Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Now if you read my previous post, you'd probably know that I'm into this 'healthy home cooked food' diet.

Well. 'healthy diet' doesn't occur to me at all during the time of the month. My PMS is probably the worst in the world. Not only am I highly irritable and angry all the time, my brain screams for all unhealthy food on earth - especially carbohydrates. sugar. pastry. WAFFLES.

I could eat till my tummy turn from D - O (The shape) and my brain would still tell me, more. FOODFOOD.

2 nights ago, my hunger strike so bad in the middle of the night that I woke up, sat beside my fridge and eat all the left over chicken. How desperate. I even took out my biscuit tin and ate all the left overs. My brain still wasn't satisfied. I had to cook all the fishballs I had in the fridge after all the above food. 20 more fishballs before I'm happy. What a night.....

I went on to eat dim sum the next day with my boyfriend! CRAVINGS LIKE CRAZY! Now I forgot the address of this dim sum place but they're good. I'm definitely going down again soon, and I'd note down the address.


FAVORITE salted egg custard bun; crystal skin bun.

Lotus leave wrapped rice. Now I'm done with the rice before I could take the picture. Hence this sucky finished lotus rice skin. :D

We later head on to paya lebar mrt station where I had one of the most crispy and delicious waffle in my life. for just $1.10. It's at the basement of Post office at paya lebar mrt station. Again, no photo because I didn't have the patience to take a photo before eating the food. 

Dinner was more dim sum and astons - grilled chicken with pasta and onion rings. 

Happy. satisfied girl. not healthy for weight though. hmmm I honestly don't give a damn during PMS. Do you?

Breakfast today! Chocolate oatmeal pancake - made with 2 eggs and cottage cheese. :D 


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