Sunday, 5 February 2012

Wearing Red Eyeshadow

Red eyeshadow is big this season. We see more of red eyeshadow looks than ever before on runway shows now. While it might the 'trend' now, it is extremely hard to wear out. Especially if you are thinking of the straight out red eyeshadow look.

It is however, not impossible to wear at all. Just make sure you're daring, or you've got a pair of thick lashes or glasses. :D

I have on none today, but still going to upload some photos I've taken - with my laptop. Because my camera is not with me now. D:

Step 1: Foundation. And concealer. I've used concealer only because a lot of my foundations are not with me now. Those with me are a little too dark.
Monster. But it is important to conceal all redness. You're going for a red eyeshadow look. So other than the eyes, you do not want any redness.

I've already used some darker foundations on my face to balance out with scary concealers. Then, I'm gonna use a red lipstick to prep my eyes for the red color.

88 color metal palette(Find it under the over 10 color section. This palette is gonna be pretty useful if you do not like too much bright colors. Shades are all pretty metallic/shimmery so I'm quite sure you wouldn't end up applying too much).

So this is what you often see from shows. Just red. Nothing else.
Hmm my camera isn't showing well but its red.

This is how I'd wear it though. With a little bit of blush and lipstick. Red toned of course.

Extended the eyeliner a little in front. :)

Wearable? a not.

Ok. so my rabbit is around 5 months old now and she is acting... HORNY.
Thats how she treated me too. DAM! I thought she wanted me to hug her initially then I realise she's humping. She's also been peeing on sofa etc to mark her area due to sexual maturity. I'm getting her fixed in a month or so, once she reach the age for spaying. Spaying is really good for rabbits, especially female rabbits because it removes the pain of them getting ovarian cancer later. Which over 90% of female rabbits get them. :( I'm just worried she'd be in great pain due to the surgery.


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