Sunday, 5 May 2013

OOTD + Review: Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Foundation

I have a little review here today! 

Actually I'm on a hunt for a new foundation for my brides, and I decided to try on Diorskin Forever Flawless today. 
Cost: 47usd / 75sgd

Basic information: Mid - Full coverage with an SPF of 20 (That means you probably would get a little bit of flash! x.x ). 

 Nice packaging and stuff but it doesn't really matter. Next, you're going to see my face... Half no makeup.

 One side of my face has the foundation + their radiant base on. Can you see which is the side that has the foundation? I took this photo only 10 minutes after applying foundation - so the fact that it is not obvious shows that this foundation may not be doing anything to my skin at all. Even my dark eye circles look as bad for both eyes.

 Second chance... Make a guess on which side has foundation. Well its the left (The side w mole).
Notice that the SA chose a sade  too light for me. Apart from giving me a shade too light, she adds a pink tone radiant base all over my face - TERRIBLE MISTAKE girls. If you have yellow tone skin, adding pink undertone base will brighten up your skin. But that would not look natural. I'd only use a pink base to highlight areas of the face. Some bases contain micro shimmer pigments - and the worst you could do is to smear it all over the face, unless you have a really really dry and dull and yellow skin, with a pinkish undertone on your neck and chest area.

Overall, I'm not impressed with this foundation. Let me just give a quick run through of my first impression:

First hour: Cakey. The fondation settled into my pores. It is very obvious there is something in my pores when I look into the mirror. Also, this foundation makes the fine lines around my undereye even more obvious. This foundation does not dry to a powder like texture. So you have to set it if you want it to feel matte.

Third hour: Foundation is still accentuating my pores and lines - less obvious though, because the natural oils on my skin kind of blended the foundation a bit I guess. (This point brings hope to the foundation, I can foresee this looking beautiful on ladies with oily skin. Do note that if you have oily skin, you probably want to set this with powder.) But areas around my nose where I have bigger pores - bad news. The foundation settled in e pores and made them... well you get it. my pores are happily showing faces.
AT this point in time, there is almost no shine on my face still - so definitely a good foundation for oily skin ladies with minimum pores.

Forth hour: Most areas on my skin looks pretty good in this foundation apart from my nose. Foundation still in the pores. Not much shine still. I took it off after 4 hours because it's kind of time to sleep.

Conclusion: This foundation does have a beautiful finish. You have to buff the foundation in well. But it wouldn't work well with anyone that has mid - large pores. It wouldn't work with ladies having dry skin either. Definitely not a foundation I'd purchase for now. I might give it another try with a different SA just to see how the right shade would feel like on my skin.

Right! OOTD now! :D

Tank top w white pencil skirt
And... Tatsing slippers! LOL isn't my fashion sense fantastic???

Just kidding.
I was just trying on that skirt. Haha. I really love that skirt. But they do not have my size in S. I thought XS might work, but its damn tight I can't even pull it pass my big ass. I then try M, but it is way too loose around my waist area. I could put both my hands into the skirt. I'd love to buy it if it is of the right size though.

This is what I wore. I wanted to go kopitiam for dinner with my boyfriend, but we ended up in some shopping mall. I didn't wear any makeup. I didn't even wear my specs! So I couldn't see anything damn.

By right I quarreled w my boyfriend yesterday - BUT HE FORGOT WHAT WE QUARREL ABOUT ALDY!!! wth I feel dumb now - why bother arguing when he can't remember anything! Is this what you get with a physics guy?



  1. stop wearing ur tai sing slippers! LOL

  2. D: I thought its like the new trendy piece.