Monday, 13 May 2013

Review: Makeup Forever HD foundation & my recommendations

This is one of the most popular foundations for bridal makeup. Well known for looking really good in camera, and it doesn't have any SPF or fragrance. That means, no white cast and minimal reaction with sensitive skin. Now these are facts - I've used them on myself and clients. So whatever I say later is not going to argue these points.

I love that foundation. Beautiful foundation with a little bit of satin finish. It spreads really easily, and almost doesn't look cakey if you applied it in the right way. However, I've never really do a close up photo/comparison with other products.

So.. Here I am. Lets see what this foundation does - exactly.

L: Missha Signature BB cream - Shade 2, which is one of my favorite BB creams. But it contains SPF 45 which is horrible when it comes to flash photography. 
R: Makeup Forever Foundation - N120
I took this photo around 6 hours after application btw.

Initial reaction: They both have very similar finishes initially. They both could be sheered out or build to a full coverage. I used a really light hand so it's about light - mid coverage. 
After 1 hour: Makeup forever foundation is still going pretty well, but the missha side gets a little bit oily. Just a little shine. Nothing much.
--- My boyfriend. Stared at my face for about 10 minutes and his only conclusion is one side is more oily. So.. It is not that obvious a difference actually.
After 6 hours: There is really not much difference apart from that the Missha side oxidized a little more. They both showed some shine. Well. as you could see in the photo, appearance of pores are around the same. So the way they settle are pretty similar.
* Note that I do not touch up on foundations when I do tests like this.

Note that both foundations I used are some of my favorites. They are of good quality. But here's the trick... 

If you need a foundation for photography, or you're a makeup artist, spend your $75 on Makeup forever HD foundation. It sets your mind at ease on the flash back part, and it makes your makeup kit looks more high class. However, if you do not need to be photographed under flash, a lot of other foundations will do a good job. Missha Signature BB cream is fantastic when it comes to having a satin finish. But it is a little pricey ($45) as well. 

So if you're looking for a cheap foundation that still gives off that little bit of glow, but with minimum SPF, I'd recommend L'Oreal Lumi foundation / Bourjois Healthy mix serum foundation (Lighter feeling on skin).


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