Thursday, 23 August 2012

Femme Fatale

Now before you read anything, go ahead and click PLAY. I'm in love. Both with the song and Edie Sedgwick. 

So here are my makeup items I used for yesterday's look. :) Yeh if you see a weird looking foundation bottle with all the words rubbed off. Lancome, its you. It's your design, and it sucks. I merely put it in my makeup bag and all the words are gone. Alright its not that I care anyway but I paid around $70 for it. Shouldn't you take more pride in your packaging? Lancome. 

 Item featured:
- Naked 2 palette, lancome teint miracle foundation, mac lipstick, dior kiss lipgloss, Bareminerals mascara (You cant see this! its behind dior kiss lipgloss!), stila bronzer, OCC liptar, Amway eyebrow pencil, bobbi brown concealer, Dior blush (OMG I USED THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME AND I'M IN LOVE.), Chanel loose powder.

Ok now. Should I do a review on all the items? :X

No edits done on the photo above. The foundation photographs beautifully. However, the foundation is not going to suit extremely oily skin peeps. Mine's pretty oily, but I like semi luminous skin. WHO WANTS TO KISS A CAKED UP FACE RIGHT! 

And now I need a dose of photoshop a day now. Haha its fun. :D Here it is........ 

Over photoshoped face = ALIEN trying to pretend to be human. Lol omg I think I look damn awkward in that photo. Skin too smooth, eyes too big, face too small. Now why do some girls want to have smooth skin, huge eyes, small nose, small mouth and small face? Oh and then wear color contacts. And go for extreme plastic surgeries. Sometimes you lose the look of a human being. Just be in love with how you really are! Of course, clean ur face, take care of your skin and body. :)

Edie Sedgwick has such a charm. Well no boobs/butt but whatever. But she died at 28 years old. D: this makes me sad. 


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