Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Look #1 - Dior holiday palette + Hair styling tip for short hair

Hello! So, I was looking at my makeup 'counter' / corner in my room, and then I saw my Dior 2009's Holiday's Collection pouch.
Since this product comes with a pouch, most of time I'd just happily miss it and go for NAKED palette etc. I'd forget that this is actually filled with makeup goodies! So I thought.....

Why not do a makeup look using that palette! :D So this is what I came out with. Since the colors in the set is pretty light, it didn't show up as good in the photo (Partially because I'm really not good with cameras!). BUT TRUST ME! This look is AMAZING in reality!

I used the gold color in the palette all over my eyelid, and blended the dark bronze shade at the outer corner of my eyes.

I then used the pinky blush in the pouch, and finish my look with Rimmel lipstick in 007. (A gorgeous shade with gold shammer!)

This is what I did to my hair. Since its really short, I could only pin them to the side slowly.

I curled my hair with a 1 inch curler iron, then added texture by using strong hold hair clay. Rub the clay in between your fingers and just run through your hair, and then SQUEEZE your hair upwards. :) Pin your hair in place, and. You're done!

Ok and I found a few photos I took using my laptop. Better view of the hair since I could see what I'm doing using the computer. With my camera, I just had to keep trying till I get a photo that looks alright. Hehe.

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