Saturday, 21 April 2012

New nails + OPI New York City Ballet polish review

Hello everyone, so I mentioned that I purchased the OPI new york ballet polish set last week! It is a set of 4 mini polishes. Here comes the review....

As you could see, that's the difference between a regular polish and a mini sized one. I wouldn't say its a bad size normally because come on, do you ever finish your regular bottle of OPI polish?

So these are the 4 colors I got.
Pirouette My Whistle
Care To Danse?
My Pointe Exactly
Don't Touch My Tutu

There is no name at the base of the bottle, so I didnt take photo of each of them. :)

Now comes to the color and what I feel about them.
L - R:
Care To Danse?
My Pointe Exactly
Don't Touch My Tutu
Alright its kinda obvious that the color payoff suck on the photo right? YES ITS DAMN BAD! I already had on 4 coats on the above photos! D: My friend was telling me this collection focus on being gel like. And I was like.......
'yeh, it is like gel. so gel like that its virtually transparent.'

So the only color that kinda showed through is Pirouette My Whistle. Which is really pretty on top on dark polish! :D Though I feel that this color would be more appropriate for Christmas...... By the way, pardon my dirty hand lol! I've yet to wash off the glitters when I took this photo!

Ok, now my current nails..... :D

 YAY! yeh I've not got over the Lorax nails. lols.

But I really love this set of nail art I did this time! Looks so cute.

Though my boyfriend says it looks like lollipop with green mold growing side ways! D:
Yes incase you didn't know, its actually vintage roses..... 

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