Saturday, 10 August 2013

August Bellabox!

I wrote this ytd bt all the text disappeared. D: so whatever text now are written by me on 10th AUG instead.

hnd! (happy national day)

My new hair! I never been to salon for around 2 years already. Mainly because I hate to sit still for ppl to cut my hair. I trim my own fringe and layered a little all around. Sometimes I cut hair for my brides too!

Bellabox sent me their August box this month, with a special Peranakan design (Which my boyfriend is a peranakan so its good)
Came packed in a pretty design!

Bellabox is putting in quite a bit of effort for our national day. Even the greetings came in different languages.

Orchid sticker. lols


This is a lip patch. I'm not sure if I'd enjoy this though. It's 'mask' that you paste on your lips. I'm lazy with even facial mask. :X
RETAIL: Box of 5 for S$19.90
IN THIS BOX: 1pcs (Valued at S$4)

Facial wipes by wotnot. I've not heard of this brand before. But I tried this before, but pretty interested by the word natural and organic. I've tried it on my face, and it does not leave a 'clean' enough feeling. Its slightly greasy, (I feel that most wipes are like that anyway) but it removes my makeup pretty well. I deifinitely feel the need to wash it off though.
RETAIL: 25ml/$9.25
IN THIS BOX: 5pcs (Think it should be around S$2 value)

This is a bonus item. I've never used CC cream. So I guess its good that I get this small sample to try out.
RETAIL: 30ml/$38.90 OR 50g/$39.90
IN THIS BOX: Its just sample sizes of 2ml each. So approximately S$4.20 value.

This is whats inside for the previous pdt.

Enavose micellar cleansing water. Guess this is similar to the Bioderma cleansing water that we all know about. I've not tried this though. Hopefully its as good as bioderma!!
RETAIL: 120ml/S$45 (Honestly, as this price point I rather get bioderma. So hopefully its not as good now. ARGH)
IN THIS BOX: 30ml (Approx S$11.25 value)

Harnn Hand cream. Again. Never tried this brand before. However, it came in a really pretty packaging. Sucked me in totally. Products are being packed in a aluminium tube, similar to that of tooth paste. LOVE. The scent I got is Jasmine though I would prefer to get the Rose scented one.... Nice consistency that gets absorbed easily. Feels slightly creamier than tooth paste if this helps.
RETAIL: 50g/S$45
IN THIS BOX: 25g (S$22.50 value. Very generous size!)

ModelCo cheek & lips stain
I quite like the concept of this. I hate reapplying lipsticks/blush. This has a thicker consistency than the Benefit tint, and it 'stains' much faster than Benefit. I only left it on my finger for like 2 seconds and it left my finger pink for a few hours!!!
RETAIL: 10ml/S$28
IN THIS BOX: 5ml (approx S$14 in value)

Teaism tea packs. I havent tried this yet, but this is an up and coming company in SG!
RETAIL: S$1.50/pack
IN THIS BOX: 2 pack (S$3 value)

Total value that you'd get in this box is: S$60.95 (3 times of the S$19.95 you pay for the box!)
My favorite item of the box is definitely the lip&cheek stain, and the hand cream. If you do love some of the things in this box, definitely go ahead and order the box of August. I think they send second shipment around Mid month. :) Otherwise, wait for another month!

I baked chocolate cake via microwave yesterday night. Its really tasty. I thought I'd fail since microwave usually don't work well with cakes. Much better than I thought it'd be!!! The white part is actually marshmallow. YUMMS.

Myh sister's nails. That I paint for her. Think its kind of weird though. lol she wanted every nail to look different!

Her other hand. What do you think?


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