Wednesday, 7 August 2013

7th month

This sucks.

The Chinese 7th month is starting tomorrow. In fact, now since its 12.02am. ZZZ. Everywhere in Singapore smells of burnt paper.

I am kind of in a awkward position - well not exactly. I'm staying with an old lady who prays to kwan yin and she likes to burn those paper, and fold them like ancient gold logs. Which I don't know what religion it is. Now comes the point: I don't want to argue with her to not burn any paper since according to her, its impt. But my boyfriend has asthma and he suffers whenever people burn those paper.

So one day, I decided to be cheeky and asked the old lady sth....
ME: cheh cheh, why do you need to fold these things
SHE: to burn it
ME: what for? what do ghost or god do with it?? as in... they like the ash more than paper?? or they just eat all of it.

.... and she ignored me for a day after that. damn. think i offended her.

but seriously. what do they do with the burnt paper?! hate the smell.

D: hopefully I didn't offend some ghost/god/both.

Met one of my best friends from Secondary school to celebrate her birthday today. Had everything with fries. and awfully chocolate. yums.


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