Thursday, 20 December 2012

How to make man tou - steamed buns

Now. PMS gives me the weirdest cravings! The other day I made Mochi - durian mochi to be exact. To satisfy my cravings. Then I had cravings for BUNS. MAN TOU. 

And pumpkin. 

So. Pumpkin mantou, here I come. This particular type of mantou that I made is not like what you'd typically eat at dim sum store etc. My version is slightly 'harder' and more 'chewy'. So if thats what you like, read on!

Ingredients: I made 18/20 mantou I think.
- 300g pumpkin
- 30g - 50g glutinous rice flour (This is the magical ingredient that makes your bun slightly chewy)
- 1.5 teaspoon yeast (Yeast is essential for the type of mantou I like. If you prefer it the type you could buy outside, then switch to baking powder instead)
- 400g plain flour (now if you like soft mantou,you need to buy a different type of flour. I think its called hongkong flour)
* Sugar if you like it sweet. I prefer it not to have any sugar. Now I do have a family history diabetes. So I'm a little careful.
That's it!   

- I added some vegetable - prawn fillings to the mantou. but I prefer it empty. honestly.

wash pumpkin, remove skin, boil till soft.

measure out your flour, yeast, glutinous rice flour

Mash the pumpkins, add a little water and all the dry ingredients. this is what you'd get. Make it a soft dough. It should feel something like... Mochi. if you want hard mantou, make it harder by adding less water.

Cover with a cloth and let it sit for around an hour. I let mine sit for 1.5 hours. Meanwhile, do whatever you want. :D

I brought my w0bert out for a walk! Its her first time out, and SHE LOVES IT. some pet owners say you should not bring your rabbit out since rabbits could get use to it and start disturbing you if you don't. however, what kind of owner you are if you don't even want to let your pet enjoy some grass! 

Dough should rise to around twice of the original size when you're back! :D

Now if you forgot how it looks like originally - which is what my bf always does. Pull a portion of the dough and you should be able to see bubbles. like that.

now my fillings. I added veggs egg and prawn. but honestly add whatever you want. or not at all. I kind of wished I threw my left over mochi as the filling. Yums.

add the filling

roll it into a ball.

when you're done, let it sit for around 30 minutes before steaming.
then turn on the fire. STEAM. 

Soft soft mantou. 

yums love it. ok. Don't judge me. but I ate 12 man tou in one day. 


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