It doesn't update fast enough. So you better download a stronger software - like the one that takes a photo of the thief once he key in wrong passcode 3x.
2. Set a passcode. so the thief's photo could be taken. Even if he throws your phone, he will certainly be embarrassed. Or found.
3. Do not send your phone message saying your phone has been tracked - the thief will just take out your sim card and use it w/o 3G
4. Report your IMEI number, stated on your phone box when you buy your phone. In that way, anyone who gets your phone will be automatically deem as committing a crime. This will not help much but it is a way to freak the thief out. for a while. yeh.

My IMEI is: 013031006460869.... So if you happened to buy a Iphone4s from stranger, please check it. Fastest way is to call: *#06#  and IMEI number will appear. Report to police immediately if you happened to be holding on to a stolen phone. And save yourself the trouble of committing some stupid crime.

just a fun convo with the police officer the other day:
Him: Are you sure Find my iphone works? How accurate it is?
Me: Quite accurate, usually its a couple meters difference from actual location.
Me: Haha... Yes.


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