Friday, 6 January 2012

Holiday trip, short summary!

I just came back to Singapore! My holiday has been such an incredible experience to me. Both good and bad ways though.

I sort of decided on that 'holiday' in a rush because my mom was down with ovarian cancer then! But I didnt talk about this to any of my friends(ok only 1) because I just can not bring myself to really believe in it until they confirmed it and had the operation. My mom was supposed to be in Sg with me right now but she had to do the operation over there since it is the best to not drag cancer stuff. She had to rest now. My dad is with her now though, thank god! Thank god everything went on well, she's safe and operation went on successfully. Really thank god. The most painful thing is to see her pale, in pain, and not being able to do anything to help her. I'm just glad everything's fine now. Hopefully.

Other part of the trip was kind of enjoyable I guess? My boyfriend and I had lots of good food, out hotel was in a really good location, we walked around a lot, seem a lot of new things and learnt a lot from the people over there. Just that people there might not be the most courteous. So... That annoys me.

I'll upload more photos real soon, but I'm dead tired now! My plane touched down at around 7am yesterday and I went for a full day of lessons. Then lessons today again, visited my boyfriend's family. Just got back home!

New year resolution:
Hopefully not to late, but I only wish for health this year. Healthy eating, exercising, not to fall sick, take care. Illness is a horrible thing. Esp that my boyfriend had dengue fever, mom with ovarian cancer... 2011 was a tiring year for me! So stay healthy, be blessed.

- I'll update more tmr ok!

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