Monday, 9 April 2012


Hello everyone! Its been a really busy week for me, and I hope you're doing fine! :)

Anyway, went for a really fun shoot! Before that, I tested the rough look idea on my own face. I don't normally do this though - usually just do a rough face chart, but I was pretty worried before the shoot because we're working on a pro model who requested for a some what retro theme - big hair/old Hollywood style, cat eye.

So here's a sneak peek! Ignore the hair I didn't had the patience to curl all my hair. Just did a liner and tried a red tinted lip.

And then, the shoot took place at the model's palce. Turns out that she works as a professional model in Beijing! A very friendly girl.

Anyway, had 3 photographers working together - and I'm the only makeup artist - and 3 of the photographers were all staring at me as I work on the model. NERVOUS. Photographers were pretty excited, and one of them showed me 2 photos as sneak peek! :D So here they are!

Apparently they added some subtitles... Hahaha...

Ok. now a clearer photo of my rabbit nails :D Which I'm gonna take down soon because I chopped my nails accidentally while cutting vegetables. Yes the nice vegetarian lady I'm staying with finally allows me to coook! But only vegetarian food allowed - and she just had her eye surgery so I got to cook for her anyway - .


And here comes my new nail polishes! I've yet to try them though - as I said super busy week! Plus I got to cook for injured old lady.

Hmmm I could be trying them... today. :D

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