Saturday, 4 May 2013

Just 40 simple steps to looking picture perfect every day

So I received some questions on how to look good everyday. Here are the 40 simple steps to look picture perfect!

1. Wash face - removes any dirt
2. Scrub face - reduces uneveness of skin texture
3. Toner - prep skin for next products
4. Serum - adsorbs quickly into skin
5. Moisturizer - Added moisture
6. Sunblock - reduce sun damage. Yes, picture perfect means no sunscreen, but you could always use chemical sunscreen pdts (Choose a sunscreen with NO titanium dioxide. I have a post on sunscreens somewhere.....)
7. Primer – Provides a smooth canvas for your foundation
8. Foundation – You could choose either just 1 foundation color, or 3 foundation color. But let us just stick to 1 foundation for this guide. I'll talk about 3 foundation colors in the later posts.
9. Set foundation with a powder if you are preparing to use all powder products after this. Otherwise, jump right into the other steps. For this post, I do not want to use powder products immediately. So let us blot the excess foundations off using a piece of clean tissue.
10. Apply a cream bronzer or a darker shade of foundation on places you'd like to contour. Blend
11. Apply a cream highlighter or a lighter shade of foundation on places you'd like to highlight. In this case, I'd use a lighter shade of foundation because it act as concaeler too. Blend
12. Apply a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks or on the high points of your cheeks. Blend
13. Make sure that everything looks good now. Blot with tissue again.
* Now you might be annoyed. What's with all the blotting with tissue wtf. Blotting ensures that you take off all the excess products, so even though you used so many products, people would still think you had a naked skin
14. Powder the entire face using a loose powder or any powder you want to use.
15. Leave the powder on face a a couple of minutes and dust off the excess powders & blot again
16. Now use a powder bronzer to go over your contour
17. Use a highlighting powder to go over your highlighted areas
18. Use a powder blush over your cream blush. Step 16 – 18 ensures that your colors last longer.
19. Let us move on to eyes now. Apply primer – which. If you want to start with eye makeup first, it is alright too. In occasions where you want to do eye makeup first, move step 19 - 30 to the top.
20. Apply eyeshadow – Whichever color or colors you like.
21. Blend all different shades of colors together the way you want
22. Apply pencil eyeliner
23. Apply gel / liquid liner on top to make the line smooth
24. Set liner with black/ any color of eyeshadow you like
25. Curl your lashes
26. Apply mascara primer
27. Apply mascara
28. Apply false lashes – Single / full set lashes, whichever you like
29. Curl lashes again to blend in false ones w the real ones
30. Apply mascara again to further blend the lashes
31. Apply lip balm – this step should be done earlier bt I forgot to write in so here it is
32. Apply lip liner
33. Apply lipstick
34. Apply lipgloss
35. Check. You may apply a lighter gloss in the centre of lips to show fuller lips
36. Check overall makeup – have you missed out anything? Contour and highlight the nose area!
37. Check again – Right I missed out the eyebrows. Which by right, at this stage you got to apply a dry product – powder. But I'm going to just clean up the brow area and go in with a eyebrow gel.
38. Apply a light shade of eyebrow powder on top of eyebrow gel after it is dried
39. Apply darker shade of eyebrow powder to the ends of eyebrow to give a more natural look
40. Check to see if you look perfect now – touch up little details.

no wait. Missed out on the HAIR.

DANG. Now you know why Kim Kardashian spends 2 - 3 hours on makeup before her photoshoots! I might have missed a few points here and there, but its about there.
- But actually... Taiwanese spend more time than Kim. At least that's what I heard.
- and obviously I don't spam all the steps daily on myself. lol too much!


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