Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merry Christmas

well. This probably shouldn't be the first photo to show up. However, that was exactly how crazy I'd eve. ;D

We visited this awesome place.that my boyfriend brought me. I have no idea what it's called. But its at Farrer park. :X All their food are absolutely delicious! Very reasonably priced as well. I'd state the prices of each dish as accurately as possible - now I may have forgotten the prices now. 

Squid ink spaghetti. I took this with flash. But the squid ink in this was crazy. Just refer to the first photo if you need proof. :D DELICIOUS.

Escargots. I have no idea how they prepared this, but each piece of escargot is soaked in garlic and olive oil. They almost melt in your mouth. Its that good.

I can't remember what this called. Apparently the white stuff you see is actually made with milk. And then, layered on top of rice. baked. I suppose this is much healthier than usual baked rice. And the price point, shocking.

Panna cotta. This dessert is actually frozen. So it's like a mix of jelly and ice cream. This is pretty delicious too, however, it is pretty expensive if you were to compare the price of the other items. 

Well, that's it for my Christmas eve dinner! One of the best dinners I've had, at an really affordable price. 

We then headed over to Mustafa. I bought myself and my boyfriend a set of earphones - Christmas gift! and then had our supper. 

Giant paper Dosai! It is literally longer than our table! 

Called that a day for our Christmas eve celebration. :) Headed home happily. 

On the actual Christmas, we're pretty boring. But a pretty good day too. 

Hokkien mee and fried oyster for lunch. Hey you should really pay this store a visit. They're located opposite Kovan Mrt station. And this is serious good food. 
Hokkien mee as you can see, is finished by us,. It is of the perfect texture. Not too wet/dry, with a strong aroma of eggs and I don't know how to describe it. GO EAT IT.
As for the fried oyster, this stall actually makes the dish CRISPY. Every bite is crunchy. And their oysters is dreamy soft, they melt in your mouth.

This is our dinner - nothing fun. But I love the fish beehoon. This particular store is never stingy with their fish. Thick slices. My boyfriend had teochew fried rice. Which I totally ignored in the above photo. :D

What else for Christmas?

I made my boyfriend his favorite Salted yolks custard buns! :D Super yummy treats and...
It is really flowy inside - and soft outside.

Hmm shall share recipe of this awesome dish in some post later. If you're a fan of salted yolk custard buns, you'd thank me for that. ;)


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