Monday, 23 April 2012

Singaporean Underage Prostitution?

I thought that's pretty disgusting until I realize one of the silly men is actually my EX teacher! Wtf that's like one of the worse feelings on earth. The number one thing I thought of when I saw that was, 'Jialat! No wonder he kept spraying water on all of us wearing PE shirt'

And then I started thinking heck serve him right since he is so bloody horny. Quite happy that he kena caught even thought he appears to be quite a nice guy back then in school. My friends are really close to him though, everyone seemed to like him. But whatever too bad for him and the other 80 guys who tio caught.

But come to think of it again, the freaking Chantelle doesn't look underage at all! She looks well above 18.

Like how would you ever think a girl with such huge boobs be only 17?! Also, isn't 17 year olds supposed to be stupid and innocent? When I was 19 or 20, there was this guy who tried tricking me by asking me some sexy questions, 'do you enjoy it when people splash water on your face?' I didn't even know what he meant. Alright thats too stupid already so laugh whatever you want.

Selling dignity at such a young age is insane, it is a disgrace to her entire family, and to all the girls. Because of her stupid lies, she dragged at least 80 men down with her. Yes those men are stupid and horny whatever but again look at her face and her body! That is no 17?

Sick of it. Do so much shit for what. Luxury goods? They're supposed to make us feel good. Not to turn us into dogs and sluts, go around fucking people and spoiling their families.

Now this girl is probably millionaire after sleeping around for a few years. All I would say is poor men, throw all your money and face away because of this girl. Then she is not suffering any consequences! Probably just helped her in getting more customers since now her face and body are both exposed.

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