Thursday, 30 August 2012

how much can the right lipstick do?

I've got a purple/taupe color eyes going on today. And I thought I'd try 2 different lipsticks and see how it goes!

L - Canmake creamy lipstick #1 R- NYX Power lipstick.
I don't know what you think but different lipsticks could sometimes make / break a look. It could change the overall tone of your entire face. 

(Ignore my hair. Its fresh from the showers. I get out of the house without brushing my hair or blowing dry almost everyday. Can't be bothered. I'm really not that much of a hair girl.)

General tip of choosing a lipstick to to go with one that has a similar undertone to your blush color.
And general tip of choosing a blush color, go with your natural skin undertones. That works really well and could make you look healthy and more natural looking. If you are yellow undertone, obviously your natural cheek can't be blue right. If you know what I mean...... So its a matter of coral toned or blue toned blushes. 

For this look, I used a warm toned purple (Warm toned purple are purples with lesser blues) shade and a little bit of brown. To make the entire look more wearable / less high fashion, I threw some coral blush and added a hot pink color, blended it out. I then finish off with a creamy pink color lipstick that contains a very slight yellow tone. :)


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