Monday, 27 August 2012

Wet & Wild

Nah it's not referring to me. Wet & wild is the brand of eyeshadow I used.... If you even care.

I don't want to start by talking just about my face in this post. Well did you realize that my hair is longer? :D It got a lot drier recently too. Last week, I was looking at my hair and I saw a lot of split ends. Not only that, my hair looks like dried grass.... 

For the first time in my life, I realise that I need. NEED to care about my hair. Yup I kept telling my clients they need to moisturize their hair dah dah dah but I never do that. I hate conditioners that leaves my hair heavy. So obviously I hate hair masks even more.  

I decided to do my OWN hair mask. Well not really but I happen to have the ingredients needed. :D I bought cocoa butter and beeswax from tkbtrading! I also happened to have quite a bit of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil that my company passed me to try. I usually use them on my legs.... but they're extremely good for your hair. (I didn't use it for my hair because I'm using the bodyshop's grapeseed oil which is good. I like it.)
 Tedah! omg damn excited about my hair now. :D Looks a lot shinier in reality. Also, I LOVE the volume now! Girls if you could get hold of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, use them on your hair as a mask and then shampoo off. You will LOVE it. I will announce it if the company I'm with eventually decides to release it. I have no idea which are the exact products they're releasing........ But I'm praying that these 2 would be.... well honestly the oil mix I mixed myself is going to last me for a while.... I store them in this 50ml bottle. Oh and I added some honey.

Pretty much my makeup there, bt I'm more in a mood for hair today. It feels good to see your hair alive.again. yeh?

DIY miracle hair mask. Yeh that's what I'm calling it!
- half spoon beewax
- estimate some cocoa butter maybe around 3-4 tablespoon?
- pour some jojoba oil and sweet almond oil OR olive oil
- heat them, and they'd all melt. 
- add a spoon of honey
- stir and pour them into a container, STORE it. 
NOTE: All these should add up around 50ml so just.. estimate.......
You could whip it or blend it with blending machine, but I dont have the tool. So I shake it before each use.

Wet your hair and get out some products. Rub it into your hair, leave for 30minutes. Go and have a shower (and shampoo of course). 

I did that 3 times last week, and I'm happy. Hard work paid off. :D At virtually no cost for me. Well not really because I bought some things but its been a while since I bought them....


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