Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bridal photoshoot - Joanne&Huizi

Hello everyone, so this post is pretty exciting! Well much better than just showing my bunnies if you're not a fan of them. :D

Done some bridal shoot makeups for my beautiful models, Joanne&Huizi on Sunday. My photographer sent me some sample photos, and I'm posting them here! :D Of course, more to come when I get everything from him.

This is Joanne's first look. A pretty fierce one. I wanted to do something darker than that but I figured that Joanne is a really young and sweet girl so this intensity should be enough. To my surprise though, Joanne carries off this FIERCE look really really well! I did a mistake in this look though. I used OCC liptar on her, which is supposed to be long wearing and stuff. However she got pretty dry lips due to the weather so the liptar didn't work out as well. Nevertheless, Joanne did such a great job considering this is her first photoshoot!

Joanne's second look/outfit. I went with a much sweeter look because her first look is pretty dull. The photographer still choose to take photo of her sensual side though. They feel that Joanne's got the 'attitude' :D Her second makeup is extremely beautiful. I added silver reflex glitters and used Estee lauder's purple palette. Though I suspect my photographer didn't take photo of just the makeup......

Huizi here next! A cheerful, girl next door! Huizi's got AMAZING skin! I got so jealous while doing her makeup.

Anyway, first look I did was pretty natural, even though it doesn't look the most natural in real life~ It looks really great on photos! :D Huizi was worried that she can't carry off certain looks because she prefers smiling. But well, the photos here looks great! Don't they. :D
HuiZi got a personal blog! Visit hers if you love her. XOXO

Second look.. I did a little experiment here. Drew a flower on one side of her face. Could have done much better with the right tools though! I didnt bring my mixing medium then. However I'm pretty determined to dry this look out. Maybe I'd paint it on my own face one day and show you guys! :D

My good friend, Caibei came to join me half way through the shoot! And that was when I'm painting Huizi's face. I was shit... Caibei's gonna laugh at me because she is a art student~~~ LOL.

Anyway the shoot turned out pretty good apart from me not being able to really follow them around and touch up their makeup&hair since I was doing different looks etc. Otherwise could be even better. :D I did get my boyfriend to follow her and the photographer along though!

Special credits to my models of course! And my photographer - Javier!

Model: Joanne, Huizi
Gowns&Makeup: Kelly,
Photographer: Javier

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