Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Going Vegetarian?

Ok name me a night owl now! Its around 4am... :D

Now if you read the title... Yes I've been a vegetarian for over a week now - probably not the most faithful one but it is a pretty good start.

So my boyfriend said to me one day that he wants to try out a vegetarian diet. Straight away, I was shocked - completely shocked, because he LOVES meat. Maybe more than I do and I consider myself a BIG-TIME meat lover. So I rejected him and said no way.

So a little bit of background here: my boyfriend has some asthmatic issues which has gone a lot better these years. However, this year has been a really bad one for his asthmatic problems because of the excessive burning. My rabbit obviously didn't help him with it, because he is a little allergic to Whino. A final blow to his asthmatic issue - my dad smokes a-l-o-t. So he's been having breathing difficulties for some time already but he didn't really point it out serious enough to me. Then one day when we visited daddy, he was smoking like crazy with his friend - and my boyfriend's face turned really really pale, and he had to go out to the garden immediately to get some fresh air. That night he looked really weak.

That was when I got extremely worried and went online to check for all kinds of solution to help him - of course I can't bare to throw my rabbits away because I love them - So I looked for a list of food that'd help him. Surprisingly, everything was like vegetables! Onions, garlic, chilli, black pepper etc. Then somehow it struck me to read into Vegan diet. Apparently, it is really really good for asthmatic patients! So I though, heck, give it a try!! Since I stay with a vegetarian now and that she's just done her eye surgery so I cook for her everyday. I thought I might as well cook a larger portion, think of some interesting ideas so my boyfriend wouldn't feel being vegetarian a torture.

So here's what I cooked! Just some of the photos though, sometimes my boyfriend and I got so hungry that we just started eating and forgot everything about photos - other times the dish looks really plain so nth to photograph really.

Ok photo marathon. But the results are pretty good! My boyfriend and I actually fell in love with vegetarian food! Of which, the last few photos actually shows vegan food (No egg, nothing got to do with animal products). Never in my life I thought I'd eat Vegetarian, not to mention vegan! Like I never even imagined myself eating vegan for even 1 meal because I just love meat. But then it is because of the challenge that I found so many ways of cooking vegetables - and realizing how good vegetables could taste if prepared right! Honestly, I didn't miss meat during the whole course. I did had some cravings when I went McDonald's for a cup of cappuccino.

So did vegetarian diet work out?
Well I'd say it's pretty fine so far.. Toilet trips are more frequent - obviously, due to the fibre - and I did notice a lot less headaches. Both my boyfriend and I also felt more energetic. Just that for myself, vegetarian food makes me hungry super fast! I could get damn hungry after just 1 hour of eating... Then I'd go munch of bread.

To be very frank though, I was thinking, yay, vegetarian = no meat = no fats = lose weight!! :D But I don't notice weight difference - probably because I kept eating and eating like a rabbit.But as far as I know, there isn't much overweight vegetarians. So if you want to loose weight healthy, try vegan diet out! Please don't go and do stupid things like starving yourself or eat pills. Zzz. I was super fat last time, and I went through this transition phase, where my appetite just reduces drastically due to stress in my Secondary school. I didn't even starve myself but my body couldn't take the change that was happening to me. Then now I kept having gastric problems, and I look pale as hell. Like a vampire! So please go and run or just cut out ur potato chips and try eating at home! You cfm lose weight.

But as I said, I'm not a faithful vegetarian because I do not want to be a full vegetarian. Simply because I still want to enjoy my meals with my family and friends. I don't want to end up being a trouble maker, just because Singapore doesn't have a lot of vegan places, plus come on, none of my friends or family are vegetarians! When I meet daddy or uncle for dinner/lunch I always eat meat and I eat ALOT! Probably would always love them (though after eating vegetarian for some times, i felt a little bad eating meat. I'd think of animals).

Nonetheless, I hope this is a helpful article for people who wants to try out vegan/vegetarian diet! :) For those already vegan/vegetarian, I hope those photos did inspire you in some ways! :D

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