Tuesday, 13 August 2013

ramen. doughnut. tim ho wan. diy. POET in action

Ramen Champion is my bf's favorite! he craves for that all the time damn.

can't remember which store this is from. It's really good, taste porky. The thing i hate about these noodles is that they are SO SALTY!!!!! Bring your own mineral water please. I almost never buy water from ramen champ since they're so expensive. Just isn't worth it.

This is from the first store you see when you enter ramen champ. It taste kinda 'sea foody' Not the most salty as compared to the other ramens I had at ramen champ, but still more salty than average food.

blackball. lol. I always order the iced one. But recently I realised the hot one taste really good too. yummmmmm

I expected these doughnut to taste better than this, but they're really really really soft. yums. My favorite is the coffee(not in the picture because I ate it!) and the green tea(the green one) one.

TIM HO WAN. This place is crazy!!! Each time I pass by, there'd be really really long queue! Was there shopping with my sister and I realise there're only 4 or 5 groups of people in front. Called my bf, and decided to eat there.

Their signature buns are a MUST. Great portions with great price.

Glutinous rice dumping. I order this sort of dish in every dim sum rest because I just love them. :X But I have to say I kinda enjoy the one in guangzhou more. ~.~ Due to the salted egg yolk. :D

MY FAVVVVVV snack. I used to make myself these at home. They're really easy to make. but I got lazy. Jelly that melts in your mouth. Secret ingredient? Gelatin. Not a vegetarian thing though.

We also had some other dishes at tim ho wan. Why no pic?! as usual, I ate them. damn.

Tim ho wan is my boyfriends other favorite now. And he's really upset that I only ordered 2 out of the 4 top dishes at tim ho wan. I had to pamper him and say things like.... 'right dear dear, i'll just go with you another time without my sis n order all the good food.'

I made my sister a pencil case. :D yay. Her previous pencil case is made by me too. She used it for around 2 years and its really dirty and stuff. So I decided to make a new one for her. Just really glad she likes what I make.

Inside the case. I added a divider.

And a pencil pase for my brother!! :D So cute. I wanted to make something for my boyfriend using this cloth. It's just really adorable.

Zips from the top. 

One last bit for those who reads chinese.....

我是英雄,杀狗 杀猪 杀鬼

Fine Chinese poem written by none other but my boyfriend.
What's the title of that poem?


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