Monday, 20 February 2012

What I've been up to.

I'm probably one of the worst blogger/friend/shopping friend etc. I just find it so hard to keep up with everything in life because I'm so busy! I changed my phone number around 3 month back but I think I've only informed like 20 people. And since I lost my old phone, I lost all my contacts too. :( I never even sms one of my best friend my new number. CRAP!

Ok so I attended a wedding recently and I finally have my hair long enough to do a formal hairdo. :D
Hmm not like you could see my hair.. Haha! But Iphone's front camera suck. but I went with a easy eye that day. Used UD naked 1 palette. Simple lips/cheeks.

Their back camera is really good though. The photo above is not even the full resolution one. :D I hate to spend too much time dolling up which is weird because I'm a makeup artist. But I did find a pair of earrings and necklace! :D went with a simple black wedges and a bag which doesnt suit my outfit at all. Time to shop for a bag......

Hmm this is what I took with my iphone for the look 2/3 posts back. :D

:D except for the finger at the bottom right.

Mhy w0berT of course, to end the post.
She's still a little scared. Silly lil shitting animal! She shit an average of 150 pcs of shit each day! Natural talent. But I still love her. Hehehe and she kisses me now. YAY.

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