Wednesday, 22 August 2012

photoshop - before after

Now I'm not a false lashes type of girl. I think I said this 1000000 times. BUT. After today, yeh I might start wearing them. Just might... and you'd see why......

Yep. thanks to the fake stuff around my eyes that made them look so much bigger and more awake!!! lol. but is this worth my time in the morning to apply them? is it worth my sleep.... hmmmm interesting.

Anyway i used all high end product on today's look. :D dior... lancome.... bareminerals... mac...The effect is better than drugstore version I done in the other post. However, the price is like... $$$ yeh you know it. 

I'm going to list the products used and upload photo when I'm home later! Internet sucks here I can't get anything done. Hahaha.

by the way. is my hair shinier? I used some hairmask yesterday! :D

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