Monday, 20 August 2012

New stuff

I've been playing with this photoshop alike stuff that my sister recommended me. So before this post, none of my photos are being processed because I'm stupid, I dont know how to and I cant be bothered. But after this post, I'm going to be slightly more bothered. :P 

 The stupid thing about me is that I always take photos around evening time. So that means I'd always end up with some kind of flash reflecting off my face, making it look extremely oily. Kind of took away the scary shine on today's photo. :D I didn't alter my makeup in any way though.

Another thing about me is that I'm so lazy, I almost never.ever.wear.false.lashes.. I have a million pairs of false lashes, really good ones. I use them almost all the time on my clients, but I'm lazy to put it on myself. I have pretty sensitive eyes I think, so I always end up tearing my lashes at the end of the day. Moreover, I wear specs everyday. So false lashes isn't really helping~ 

Today I decided to play with that software and add a pair of top and bottom lashes. Of course I did use a natural looking one. :) 

ok I love this software. :D

Moving on to makeup, I used 'Singapore drugstore' items! Haha by that I meant things from watsons/sasa etc. In case any non-singaporeans read this, American drugstore brands like maybelline, loreal, rimmel, revlon etc are really expensive as compared to that in America. Eg, a revlon foundation in USA cost 8 - 12usd. But Revlon colorstay foundation here cost around 30sgd! Thats like $24usd. 

So today I used quite a few Jap makeup brands. They're still in the $15 - $30 price tag, but honestly that's kind of considered to be the cheaper makeups in Singapore. I know there are some really cheap stuff like Romeo/Rameo whatever, but that brand sucks. Its like kids' makeup play items. 

Moving on to the pdts used now.

Face: Maybelline mineral power concealer #2; ELF Mineral Booster - Sheer
- I used concealer around my eye and nose area and buff out with elf mineral booster. I dont like to use foundations these days...

Cheeks: Canmake bronzer, canmake blush duo #1

Lips: Fasio creamy moisture lipstick - madison tan

Eyes: Majolica Majorca eyeshadow quad - BR742

Something about my boyfriend... Remember my previous post where I curled my hair? I met my boyfriend and I asked if he sees anything different. Here's the convo:
ME: Do you see anything different in me today? :D
HIM: Errrr, yes...........
ME: What.
HIM: Errrrrr new bracelet.
ME: -.- I've been wearing that for 2 months now already.
HIM: Errrrrrr new shirt.
ME: I wore this at least 5 times front of u already.
ME: *Thinking omg, he finally noticed it*



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