Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Whino and room

So I tried publishing Whino's photos yesterday but it doesn't seem to show up! Here's an updated post on his photo!! :D

And I packed my entire room yesterday - THE WHOLE NIGHT. Ya I started at around 3am and ended at 9am. Threw lots of trash, mopped floor, wiped everywhere and packed a nice place for wobert and whino! So excited!!!

Wobert behind and whino's cage infront! :D :D :D incase you're wondering, they're still new to each other so I had to separate them first. It takes a long long time to bond some rabbits. Especially now that wobert is a little aggressive, and whino is dam curious. He'd go close to wobert to disturb her! Such a naughty bunny right!!

Book shelf. Obviously I dont have everything here. In fact most of my books aren't here. But this is my favorite corner now. Nice perfume bottles and bel air lamp. Hmm don't ask me what my toothbrush is doing there though. IDK.

Yay clean room finally. :D

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