Monday, 19 August 2013


I've been in this sewing mode recently. It's really weird considering that I never learnt sewing or thought of myself sewing.

I made a pair of skirt for my sister yesterday!

Floral print skirt with elastic band. Now this is the first ever pair of skirt I made, and I did learn quite a bit of techniques during the making process.

If you are starting with a slightly sheer material, please do add an inner layer. Since it is meant for my 15 year old sister, I had to make sure it isn't too see though. Well, in fact, a good skirt should not be see through at all!

Inside of the bottom of skirt. I have no idea which setting to use for the finishing of skirt. So I double folded the endings and top stitch a 2mm seam all around.

To give it a neater look, I sew the inner layer inside the elastic band area.

And I forgot to take a picture of the sides of skirt. I did a french seam for the sides. Total time I spent for this skirt is around 2 hours I think. It is not bad for a start come on.

Love it to death! I wore it for a day before I gave it to my sis. :X

Does that piece of fabric look familiar to you? Well, don't be surprised if it does. I bought 2 pieces of fabric from Diaso at just S$4! Inner layer cost around S$3 for me I guess. So the cost price of skirt came out to just around S$7. I love Diaso fabrics! Remember the pencil cases I made earlier? The fabrics were from diaso too. Just remember to double fold it and add a harder piece of cotton for pencil cases. Otherwise they'd be really soft and break.

And..... I made a pair of shorts for my boyfriend too!
Well, yes, 2 pcs of fabric from diaso too. This is made of a soft cotton material, so it'd be suitable for lounging at home, or go kopitiam for brunch.

I wanted the shorts to look a little less well, boring in the color. So I added a white cloth for the waistband area. Again, elastic band shorts because I am really not confident of sewing a fly for the first time.

Legs of the pants. I did a inside out fold kind of thing for the pants. I just think it looks a lot more casual.

French seam for the sides. I did this for my sister's skirt too.

Making a good pair of pants is definitely a huge challenge! This is the second time I attempt making a pair of shorts, and I am so glad I succeeded! It is important to cut out the crotch area properly. Without the crotch area, the pants would not be comfortable. Not only that, it'd split into two when you walk. If too much of the crotch is cut out, you will end up looking like you have a huge cock. or a really really flat ass. 

I spent around 3.5 hours on this pair of pants. Well, actually I sew the skirt and pants on the same night. And I ended up sleeping at 7am.


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