Thursday, 26 January 2012

2012 Spring Makeup Trend: Smokey Eyes & Strong Lips

Hello everyone, so. I'm going to show you what I came out with for 2012's spring makeup trend! Now I'm not into the yearly trends/looks/whatever normally because they're just weird and lame and the trend kept repeating itself from year to year anyway! Some trends contradict each other BIG time!

If you go on to Google and research on it, some cosmetic company(Gucci) believe that extreme smokey eyes + everything else nude would be the coming trend. However, Chanel believes in white silver metallic. To add on to this contradiction, DKNY has been focusing on healthy looking skin, ie, sporty cheeks and virtually nothing on the eyes/lips/whatever. Then MIUMIU, Peter Som had been playing with colors: Red eyeshadows... etc. And our Christian Dior, Anna Sui... has been coming out with RED lipsticks.

SO! I'm just gonna do a series of looks for you guys. I obviously can not do everything that happens to be 'going trendy' for this year.

For today, I'm just doing a smokey eyes. Quite a classic one, I've just used a black color eyeshadow, black eyeliner... I'll list the full products later. BUT! I paired that with multiple lip colors so you see the different effects/feel.

Products used:
FACE: Illamasqua Rich Skin Foundation, Bobbi Brown concealer, Hada labo moisturizers.
Brows: Mixture of the 2 matte shades in Urban Decay Naked 1 palette
Eyes: Black out from Urban decay's 15Anniversary palette, black from UD Naked1 palette which I forgot the name, Sin from UD Naked 1 as highlighter and inner corners, Millani Liquify Eyeliner Pencil.
Cheeks: Jemma Kidd Brownzer, Physician's Formula Mood Booster blush in Glow
Lips: I'll update as we go through the photos.

Lipstick used: Revlon Matte lipstick in Mauve It Over + L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick in Rose (to give off the shine)

This is more of a classic smokey eyes + nude lips look. Notice that I did not completely nude out my lips. That is because not everyone could take that type of look. Especially for my medium dark skin, I'd look really dead.
PS: My face is reflecting some light if you noticed. It is not the oil or anything. It really is just that my face has been really nicely moisturized lately. I've also placed my camera+FLASH too close to my face in a relatively dark room that is why it looked a little shiny.

Lips: NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Shanghai Express

Not as common, most people pair smokey eyes with nude lips. But a red one works really well too! :D PLUS it is the 'trend' now. :X :P

LIPS: Nars Semi Matte in Shanghai Express + Dior lipgloss in (The shade name got rubbed off) but its almost a transparent red.

Doesn't my lips look freaking big here. Yeh if you want big lips. But not good for a date if you're waiting to kiss somebody. Unless your guy loves lipgloss in his mouth.

Lipstick: The body Shop lipstick... I rubbed off the name. But I'm pretty sure that you'd only find 1 shade in entire body shop that is a blue pink. Then again, don't get lipstick from the body shop because they suck. They felt like glue. yeh. :(

But This is a nice color. Barbie lips. Not me. :P

Lipstick: OCC Liptar in Banjee

I love love loveeee this lip color. It is really bright and pretty! But I'm not sure if I'd wear this out......

Lipstick: NEH. None. :D

This is my original lip color! As you could see, the skin around my lips looks a little different. That is because I'm constantly rubbing off and reapplying different lipsticks! :)

WRobert!!!!! :D Yes I added a W infront of Robert because my boyfriend has been jealous. Not like he's called Robert?! Tsk.

So Wrobert is spoilt. Yes she is totally, hopelessly spoilt. She refuses to eat her hay(Dried grass) anymore! Probably because I've been hand feeding her celery, siao pek chai and stuffs. So she wants fresh grass now. I had to do some research, and I went downstairs to get some fresh greens for her. :D Washed a few times, and they're ready to go. Wrobert loves them! :D Tips though, don't just pluck any random grass ok. Pluck those that are skinny and long. That is the type of glass they used for the Hay. :D

Happy Wrobert eating fresh grass~~

Wrobert is behaving really well today! She was a little scared and worried the previous days so she scratched me and bite me. Basically going for my blood. Stupid blood thirsty ANIMAL! But I never gave up playing with her, feeding her and petting her. So today, she jumps onto the sofa and starting licking me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Yeh she licked me everywhere! My hands. My legs. My feet. :D Looks like he/she likes me now!

Oh and he/she is so smart seriously, whenever he/she knows Im heading to the kitchen, he/she would stand up and look at me with the most poor thing eyes. DAM! Demanding for me to feed him/her fresh veggie!!!! so cute! :D


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